Big Time Basketball: GAME PREDICTIONS

Monday, February 16
Week 14 BOYS

Carroll vs Southwest, Carroll by 8

Carroll found the way finish the seasdon strong 


East vs Moody, Moody by 2

Boy I was wrong. East blasted Moody to set up a Victoria Affair 

Industrial vs Edna, Industrial by 14

Industrial blasted Edna  

Monday, February 9
Week 14 Girls and Week 13 Boys


East vs Tuloso Midway, East by 6

 Dean broke out in the second half to send East to a 65-58 win and its third district championship

Dean at 5'5" is the general of Victoria East. She is one key reason why VE has won district.  

Odem vs Taft, Odem by 1

 Odem 34 1 UP on Taft 33

Odem held Taft to a 4 pt 3rd Q. 

Both teams will be in the playoffs. 

AP vs Mathis, Mathis by 14


Goliad @ Poth, Goliad by 5

Goliad 60 Push Back Poth 50

KiKi Hill added 14 pts 

John Paul vs SA Christian, JP by 9

SA Christian smashes JP II 

Tivoli vs TMC, TMC by 13

Mc Mullen County62 Hooks the Redfish 57

Mc Mullen is now 24-3 and 9-1.... 



Tuesday, February 3
Week 13 Girls and Week 12 Boys


St. Joseph vs CC IWA, St. Joseph by 9

CC IWA Opens up a Can St. Joseph and proves me to be wrong.  " We beat them by 9 BTB"

IWA- A. Burda 14  and A. Earhman 18 ....... St Jo- K. Marshall 16

Mathis vs Odem, Mathis by 7

MATHIS claims another Victory 

Ganado vs Shiner, Shiner by 1

WOW Shiner 54 Spanks Ganado 36 at Home

Shiner- S. Coleman 12, L. Kremling 11........ Ganado T. Mirelez 22, S. Novak 10 


 King vs Southwest, King by 2

Who won?????? 

Moody vs West, West by 4  

WOW West 65 Lil Will Moody 45

" BTB we kill them in the 3Q" Now you are in second the question is can you stay there? 

Odem vs Mathis, Odem by 8

 Who Won?????



Sunday, January 25
Week12 Girls and Week 11 Boys


Calhoun vs Lamar Cons, Calhoun by 16 ...Calhoun 53 ..... Lamar Con 30

Calhoun is looking more like the district champions. I will have a special region 3A update for you tomorrow. 

Odem @ AP, Odem by 1 .... Odem 42 ...AP 40

This was a pretty good game. Tie at 10 in the 1st Q .... Tie with 0 in the 2nd Q .... It came down to the wire again. This year both teams played to a 1-1 series tie. Awesome!!!!!!!!!!! 

Hallettsville @ Industrial, Hallettsville by 19 ...Hallettsville 66  2 EZ Industrial 36

This was to EZ from start to finish. I was told that one of the trainers from Hallettsville even suited up after halftime. 

Kasey Hairell scored 19 points, Jena Hermes and Emma Wick each had 11 and Imari Grant had 10 for the Lady Brahmas, who improved to 20-2 overall and 6-0 in district.

Hallettsville built a 41-point lead and coach Amy Powell substituted frequently in the second half.



Hallettsville @ Industrial, Hallettsville by 15 .. Hallettsville 54 Too Deep Industrial 43

Great team effort by the Brahmas ...Industrial Brandon Alexander had 26 pts

Odem @ AP, AP by 21 ... AP 66 ......21/35 Odem 31.....Not surprise

PA @ Woodsboro, PA by 38  ...PA(82) 40 oz Woodsboro 40

Enough Said 

Wednesday, January 21
week 11 girls and week 10 boys

King vs South San, King by 12

King has change there ways. Is this the year King make it to the playoffs? Another team effort

PLA(La Marque) @Moulton, PLA by 18

To EZ PLA won by halftime.

PA vs Refugio, PA by 14

PA is is probably one of the best teams that can bring practice to a game in the 361 area.


Carroll vs Ray, Carroll by 9

Carroll coach Canales reaches 700th W. Wow!!!!

Ray had a 9-0 quarter and gave it up. 

West vs East, West by 1

Mercedes E550 drove in 30pts for the Win.West has help made this district race come down to the wire.

