Bondurant Soccer Club: Registration

The Spring 2014 season begins the weekend of April 5th & 6th.  Your child’s coach will contact you before the first game to schedule practice.  Typically, U8 and U10 girls will have games on Saturday mornings.  All other players will have their games on Sunday afternoons.  This, of course, is subject to change.  Your child’s coach will provide you with a schedule when it becomes available.  Please be patient...schedules are often not available until one week before games start.

To determine the level your child should play, the child’s birth date should fall between the dates given below:
Under 8         8/1/05 - 7/31/07        ball size 3
Under 10        8/1/03 - 7/31/05        ball size 4
Under 12        8/1/01 - 7/31/03        ball size 4
Under 14        8/1/99 - 7/31/01        ball size 5
Under 16        8/1/97 – 7/31/99        ball size 5
Under 19        8/1/94 – 7/31/97        ball size 5

Please note: There will be a $30 late fee per player for all registrations received after June 21st.

Proof of Birth Date:
All players new to the Bondurant Soccer Club will be required to submit a copy of their birth certificate as proof of their date of birth. This is an ISA requirement.  If you register by mail, the copy of the birth certificate must be attached to the registration form.  If you register online, a copy must be submitted by the registration deadline.  Your child cannot be placed on a team without it.  Please note: if you have previously registered with the club you are not required to submit a copy.

All U8 and up players are required to submit a recent color photo. The photo will be printed directly on their player cards. If you register online you will be required to download a photo before completing registration.  If you register by mail, please submit your child's photo with your form.  The photo should be a head shot of the child (such as a school photo) without hats, sunglasses, etc.  Your child will not be able to play without it as a player card cannot be printed without the photo.

If you have not already purchased a uniform, you will be required to do so at the beginning of the season.  The cost of the uniform is $20 and includes a jersey, shorts and socks.  This uniform is yours to keep.  You will be responsible for purchasing a new uniform if it is lost, stolen or has been outgrown. Extra socks may be purchased at the concession stand for $5 a pair and shorts for $7 a pair. You will be notified via email when uniforms go on sale.

Division of Teams:
Due to ISA regulations, we will not be able to honor any special requests (for example: a specific coach or being placed on a team with another player). Any requests for a player to "play up" an age level must be submitted to the board in writing each season. (For example: if a U8 player wishes to play up at the U10 level or if a 3rd grader wishes to play up a level with 4th graders)  A form is available online.  The form must be submitted with the player's registration form.  If registering online, the forms must be received by the registration deadline. The request will be reviewed by the board and the parents will be notified as to their decision.  If you have any questions about how teams are formed, please see the Division of Teams Policy on our website.

All parents are required to work in the concession stand during one of his/her child’s games.  The schedule of concession workers will be distributed at the beginning of the season along with the game schedules.  It is your responsibility to find a substitute or swap with someone if you are unable to work your scheduled game.  Schedules will be posted for all to see.

Other volunteering options are available.  Please consider helping in one of the following areas, coaching, field work, or team parent.  We will make every attempt to not assign concession duty to those helping in these areas. If you would like more information on volunteer opportunities, please visit our website.  Please volunteer, the club does not succeed without your help. 

Scholarship/Deferred Payment forms are available online if needed.  These forms must be submitted with the players registration from by the registration deadline.  The forms will be approved by the board and the parents will be notified as to their decision.  Please note, if you are requesting a deferred payment, the amount must be paid in full or arrangements must be made prior to the first game of the season.

To Register click on the Handout below this must be filled out by all BSC members you can print it, fill it out and mail it to the address provided. 

Payment you have 2 options:

1. Paying by check and sending it along with the handout.

2. You can pay online at league one click on the link below.

Handout: Spring Registration 2014

Leagueone registration to pay by credit card
click on link above to pay online
when registering online you will be required to download a photo of your child for their player card before completing registration)

Bondurant Soccer Club Refund Policy


  1. For those individuals requesting a refund prior to our registration deadline, reimbursement of full registration fees will be provided.
  2. For those individuals requesting a refund after the registration deadline but before season play begins, reimbursement of registration fees minus a $10 fee to defray costs already incurred by the soccer club will be provided.
  3. For those individuals requesting a refund after the season begins, reimbursement will be provided at the Bondurant Soccer Club Board’s discretion.  The maximum refund provided would be the registration fees minus a $20 fee to defray costs already incurred by the soccer club.