Bondurant Soccer Club: Coaches

Coaches, please follow these steps if you cancel or reschedule a game:


Send an email to (Mark Feld) with the following information:

  • Team Number
  • Original Date of game & team playing (town name or team number)
  • New Date, Time, Location



Coaches Reference Section:


For ISA coaching manuals please go to the following link:


For ISA training and game recommendations please go to the following link:





For U6 coaching information:





Soccer games are played in various weather conditions:

Wind, rain, and sun.  Please have players dressed accordingly for the weather.  Games will be cancelled/postponed if lightning and/or thunder are present, or if the field judge determines the fields unplayable.  Head coaches will be notified in advance if fields are not play-worthy.  Coaches are to notify their players if this condition occurs.  Coaches may elect to reschedule makeup games on their own during designated make-up game days.  The concession stand may not be available for makeup games.


Players should have these items present at all the games

Size three soccer ball, shin guards, long socks, team jersey, and a water bottle to keep hydrated.  Cleats are recommended for U6 soccer but not required.  Tennis shoes must be worn if soccer cleats are not.


All U6 games are on Tuesday and Thursday evenings

Practice is to start at 6:00 pm with games beginning by 6:15 and ending at approximately 7:00.  There are four quarters consisting of eight minutes each, with short breaks given between quarters.  Opposing coaches may agree to make the playing quarters shorter in duration due to poor weather conditions or lack of players on a team.  During game time, coaches may chose if players should be on opposite sides of the field from spectators or present with their families when not in play. 


Three players from each team will be present on the field at game time.

There are no goalkeepers in the U6 age group.  Therefore no player is to be in the net or goal box area at any given time.  Children will play both offense and defense and will develop their soccer skills through experience and guided practice.


Team Coaches will referee the games and supervise for safety sake

"Do-overs" should be a regular occurrence allowed by the refs supervising the U6 game.  Coaches will rotate players regularly for breaks and even playing time.



Rules  for U6 are simplified due to physical abilities and level of comprehension of the players.  Therefore, there shall be no offsides, penalty kicks, goalies, cautions or send offs for fouls/misconduct.  If a child is being too rambunctious, then the coach should make a substitution of that player to give the child a chance to calm down before returning to play.


Out of Bounds

Out of Bounds will be kicked in by the opposing team instead of thrown in which are difficult to execute for this age group.  When any kick-in occurs, the defending players must stand at least four yards away from the ball until it is in play.  This rule will need to be reminded frequently because players tend to crowd the ball during kick-ins.


Corner Kicks

Corner Kicks occur when the defending team kicks the ball out of bounds on the opposing goal line end.  The ball will be placed in the corner for the offense to kick into play.


Goal Kicks

Goal Kicks occur when the offense team kicks the ball out of bounds along their goal line end.  The defending team will receive the ball half way between the goal and corner to kick into play.



If a player is injured during play, ball play should stop and all players should respond by taking a knee until the referee/coach attends the situation and resumes play.



Bondurant U6 Soccer Clinic Activities


Multi Game Goal:

Helper places a few cone goals (3 - 4 feet apart) around the field.  Players try to make as many goals in one minute as they can.  Play game a few times.  Ask them how many goals they each made.


Tunnel Soccer:

Helper moves around the field while the kids dribble and from time to time, the helper stops and spreads their feet apart to form tunnel.  The kids try to shoot the ball through the tunnel.  Helper then moves tunnel to a different part of the field.  Play game a few times.



Each player has a ball.  The helper moves around the field while the players try to kick the ball at you.  If you are hit, you yell out "Ouch".


Red Light/Green Light:

All players line up at one end of the field.  When the helper yells out green light, the kids start dribbling.  If you yell out red light, the kids stop and put a foot on the ball.  If not stopped, they are called out and start over.  Play a few times.


Moving Goal Game:

Two parts hold hands and form a goal.  They move around the field while the kids try to score through the moving goal.  Play a few times and ask kids how many they scored.



Place cones around the field.  Kids try to knock down as many cones as they can in one minute.  If they  knock a cone down, they must yell bingo.  Helper must replace the cone as the kids knock them down.



Coach yells "Ladies and Gentleman, Start Your Engines".  All players have to tap top of the soccer ball with the bottom of their cleat ten times.  Coach yells "first gear" --- players dribble their soccer ball slowly.  Coach yells "second gear" --- players dribble a little faster.  "third gear" --- a little faster.  "Fourth gear" --- as fast as they can.


Coach can yell "reverse" everyone has to reverse their race car.