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Saturday, September 6
Link to the Kentucky Youth Soccer Coach's webpage.
Website contains a great deal of info for coach's.  All info has been prepared by Adrian Parrish who is the coaching director for the Kentucky Youth Soccer Association.  You really need to check this site out!

Saturday, September 6
Link to KYSA Coach's handbook!
These coach's handbooks have a lot of good information for coaches.  You really should print this book and keep as a reference - especially if you are a new coach!

Saturday, September 6
Link to KYSA's coach's education website!

Link to KYSA's coaching education webpage.  All BYSA coach's are encouraged to attend one of the Youth Modules and the session is free to all members of KYSA which includes all registered members of BYSA. 

Those who want to really improve their coaching shill should also strongly consider spending a weekend getting the "E" certificate. 

Saturday, September 6
Link to some more good soccer drills here at Eteam's website!

There are some really good soccer drills and games at this site.  The "tips & drills" link and the "pill's drills" link both have a lot of good drills and games.   Please check it out!

Saturday, September 6
Just soccer drills

Just soccer drills!