Bondurant Soccer Club: Volunteer


Concession Stand:

All families will be required to fulfill at least one shift in the concession stand for each child playing soccer.  One shift will consist of one half of your child’s game.  Although not guaranteed, if you are volunteering elsewhere, we will try not to schedule you for the concession stand.  If you are new to the club the Board Member on Duty will help to train you.


Other volunteer opportunities:


Practicing twice a week, attending games, rotating players, encouraging players...



Team Parent:

Your primary duty as Team Parent is to be responsible for making sure the assigned parent shows up for concession stand duty.   You will receive a concession stand schedule for your child’s team prior to the start of the season.  If someone from your child's team is assigned a particular time slot and they do not show up, the board member on duty will notify you.  You will need to contact the parent assigned or find a replacement.  We can only keep the concession stand open if volunteers show up.   The rest of your responsibilities will be up to your child's coach.  These responsibilities may include helping with phone or email trees or even helping to assign snack schedules for the younger teams.  Please ask the coach what he/she expects.



Field Maintenance:

You will be asked to help with any of the following duties: mowing fields, painting lines, preparing and moving nets, seeding and fertilizing, and any other general lawn maintenance.


Watch our Home Page for special volunteering opportunites!! 

If you would like more information on volunteer opportunities, please contact Board any Bondurant Soccer Club board member.

The club does not succeed without your help.