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Monday, January 26


2015 Baseball/Softball Registration

Registration will begin on February 2nd and continue through the end of the month at the Bogota Recreation Center. The baseball/softball program is now a joint venture between the BBO and the Bogota Recreation Department. More information is available in the registration flyer in the handouts section of the site. There is also a printable registration form there. The handouts section can be reached by clicking the tab on the left side of the page.

BBO Awards 2014 Scholarships

At the Bogota Jr/Sr High School Awards Night held on Monday, June 16, 2014, Bogota Baseball Organization President Nick Barese and Vice President / Treasurer Pat McHale awarded a total of $1500.00 in scholarships to Bogota High School senior players. Receiving $500.00 scholarships were baseball players Aaron Lewis and Carlos Ovalle along with softball player Meghan Pulido.

Since 1994, 67 scholarships have been awarded, 35 going to softball players and 32 awarded to baseball players. To be eligible the player must have played for the Bogota Baseball Organization, be a resident of Bogota, played either varsity baseball or softball and is continuing their education.


Coaches and Managers 

The Borough of Bogota has passed a local ordinance that requires all volunteers who work with children to undergo a background check. The safety of our children is of utmost importance and no one will be allowed to coach who has not been checked. All coaches and managers must have this completed before opening day. Forms and instructions regarding the process are available at the Bogota Recreation Center or at the Bogota Police Department. No personal information will be shared with the BBO or anyone other than the appropriate police personnel.

In addition to the local ordinance, state law requires that all coaches be certified. The local law is for the safety of our children; the state law is for the coaches' protection. Certification protects coaches from personal liability. Classes are approximately 3 hours and are offered at Hackensack and Valley Hospitals and other locations. Certification classes in the area can be found by going to the following link:  Certification lasts a lifetime and is valid for coaching all youth sports.

Thank you for making time in your busy schedules to support the children. The success of our program depends on all of our volunteers. The BBO is grateful for any help you can provide.

                                   About the BBO

It is important to remember who we are and why we are here. The following is taken directly from Article II of the Constitution and By-laws of the BBO:

The B.B.O. Inc. shall operate only as a non-profit organization and by a volunteer membership. Its purpose is to operate the baseball and softball programs for the children of the Borough of Bogota. Specifically, the B.B.O. is organized to serve the youth of Bogota by implanting firmly in the minds of the boys and girls served by the program the ideals of good sportsmanship, honesty, loyalty, courage, reverence and civic responsibility, while providing instruction in the fundamentals of the sport. This objective shall be achieved by conducting supervised practices and competitive baseball and softball programs. All persons connected with the program shall bear in mind that attainment of exceptional athletic skill or the winning of the game, while desirable, is secondary - the molding of future citizens is of prime importance.


The current officers of the BBO are as follows:

President - Nick Barese

Vice-President and Treasurer - Pat McHale

Director Of Umpires - Pete Montalbano

Secretary - Vacant

Guide to the Site

Handouts - Contains links to updated schedules, forms, coaches certification clinics, and assorted documents.

Teams and Schedules - Can be accessed by clicking on the appropriate tab on the left side of the page. The yearbook schedules and field availability spreadsheet can be accessed by going to the Handouts section.