Big Time Basketball: GAME PREDICTIONS

Monday, February 1
Week 12 Girls and Week 11 Boys


Tuesday is another Hot day for girls this week. The basketball Gods has bless us with a heavy hitting day for district games.

Battle of TAPPS

IWA @ St. Joseph's, 6:30p, St. Joseph's by 2

St. Joe's  62 4th Quarter prove to be just enough against IWA 47

"IWA just don't have enough fuel in there tank, " St. Joe fan stated.

ST, Joes- Hanna Novsad 13, Madi Soeh 10, Christine Janek 10, Alisa Novsad 12

IWA-Sydeny Alison 20, Abby Ehream 14 

This Means War

Ray @ South San, 7PM, Ray by 7

Ray 73 B. Get Off Me on South San 61 

Victoria  Salinas was simply sensational with 29 pts. Her partner in crime Alyssa Viera also added 23 pts in the victory. 

Da District Race

AP@ G.West, 5:30, GW by 1

AP 55 Solify Playoffs With W over G.West 42 

Mathis @ Odem,5:30p, Odem by 3

Odem 45 7 UPS Mathis 38.

This game is all about the coaches and how you prepare your team. Mathis has a great looking W-L record over the past 2 years. But now you are starting to see how when you play for tourney trophies it will get you so full of yourself the team will suffer.

Odem on the other hand is a grind it out team. That take challenges and the make them as well. You lose some but you will eventually will win some. Now its your time to shine District Champs


Ray @ Carroll, 6:30p, Ray by 1 



Carroll @ East Central, 7pm, Carroll by 2

Carroll 79 Gets Cage by East Central 101 

Well if Carroll had a chance they (Carroll) sould have stayed on the bus. This game was so loop sided it makes me think something strange had to happen during the first game you guys won.


What the hell is up at Rockport?

West Oso @ Rockport, West Oso by 25


The Bridge is Over

Woodsboro vs Refugio, 7:30 Woodsboro by 1


What Mood will Miller be in ? 

Miller vs Moody, 8pm, Miller by 5


The History Lesson

Goliad @ Nixon Smiley, 8pm, Goliad by 9 

Tuesday, January 26
Week 11 Girls and Week 10 Boys




Who's tough enough?

Odem vs AP, @ Odem 5:30, Odem by 8

Odem 41 Soars Over AP 36 

I am really starting to like this Odems team. This team have something that I just can't grasp yet. 

AP- Brown 11

Odem- Mejia 15, Mendez 12, Pesek 10 


Will Ray tame a dragon?

Southwest @ Ray, 7pm, Ray by 4

It seems like the dragon was release by Foto Braggins, and it burnt Ray to a defeat. You can't beat Carroll one game and find ways to lose games Ray. 

Ray 49 Southwest 53 



Can Carroll catch a Dragon? 

Carroll @ SA Southwest, 7pm, Carroll by 3  This is a bad week for me and my picks. Carroll 34 Gets Drove by Southwest 50


Da Rematch .... Will Flour Bluff revenge their only district loss 

East @ Flour Bluff,6:15, East by 1 Flour Bluff 46 Revenge There Loss to East 27. This must been a late game because nobody is talking about this Butt Kicking and how wrong I was on this potential upset pick


Who's the Queen in  2a ?

London vs PA, 6:30P, London by 10  London 69 Destroys PA 21. What has happen to PA. But for London it's good to see teams that has started making promise to being a team to be reckon with. I will not be surprise to see more lopsided scores from London bc there district is horrible. Plus the playoff starts next week London- J.Lawyer 19, J.Sendejar 18, E.Clower 10




Can Woodsboro play for 4 quarters with PA?

Woodsboro @ PA, 7:30, PA by 15

I ask a question and the answer is ....NO.

Woodsborro 54 was taking to the Woods by PA 95

PA- Denton 13, Maxham 13, Pate 12, Kreutziger 18, Brown 13, Lorette 15 


Will Odem survive the pressure?

Odem vs AP, 7:30P, AP by 15

AP 76 Made Odem say UNCLE 40

AP had a huge first half on the defense side of the court. Holding Odem to 10 first half points. This game was over at the tip.

AP- C. Hale 28, J.Gentry 12

Odem- Amaro 11, Everett 12 


TM to make the playoffs this is a must win game?