Taft vs Mathis, Mathis by 3

Mathis all the way to EZ 

Tuesday, January 13
Week 10 girls and Week 9 boys


Flour Bluff @ Moody, FB by 18

King @ South West, SW by 12

Goliad @ Nixon Smiley, Goliad by 6


Carroll vs Southwest, Carroll by 9

West Oso @ Rockport, West Oso by 1

Taft vs Aransas Pass, Taft by 3 


Monday, January 5
Week 9 Girls and Week 8 Boys


Industrial vs Goliad, Industrial by 3 **** UPSET ALERT**** 

Goliad 60 Kick Off The Hill  Industrial 51

King of the Hill is now starting to flex his muscle. This game could have went any direction. But this past Tuesday night Goliad boys shock me and put a work stoppage on Industrial. For Industrial Cobra's when are you going to Win a Big Time Game?  

Miller vs Moody, Miller by 7 ***** UPSET ALERT****

Miller 64  Grounded on Trojan Ln by Moody 67

Moody players are pretty much unknown. But Real recongize Real. Job well done. On the other hand Miller Breon Muckleroy you are the #2 player preseason pick and you can't not gather your troops and keep them composed on the court. WOW!!!!  

Flour Bluff vs TM, Flour Bluff by 17

FB 64 ..... TOO EZ ..... TM 40

One thing I love about the Bluff is the fact you (tcb)  


TM vs Flour Bluff, TM by 4

PAUL IVERSON/SPECIAL TO THE CALLER-TIMES Tuloso-Midway’s Maddy Maltais (left) stops the progress of Flour Bluff’s Norissa Guerra during the second half of Tuesday’s District 30-5A game.

TM 48 No Sweat against the Bluff 45

Team defense is the key to victories. See man .....See BALL ..... This sets up the huge game against Victoria East this friday night.  Lauren Turner 18pts.... C. Curtis BTB player at Flour Bluff. Let me keep this real simple. You need to show me that you can play a full complete game for 32 minutes. Well I rather see a strong 8m 1st q and a strong 8m 4th q.

Taft vs San Diego, Taft by 1

Taft 41....OUT RAN....San D 31

You heard it here first Coach Q is going to make the playoofs. Don't be surprised UPSET ALERTS are coming 

Odem vs Aransas Pass, AP by 4 1/9 

Sunday, December 14
Week 6 Girls and Week 5 Boys


TM @ Moody, TM by 7

TM is on a Roll....

Cuero vs Navarro, Navarro by 12

Navarro held the Cuero to 3 points in the second quarter to win by 19.  In other words this game was TO EZ

Flour Bluff @ Gregory Portland, Flour Bluff by 18

Flour Bluff is looking to put the district in a choke hold by this friday. C. Curtis help Bluff control the game early. Great Job Flour Bluff


V. East @ Miller, East by 5

UPSET****** OR NOT******


Miller ran straight by Victoria East. My Big Time Player played Big Time (Breon Muckleroy) with 26pts.. I cant beleive I pick East to win this game at Miller. Breon little cusin Willams added 24 pts as well. This win may just spring board Miller to the long waited re match ith Flour Bluff.

Ray @ West Oso, West Oso by 1; WO 62  Ray 61

I as on point with this game......

Coming off the bench to hit 6 huge 3 pts was D. Sullivan with 25pts. Has coach Turk of West Oso is still trying to help is cubs to to find the finish line at Ray head coach Rundle should be searching for some consistency out his players. Ray has a great chance to make the playoffs if the can play with some consistency.

Sinton @  Port Aransas, PA by 8


Monday, December 8
Week 5 Girls and Week 4 Boys


Mathis @ Bishop, Mathis by 2

Mathis won by 21........You are worthy of a State Rank

Calhoun @ King, King by 1

Calhoun was a state rank team last week and now you can even play with King. Nina Ross (9) kept you at bay

Flour Bluff @ V. West, West by 15

UP SET ALERT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Flour Bluff fan blasted me real good on this one. They stated that Mercedes was more like an Ford Focus tuesday night. This was a huge statemnt game for the 4A district champs 2013-2014 Victoria West. 




Ray vs United South, Ray by 20

 Ray loses by 20 to United South ......Im done

Port Aransas vs Aransas Pass, Aransas Pass by 30

Aransas Pass showed Port A that they are still Kings of Aransas. Now say UNCLE

Miller vs Flour Bluff, Flour Bluff by  25 

To much size for the Hobbitts of basketball. Flour Bluff Tyler Barlowe is making a strong case for player of the year. 

Sunday, November 30
Week4 Girls and Week3 Boys


 Carroll at Laredo United, 7 p.m; Carroll by 2 ....Carroll 59.. Blasted... United 36

The number #14 rank Lady Tigers are doing some Huge things this season Once again Darius Whittington is making a huge name for herself. I told all the doubters Lady Tigers are for real. I wish Coach would have made a trip up here to play. Carroll has won in all type of fashion. Beware of the LADY TIGERS!!!!!!! 

