Blitz95: Skills and Drills



-Dribble: never dribble if there is immediate pressure and a pass is possible to an opened player. If dribbling under pressure, dribble on the angle with the ball on your outside foot

-Passing: quick passing (first touch when it is possible) and then moving away from the ball, passing in the open space, ball thru, wall-pass, drop push to the outside etc…One way to make an effective long pass is by kicking it on an angle towards the far side of the field as opposed to straight up the field

-Receiving: be opened (at least two players should be opened at any anytime to receive the ball from whoever carries the ball), to best accomplish this, the supporting players should either move forward or backward into space. When receiving a pass, players should check-in or meet the ball, then dribble or move away from the pressure by as soon the ball is received, make a run to call for the ball (especially deep and quick run on the wing)

-Shot: when reaching the 18 y/penalty box and before the 6y box (goalie box), try to always take a shot when this is an opened shot (no defender in the line of shooting) and when the angle is right, otherwise always look for pass first, if no player is opened, then dribble or drop if too many defenders

-Attacking Transition: When we are attacking: mid-fielders and forwards always moving together, always run not only to be opened, but to confuse the defenders. Spread out, play on the wing and then move toward the middle when approaching the goal, always moving with some overlap and switching, motion the key.

-Dynamic position changes: switch (inside mid-fielder player with outside player, and forwards with the outside mid-fielder/wing), overlap (wing with forwards and outside defender with wing)


-Defense (when we do not have the ball): the defense line stays compact (~10 y apart). When the other team has the ball always pressure the ball (nearest/first defender), and cover (second defender). When in a cover or second defender position, move over to within 3 yards to the side of and 7yards behind the first defender. The remaining defensive players about 5-7 to the side of the second defender and either on the same line as them or 2-3 yards back

-When attacking, the defense needs to push-up to the mid-line to play the off-side, the outside defenders have to support the outside wings, especially on the side where the ball is played, to be ready for a drop or even take a shot to the goal

-When the other team is attacking: Midfielders have to come back on defense to help (cover) and mark-up the mid-fielders of the other team while they are moving towards our goals. The forwards have to move around to be ready to receive the balls and also to confuse the defenders and also ready to pressure the ball if the other team drops it to their defense line

-Goalie: talk to the defenders, especially if there is no pressure on the ball

-When transitioning from defense to offense, the defenders need to clear the ball to the touch line (sideline). To prepare for this transition, the outside midfielders need to be at the touchline and available to receive the pass from a defender. Never clear a ball to the middle of the field or attempt to cross the ball through your goalie box or penalty area

-Everyone should always make dribbling and passing as difficult as possible for the other team by getting your body or foot in the way of the ball when it is shot or passed. This is especially true when the other team is attacking and near the penalty box. The other team should always have pressure when that close to our goal, or they will probably take an unobstructed shot.

-Talking: I am open, drop, man-on, I got pressure or got the ball, I got cover, go (for a thru-ball), switch, keeper, take the shot , ...


Code of Conduct