West @ Tm,8pm, TM by 3

West 62  Turns Back TM 51

West- R.Teveno had 25,  E. Mendez 12

TM- Kameron Belfort 15 


This is for 2nd or 4th 

East @ Flour Bluff, 730 pm, Flour Bluff by 1  Flour Bluff 73 Easts 67. With the Miller loss to TM. This district is all knotted it up at First and at 4th place WOW


Can Beeville win district?

Beeville vs West Oso, 730p, Beeville by 3  West Oso 70 Just Found Themselves Tied for First with Beeville 63 It is good to see all the players that play high level summer ball finding success on the court for there high school team. W.O- Creighton Avery 27, Ty-Shun Franklin 15, Larry Hamilton 13 Beeville- Anderson 22, Huser 13

Tuesday, January 19
Week 10 Girls and Week 9 Boys


Heavy Tuesday we have 4 games that will jump out at you no matter what class you are in. These are must see games, as for district standing and playoffs are concerning.

Who Run Corpus Showdown

Carroll @ Ray, 6:30pm, Carroll by 3 UPSET ALERT

Carroll 48 girls have be detrone by Ray Texans 51.  This is Carroll first defeat to a 361 school since Ray did it back in 2013.

Ray- Victoria Salinas 20, and Alyssa Viera 13

Carroll- Danielle Meador 23 

Small Town Hoosiers

Odem @ G.West,6:15pm, Odem by 9

Odem 44 girls made G.w23 scream Uncle last night

GW- Blevens 11

Odems- Petra Mejia 20, Juliana Alcala 14

Tupac vs Biggie

East vs West,6:30pm, West by 1

East 76 was on the Dean's List against West 64.  I guess NewYork will always love Biggie just as Victoria East.

East- Dean 29,  Andrea Jackson 17, Tishona White added 13

West- Cameron Lamar 22, Kynsey Clark 16

Top 5 Match Up

Palacios @ Hallettsville;6:30pm, Hallettsville by 6 WOW.....When I tell you this score you will be left thinking WTH

Hallettsville 74 But a Beat Down on Palacios 27. Hallettsville Bar B Q " Get the heck out of the Top 5" Palacios almost loss by 50


Palacios @ Industrial, 6:30p, Industrial by 17 


Flour Bluff vs Miller 8pm, Miller by 11

WOW!!!!!!!!!! Flour Bluff slows down Miller in an district upset in 30-5a....  


For 1st 

East @ Miller , 8pm Miller by 8

I need A Basket

Carroll vs King, 8pm, Carroll by 15

Its Crazy how King can make a good percentage of 3 pointer in the first half but during the second half they can not make a basket. King 73 Carroll 85

King- Pereles 27, Martinez 15

Carroll- X Lewis 24, G Gonzalez 19, S Schultz 15 

Da ReMatch

Goliad vs Karnes City, 730p, Goliad by 8

Goliad 71 Zips Past Karnes City 55 


HWY 77

Falfurrias vs San Degio, 730, Fal by 12 

Fal 53 Did Just Enough San D 43 


Tuesday, January 12
Week 9 Girls and Week 10 Boys



Can Alice pull off the W 

Alice @ East, 6:30, East by 13 East 55 Smash Alice 36 in there rematch. VE-Tishona White scored 19 points, Serelia Dean added 14


Small Town Market

Mathis @ G.West,5pm, Mathis by 2 Mathis 48 control this game from start to finish over G.W 34 Mathis- Alyssa Alonzo had a huge 34pt


Can Agua Dulce pull off the upset?

PA @ Agua Dulce,6:30, AD by 1 

FRIDAY Flour Bluff @ West, 6:15pm, Flour Bluff by 3 Saturday Odem @ Mathis,2:30pm, Mathis by 10. Upset Odem got Mathis in Mathis. Now I would like to know what excuse will be told now



Round 2 Fight!!!!!!

