Bishop McGuinness : Opening Letter

HOW CAN YOU HELP THE BMHS SOCCER TEAM TO ANOTHER FANTASTIC SEASON? GATE SALES We are required to maintain a gate at the home games. I have listed this on the schedule, plan on being there 45 minutes prior to the start time of the game. FILMING Coach West is looking for someone to help film the games. This is helpful for the players to review the games. Please let him know if you can help out. MEALS AND DRINKS Each game day parents provide meals to the varsity soccer team. All meals, including plates, silverware, and any other needed utensils, should be delivered to the school by 3:30. The food can either be brought to the cafeteria or left in the office for the boys. If left in the office please have your son pick it up after school and bring it to the cafeteria. See the attached list of foods for suggestions. Please stay clear of pizza or other heavy meals. You should plan on food for about 20. The team will eat in the cafeteria with Coach West. SENIOR NIGHT Senior night is the last home game. We will be doing desserts and drinks after the game, in which junior, sophomores and freshmen parents will help set up. More details to follow. VILLIANS CLUB Plan on getting involved or being a part of the Villains Club. The soccer voice needs to be heard and as soccer parents you can provide that voice to the athletic board of BMHS. BE PART OF BISHOP SOCCER, GET INVOLVED!!!
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