Blitz95: Welcome

Thursday, May 10



Welcome to the Official Website of the 1st Place District IV, Vancouver Summer Slam 2008 Champion, VUSA U-14 Blitz 95 Girls Select Soccer Team.
Head Coach: Brian Holt  
Assistant Coaches: Chris Moar and Dominque Gougeon
Team Manager: Dawn Lien Team Treasurer: Komi Kalevor
Web Master: Shari Roberts

 Hello players and parents.  Let me first start by saying that I am really glad to finally have tryouts behind us.  As I am sure we can all relate, tryouts are tough on you as parents, us as coaches and most importantly the girls who have to be under the microscope of evaluators while playing a game they love.  Well just let me say, I am really glad to have that over and I am ready to move forward and prepare for the season at hand.  

First let me congratulate those who made the team.  The competition was tough, which made for some very difficult decisions and selections.  Because of that, each girl should be congratulated for their efforts.  They are on the team because under the stress of tryouts, they were able to perform at a very high level and demonstrate that they are extremly talented soccer players.  

Finally, I am excited to get started and start holding practices.  I think this group of girls has great potential to do some great things on the field and add to what has already been a very successful team in years past.  Because of the talent I think this group brings to the field, one of the areas we as a team will focus on is setting the bar higher in our level of competitiveness, including how we perform at tournaments, in the season and finally at state cup.  See you on the pitch.

The Girls U-14 Blitz 2009-2010 team members are:

Sammi, Bella, Neesha, Shika, Olivia, Celeste, Megan K, Helena, Gabby, Flavia, Lexi, Jaz, Megan L, Maryanne, Leah, Kelsey and Natalie



WOW, WOW, WOW,  Ladies first tournament you win 1-0 against theTHUSC Premier B team then tie the Timbers B team, (next time though I am sure you will beat them.) That was great soccer for us parents to watch. I am excited to see how this team develops. Here's to a great season. 
Shari Roberts