RP @ West Oso, 730p, West Oso by 9 To close for comfort WO 51 RP 50 WO-Creighton Avery 18 and Tyshun Franklin 15 RP-Juanito Garcia 10, Alex Parker 13, Manuel Solis 10


Da Red Light Battle

Woodsboro @ Refugio, 7p, Woodsboro by 8  Well my upset pick fail. Woodsboro fail to close the deal on the court. Refugio 49 Woodsboro 36 Woodsboro- Jaden Wren 11 Friday East @ Moody,8pm,Moody by 1 Carroll vs East Central, 7pm, Carroll by 8... I have to be fair when it comes down to my brother law squad. I am shock but I am happy to see that the Tigers has won a huge game. Your nieces and I will be coming to a playoff game. Southwest @ King,7pm, King by 3...SHOCKER ....SHAKA.....SURPRISE.... The teams that shoot the most 3's normally loses in high school basketball




Tuesday, January 5
Week 8 Girls and Week 7 Boys


Goliad vs Industrial @ Goliad 730p, Goliad by 21

Goliad  55  Shakes Off Industrial 47 

Odem @Falfurrias, 5p, Falfurrias by 5

Fal 58  Makes Huge Statement on Odem 51

 Fal — Jake Reyes 18, Christian E. Perez 13, Noah Aleman 12

 Odem — TJ Vela 16, Christian Martinez 10

Vets @ West, 8pm, West by 11

West 52 found a new friend at the Free throw Line against Vet 42.

 Ruben Trevino led West 22pts, by 13 points from Kasey Kalich


 West @Miller, 8p, Miller by 4

Shiner vs Yorktown, 7p, Shiner by 2



Flour Bluff @ TM, 6:15PM, Flour Bluff by 2 SHOCKER!!!!!!!!!!!!! SHOCKER!!!!!!!!!!!!!

FB 43 Lil Will TM 22 

Must win game for TM ....Well here I go. If this was a must win game can some one tell me why it was over at 6:30

FB- Claudia Curtis 13,  Armani Anderson 10


Aransas Pass @ Ray,6:30pm, Ray by 14

Ray 62  Jumps On AP 53. This one was over in the first q as well.  


Odem @ Aransas Pass, 530pm, Aransas Pass by12

Industrial vs Hallettsville, 7p, Hallettsville by 6

Flour Bluff vs Alice, 6:15p, Flour Bluff by 3




Tuesday, December 22
Week7 Girls and Week 6 Boys


Flour Bluff@ East, 7:30 East by 9

East 76  Out Runs FB 66

This game shows us 2 things. East is better then there record and Flour Bluff MVP is not serious about the game. East put pressure on the ball just about every minute. I think East force  27 turnovers. WOW!!!  we were worried about Brewer going off," Staackmann said. "We had a gameplan on him, but it's hard to get him the ball when they can't even get it past halfcourt."

FB- Brewer 12, Pooles 15

 East's Tre Wolf led all scorers with 24 points, followed by Ennels with 20, Lee Green with 14 and Vonjre Barefield with 10.

Miller at TM, 7:30P , Miller by 2

Miller 71  TM 62

Here is my message to Coach B. When are you going to take the shackles off your players. Its always good to see players take this past summer lessons and spread it to there other teammates. Eddie Rodriguez had 18pt which I expected. But De Anfrenee Price is pouring in 32 has me smiling. To see Eugene Nedd with 10 has me smiling. For TM I think TM just might grab a playoff spot. District 30 5A be on the look out. TM is playing some good ball.

TN- Tyler Graves 22, Kameron Belford 18 

Odem @Banquete, 7pm , Odem by 13

Odem 44 USE SOME  TO EZ against Banquette 28

TJ Vela 19 



West vs Alice,630p, Alice by 1

West 40 SLIPS PAST Alice 38

I am now concern with this district. I hope you coaches put in playing for tie breakers 

East vs Flour Bluff,6:15p, FB by 15

East 42 Dont Call It A Come back  FB 36 

East fan told me not to call it a come back. Coach North has here team clicking now. Serelia Dean led the way for the Lady Titans with 13 points 

 Veterans Memorial at Moody, 4:15 p.m., Vets by 1

Vets 53 Enough Said Moody 39 WOW 


Tuesday, December 15
Week6 Girls and Week 5 Boys


Industrial vs Weimar, 6:30p, Weimar by 26

West @ Calallen, 6:30p, West by 14 West 52 Bounce Back against Calallen 44.

The suprising thing was that Calallen was up at the half.  

VW- Carrie Lacy 12, Lamar 11,Youngblood 10


Rockport @ Beeville, 7:30p Beeville by 3. Rockport Smash Early 43 Beeville37

 The first quarter killed Beeville.

