Boca Bobcat Ice Hockey: Off Ice Training

 2016 - 2017 Team Off Ice Conditioning  

Please plan on completing the workout plan that Coach Chase provided. During the preseason you should be doing this workout 5 times a week. During the regular season you should be doing this workout 3-5 per week. Coach Chase has created a simple workout that can be easily done at home. It should not take you any longer than 25-30 minutes, time yourself each time you complete it. You should be making progress each week, cutting at least 1-2 minutes off your overall time. The workout should be done before each practice as Coach Chase will be testing each player to make sure you are doing this on your own. If there are any questions please do not hesitate to contact Coach Chase. Please let him know if there are any reasons why you cannot complete the off ice plan. As always we do not want anyone to hurt themselves, so please ensure you communicate with Coach Chase.

Addtional Training Sessions 

- Off Ice Hockey Conditioning sessions are also avaialble at Impact Sports - Please see their calendar for hockey sessions. Plan to bring skates for the skating threadmill.