 Odem at Refugio, 7 p.m.; Refugio by 1

TM vs Calallen, 7:30p.m; TM by 17....TM 59.....BLASTS...Calallen 35

Coach Serna has his team taking no prisoners on the court. The Annaville Classic was onesided from the tip.TM open up with a 20-5 first quarter. GAME OVER 




West Oso @ John Paul II 7PM; JPII by 1 .... JP2 73....BabySits...West Oso 66.

New Head Coach Marcus Williams Sr. of John Paul II got his second win in a row over the Young Cub( Bears).


V. East @ Wharton,7p.m.; East by 4 ...Wharton 67.....Downs  Victoria East 62

East win are you going to provide us some quality Wins? 

 King at Tuloso-Midway, 8 p.m.; King by 15 .....King 61....Is Much IMPROVED....TM 52

This team is looking more like a TEAM. 3 players in double figures.

Monday, November 24
Week 3 Girls and Week 2 Boys


Goliad vs Sinton, Goliad by 2

Aransas Pass vs St. Joseph, St. Joesph by6; St. Joseph 70 Blasted Aransas Pass 34

Ganado vs Refugio, Refugio by 8; WOW****Ganado 44 Refugio29 



TM vs Aransas Pass, AP by5....WOW*************

AP 86 blasted TM 66 ..... 

Flour Bluff vs Aransas Pass, Tuesday, Flour Bluff by 4

Flour Bluff  71 Aransas Pass 74....WOW***** You got to be Kidding Me. Flour Bluff- Tyler Barlow 25 Huge points and Darius Allen added 12.

AP- Colon Hale led all scores with 29; T. Galvan played like he is looking to grab a spot with his strong 22pts

Moody vs Ray; Ray by 2.....WOW********* Moody 51  ....Ray 53

Monday, November 17
Week 2 Girls and Week 1 Boys

TM @ West Oso, West Oso by 18 ....

First thing is first. I learned that Vicky Blankenship was playing under heavy heart. The place where she call home was destroyed by fire Tuesday at noon. Secondly she still manage to find some strength to play with a very bad flu like bug that is going around the state do the the weather changes here in South Texas.

Coach Fillmore stated it best (her team stated doing there own thing) which I going to call it playing LOSING BASKETBALL. See two weeks ago I got a lot of flack about several WestOso players . Some from parents anmd some from fans. The fact is this being a state rank team, West Oso should never loss to TM at West Oso gym. Next thing is parents if your players are all of that, then West Oso should have WON DA GAME. In others words the Earth has only one star its name is the Sun. West Oso only get the point.

TM- Lexi Ruiz took it to the others on West Oso. Coach Serna TM is on the radar Great Win

Aransas Pass @ Port Aransas, PA by 12

Flour Bluff @ Carroll, Carroll by 7...WOW!!!!!! WOW!!!!!! WOW!!!!!!!!!!

Carroll goes down to Flour Bluff 69-43. The number area team gets smash. Where were the Big Time Players.....

Flour Bluff Coach M players must be really proud of his team. Great win

Week 1 Boys

John Paul II @ V. West, JP II by 5 ...V. WEST 61   JP II 60...Buzzer Beater.04 on the clock.

Here are some serious FACTS. Once again if you are the Man  then stop playing like little boys. Jay Lister (you must give me more)  Now not to beat up 6'8" G. King; But V. West tallest player 6'3 3/4 ht. ESPN "Com'on MAAN!!!!!!  

West- Trevino score 22. Hell I am getting emails from his fan base from Victoria..... Keep it up young man I see some slots about to come available.

Flour Bluff @ Ray, Flour Bluff by 25

 Miller vs Carroll, Carroll by 17 ...Carroll Downs Miller by Almost 30

This game is becoming to be a JOKE to me. Carrolls Bigs destroyed Miller once again. JWR and X man was just to much for Millers little football team, Last year Flour Bluff player stated this,"If you stop Storm then you stop Miller." Its looking to be a very true statement. The onething about Carrolls Bigs they both played for out of town teams. You can truly see the difference.????????

Millers- Breon Muckleroy to score 24 pts off of 24 shots is BAAAADD. Stay off of Face Book and get better and play.

Sunday, November 9
Week 1 Girls

Ray vs East, Ray by 13 ..... I was wrong about Victoria East.

 Carroll vs IWA, Carroll by  22 ......I'm rolling with Carroll this year.

King vs Moody, King by 2 .......Moody got King wth.....The others may need to help Ms. Ro