 Beeville -Carranco10

RP -Hosey 16, Cox 12



Carroll vs Rowe6:30p, Carroll by 11. Carroll 71 Blasted Rowe 50

Miller @ East, 8p, Miller by 23 UPSET ++++UPSET***** East 70 Puts the Head Lock on Miller 62

Its not that you loss. But you loss at HOME. To a East team that is still trying to find there way. Ennels scored a team-high 27 points, Vonjre Barefield added 22 point for East.The Titans led by as many as 14 points in the second half before Miller went ahead on a 19-5 run between the third and fourth quarters.

 Miller's Deanfernee Price led all scorers with 33 points, his fast break layup giving the Buccaneers a 61-59 lead with 1:59 left in the game

Here is whats bad where was Eddie Rodriguez 

Veterans @ Alice 8p, Vets by 2 

Tuesday, December 8
Week 5 Girls and Week 4 Boys


Karnes City @ G.West, @ 5pm, Karnes City by 8. SHOCKER UPSET Alert!!!!! George West 33, Double Up Karnes City 15

King @Calhoun, Reyes of Calhoun is facing off one of his former programs. 7pm,Calhoun by 16 . Calhoun beat the Breaks off of King. This was bad from the tip

Game of the Night

Victoria West @ Flour Bluff, The winniner of this game will be in the drivers seat for district in my opinion. At FB 7:30pm, **UPSET ALERT** West by 3

Flour Bluff 48 said "NOT SO FAST BTB" Over West 42

I just knew another let down was around the corner. Here is another while moment for the Bluff, There was no West player with 10pts. So now its time for me to add a little pressure on the team Claudia Curtis last year was a top player can you break back in. M and M aka Meredith Marcum its time to get on the radar.

FB- Meredith Marcum 13, Claudia Curtis 13




Aransas Pass vs Port Aransas, 6:30p AP by 15

AP 73  Caught A Marlin  53 PA. After playing some serious teams over the weekend and losing some tough games Coach Hayes had his team ready for a perimeter assualt. Once again Colen Hale added 19, Giageos 11,Hill 15, Roberson 12. Its great to see players have success after hard working spring and summer.

PA-  Peterson 10, Brown 18, Lorette 11

Flour Bluff @Miller, 8pm, Miller by 2. Miller 77 Make Huge Statement on the Bluff 58.

It always a pleasure to see players that you are following do great things on the court. For one of my favorite coaches Maurice Bastian to create havoc and speed up the game was a great coaching decision. I mean you have the stud players in Eddie Rodriguez 11pts and DeAnfrenee Price 14pts leading the way on defense. But I am really proud of Justice Watson and Eugene Nedd they both lead all scores with 16 each and was pivotal to the teams victory.

As for the Flour Bluff, a new voice in Patrick Williams is always hard for old players to adjust. But I can see Coach Williams turning this team around. The player that I,ve kept my attention on is Cody Brewer. My sources are telling me that he sometimes checks out if games. This remindes me of VY when he finally sign with UT for football, he pretty much did not even pick up a basketball. But Caller this is the guy you voted for as your MVP while every coach and spectator saw that it was Tyler Barlowe that should have been the MVP in our opinion. Flour Bluff Ransom Johnson lead his team with 15.


East vs West, 7;30P Battle of Victoria ...West by 10 

West 70 Held On for W against East 67

West- Ruben Trevino 20pts

East-  Vonjre Barefield led all scorers with 23 points


Monday, November 30
Week4 Girls and Week3 Boys


Calallen @Tuloso Midway, TM by 19. This is a SHOCKER. Calallen 43 In Defeat TM 48. Im going to say this. I dont think TM should be a Top 25 team. Either TM has fallen from Grace or Calallen has improve greatly. Each team in this district will play 18games a peace. "Dont let a bad December knock you out of the playoffs."

Aransas Pass @ Ingleside, Ingleside by 10

Karnes City @Sinton 7:30, Karnes City by  12



VW @ King, Tuesday 7;30, King by 1

Moody @ Carroll, 7pm, Carroll by 28.  Carroll 92  Out Ran  Moody 74. 

Santa Gertis Academy vs Kingsville, TAMU Kingsville 7pm, Santa Gertis by 8 

Sunday, November 22
Week 3 Girls and Week 2 Boys



Odem vs Hallettsville, 5PM. Hallettsville by 17 . WOW Hallettsville 45 Sneaks By Odem 42.

Remember this name Odem Juliana Alcala 24

Hallettsville - K.Harrell 10 and Amari Grant 10. 


