Big Time Basketball: GAME PREDICTIONS

Monday, November 24
Week 3 Girls and Week 2 Boys


Goliad vs Sinton, Goliad by 2

Aransas Pass vs St. Joseph, St. Joesph by 6

Ganado vs Refugio, Refugio by 8



TM vs Aransas Pass, AP by 5

Flour Bluff vs Aransas Pass, Tuesday, Flour Bluff by 4

P. Aransas vs V. West,  V.West by 14

Monday, November 17
Week 2 Girls and Week 1 Boys

TM @ West Oso, West Oso by 18 ....

First thing is first. I learned that Vicky Blankenship was playing under heavy heart. The place where she call home was destroyed by fire Tuesday at noon. Secondly she still manage to find some strength to play with a very bad flu like bug that is going around the state do the the weather changes here in South Texas.

Coach Fillmore stated it best (her team stated doing there own thing) which I going to call it playing LOSING BASKETBALL. See two weeks ago I got a lot of flack about several WestOso players . Some from parents anmd some from fans. The fact is this being a state rank team, West Oso should never loss to TM at West Oso gym. Next thing is parents if your players are all of that, then West Oso should have WON DA GAME. In others words the Earth has only one star its name is the Sun. West Oso only get the point.

TM- Lexi Ruiz took it to the others on West Oso. Coach Serna TM is on the radar Great Win

Aransas Pass @ Port Aransas, PA by 12

Flour Bluff @ Carroll, Carroll by 7...WOW!!!!!! WOW!!!!!! WOW!!!!!!!!!!

Carroll goes down to Flour Bluff 69-43. The number area team gets smash. Where were the Big Time Players.....

Flour Bluff Coach M players must be really proud of his team. Great win

Week 1 Boys

John Paul II @ V. West, JP II by 5 ...V. WEST 61   JP II 60...Buzzer Beater.04 on the clock.

Here are some serious FACTS. Once again if you are the Man  then stop playing like little boys. Jay Lister (you must give me more)  Now not to beat up 6'8" G. King; But V. West tallest player 6'3 3/4 ht. ESPN "Com'on MAAN!!!!!!  

West- Trevino score 22. Hell I am getting emails from his fan base from Victoria..... Keep it up young man I see some slots about to come available.

Flour Bluff @ Ray, Flour Bluff by 25

 Miller vs Carroll, Carroll by 17 ...Carroll Downs Miller by Almost 30

This game is becoming to be a JOKE to me. Carrolls Bigs destroyed Miller once again. JWR and X man was just to much for Millers little football team, Last year Flour Bluff player stated this,"If you stop Storm then you stop Miller." Its looking to be a very true statement. The onething about Carrolls Bigs they both played for out of town teams. You can truly see the difference.????????

Millers- Breon Muckleroy to score 24 pts off of 24 shots is BAAAADD. Stay off of Face Book and get better and play.

Sunday, November 9
Week 1 Girls

Ray vs East, Ray by 13 ..... I was wrong about Victoria East.

 Carroll vs IWA, Carroll by  22 ......I'm rolling with Carroll this year.

King vs Moody, King by 2 .......Moody got King wth.....The others may need to help Ms. Ro