West Oso vs Aransas Pass 12pm, Aransas Pass by 1. Aransas Pass 55 Jump On Da Cubs 38

AP-Aylenn Cabrera 19 

Ray @Port Lavaca 630pm, Port Lavaca by 15. Ray 38 Gets Calhoun 34. The game is played for 4Q . WOW. Ray put on a 11 - 2 4th to win the game which Calhoun led the entire first 3 quarters.

Ray-Victoria Salinas 13

Calhoun- Escobar11 




Flour Bluff@ Aransas Pass, 7p, FB by 3 WOW !!!!! AP blasted Fb by 20. AP 69 FB 49. Colan Hale went for 34. For FB C.Brewer 20 and R.Johnson added 12. Dang I am having a bad start picking these teams. But I should have known not to pick against Hayes of AP.

Sinton @Falfurrias,7:30p. Falfurrias by 20. Falfurrias 59 Outlasted Sinton54. Remember this name Christian E Perez 18pts. for Fal. Also Noah Aleman11, Keno Soliz10

Sinton F. Ramirez had a smooth 26pts and K.Castillo added 18.

I would love to see this game after football season. 

Sunday, November 15
Week 1 Boys & Week 2 Girls




King @Veterans Memorial, 7p ,,, King by 23. King 66 Held On for the W 62.

After being down at the half King stampede back to take the lead in the final minutes of the 3Q. King was lead by Perales 21, Hogg 15, and Martinez 11 

VM - Peyton Smith 17 and Steven Romero 16 

West Oso @ Carroll, 7:30... Carroll by 24. Carroll 82 Steam Rolls West Oso 53.  Well I call this one. West Oso squad is just to little.  First W  for new Head Coach Rodney Williams. The first half killed West Oso hopes. Leading the way for Carroll E. Joseph with 16, X. Lewis 12, T. Lopez 10, G.Gonzales 11.

West Oso- C. Avery 14 and L. Hamilton 10 



Edna @ Wharton,7...Wharton by 2. Wharton 59 was to Much for Edna 32. Wharton last year Wharton girls was overmatch by Brazosport in Bi District playoff game. Wharton pretty much did what they wanted to do tonight.

Rockport@ Calhoun, 7....Calhoun by 9. Calhoun 60 Blasted Rockport 22. My #10 team lost by 38 points. Coach Reyes has his Lady Sand Crabs boiling the competition. Standin at #1 with BTB will pretty much open up some state rank considerations.


Stephanie Delgado 13  
Miranda Moya 11  

Carroll @ Flour Bluff ....Flour Bluff by 15. As ways follow your first mind. I stated to Joe " Carroll is going to have 5 games under their belt before you tip off."  Here are a couple of words from Joe. " Glad u didn't take the bet.  Carroll beat FB by 6.  Turnovers and horrendous shooting sunk FB.  At least it's just the first game.  But I must admit, very disappointed."  After getting beat down by 40pts you know Carroll was going to play you guys tough.

Carroll - Danielle Meador 14

Flour Bluff- Hayle Campbell 10 

Sunday, November 8
Week 1 Girls plus TAPPS, Home Schools, Federation Ball, Parochial

Top 3 games will always posted ofo the week. There are many varible to get on the site. Most Important Varible is to WIN. Next way is to Run your City. But if your team suck....I mean SUCK please dont waste our time

Head 2 Head is the only way you make this board. Tournament play is fools Gold just ask all the teams that Win and gets knock out the first round of playoffs.

 Nov 10th

V.East vs Ray, East by 12. Coach Yulonda W.North is a sleeper in the region. But I know she will be unleashing her horses against Ray. The best thing for Ray is the unknown. Thats why this game has a 12 point spread.

Tales from teh game: I was wrong. Ray 46  Smack  Victoria East 39. Tie at 31 all after the 3Q. Ray hit the first 5 points and never look back.  No line scores where enter but good win for Ray. Ray went into Victoria and grab a W.

Texas AM Kingsville commit Victoria Salinas had 16 pts. for Ray.  I think this young lady just might find her way up the food chain in Dec.

VE S.Dean and A. Jackson pour in 12pts a piece. 


Carroll vs Alexander, Carroll by 9. Carroll has not lost to a team in the area or down south any direction. With that being stated Im keeping it at a single digit.

 Nov 13th Friday.

V.West vs Calhoun, Calhoun by 3. This game is giving me the blews. I think Jason may just be rerring the game