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Monday, September 28
Vicky B is making a Splash on the Court

This weekend at JL combine the top100 girls a cross the state got a chance to showcase there talents. The certified NCAA event was strictly an invite only were the girls got a chance to play and be coach by high level AAU coaches across the state. North Shore's Victoria Blankenship did her thang this weekend. She battle some power talent. Most coaches all ask her mom and Coach Campbell the same question where have you been hiding here? Thats truly a good question for West Oso and Team Havoc. Her are the list of coaches Pac 12, C-USA, Southland,SWAC. Even though the move was tough on both mom and daughter. You must love when parent truly makes sacrifices for there kids. 


HTU Ast. Head Coach Walter Yates share a team photo. Coach Yates and myself go way back. Robert and Strom Watson can been seen on team photo on my FB page. Good luck men


Say beside Xavier Lewis of Carroll who is balling in Da 361? Male and Female 

Wednesday, September 23
My Last Season in da 361

I had to really sit back and evaluate my business. As most of you may know and to the many who did not know, I took on CC do to the fact 90% of my co workers in scouting all thought that it was a dump for high school athletes. Its not that most players cant play. Its a situation where most adults involved are chasing a myth of confusing.

Looking back over the years traveling to CC on some weekend. Staying in hotels, missing my gurls event was truly not worth the result. But helping the few was satisfying for thirst. I will never forget those kids I help. I will never forget those few parents that bought in to my system of guidance. I truly thank you for the opportunity and hopefully your sons and daughters will be online to graduate this year or the next couple of years. 

I also would like to thank the sneeking, lying, hypocritical ***s. Most of you by now know who they are. Some of these dudes have killed recruitment and the game your kids have to play. Most only wanted a team for their kids. Most of them only wanted a W so that they could be call the best in CC.while your players graduates to BackYard U. These ***s will stink it up bc you will smell them as time as they walk in your gym. These guys and a couple of women will make a solid deposit when they speak on the game.

The onething about a player i recruited in CC my finger prints where all over this kids as a player that will battle. One of my favorite players in college was Dante Maxwell of King currently at Unversity of St. Thomas. .....One of the players I wish I could have gotten was DaMarcus Whittington I still remember walking in John Paul gym asking a coach to give him the green light as a freshman. 

In my closing a D3 coach stated," I love CC kids bc they have a scents of what they are  worth. Even in baseball the high school playet comes up short. 2 may pro and none will go play at any major D1 programs." This is why its time to close this chapter. Nate Velasco of GP once told me " I will never stop battling cause of my race." I will never stop battling cause my race. But its cause of my race Im a born fighter for these kids.

Wednesday, September 23
Blankenship is Officially on North Shore Mustang

The under size 4 is making a name for herself. Her play will provide N.Shore with a scoring threat from the low and high position on the floor. North Shore is pre season rank #2 in class 6A. N.Shore also has a Center that has ink with N.Carolina and the #1 Guard in the class of 2017. 

A couple of college coaches has started the process  recruitment. They even told her that " its hard to take region 4 teams seriously because of there caliber of play." Blankenship has been told to get n  more in shape because we will be running the floor at much faster pace that she is use to. 

As a freshman Blankenship was always running the track. Blankenship was always putting pressure on herself to carry team. As a new coach took over the high school and her AAU coach played in games to fit his team no wonder she was loss in the Div1 world of recruitment. But the move we make has parents has a lot to do with your players end results. 

 Big Time Basketball will miss Blankenship do to the coverage of 361 players. But I will get to see more of her games because she is local. 

Wednesday, August 12
Coaches and Players Moving Home, On, and Returning

Coach Robert Dodd of Flour Bluff which his teams went 182-115. He will now be at Bastrop which in the last couiple of years they have struggle greatly. If Dodd can make this team an fourth place playoff team this would probably be one of his greatest coaching jobs ever.

 Coach Roy Williams was entice to come out of retirement to coach Robstown. Yes this was a WOW moment. But after reading why, Im not surprise at all. Coach Williams has a chance to build another program from scratch. Since this signing you have to think of Robstown girls coming as of now in fourth place. I can't wait to see what dates Robstown plays Oso. This just might make my game of the week.     

Coach Shannon Hooker of Carroll also stated goodbye to the Tigers.  Hooker was 123-39  and 66-7 against Coastal Bend schools. Hooker will be leading Midland High . Another failing program that will be looking to get better.  This time he will be in Region 1 where the his teams will have a great deal of travel once they make it to the playoffs.

Wednesday, August 12
Coaches and Players Moving Home, On, and Returning

Victoria Blankenship has left West Oso to play at North Shore. Her mom which is a school teacher found another job here in Houston which gave Victoria Blankenship a chance at being a better player. North Shore high school girls team which was already rank in the state 6A at #2 only behind the #1 team Cy Woods. Coach Campbell has stated "I am already drawing up plays for Victoria Blankenship. " On a lighter note for West Oso ..... West Oso .....West Oso smh!!

Victoria East HC Grammer has resign from the postion. He had an awesome run with East. But with more then 600 wins, 603 to be exact Grammer is looking foward to ne a new challange. Grammer was taking a position at Rosenberg Lamar Consolidated. Grammer lead East to a 104-63 record

Victoria East New Boys Coach is Port Aransas grad Peter Straackmann. Peter played ball at PA under Grammer. Now he will replace Grammer. Good Luck

 Garrett Grammer will be playing football at Foster. Hopefully he will continue to play all three sports Good Luck

Victoria Faith Academy HC Matt McLeods has finish his run with Faith Academy to take on the AD position at Northeast Christian Academy in KingWood. He had an 158-65 record under two stays at VFA. Good luck

Goliad has lost a very good coach in John  Reyes who is now at Calhoun. Leaving Goliad had to been tough but getting back on the scene at a 5A school is not bad. Last year Calhoun had a awesome run in the playoffs for any standards. But playing in the region III makes it that much sweetier. Calhoun will be a force under Reyes.

Wednesday, August 5
AAU Circuit Girls

This year season was not to pretty for the girls. The powers to be seem to play did not play in most NCAA cert tournaments. Once again Victoria Blankenship was the only player to jump on the scene to see literally by way of some Houston team. Spoke with several of D1 coaches about her. 3 coaches stayed to make sure I was not blowing smoke up there ask. They all gave me a thumbs up.  One coach stated to me that its sad that we did not see this girl play until now. Where were she? BTB, " Stuck on a CC team. " Coach then replyed with what grade is she in the 10th. I stated no she is going to be a senior. Coach the mumble these words, "DAMN we finish our 2016 in April. We are working on 2017.

Here are some points I will tell you as a parent. Don't let the school or coaches do anything that you can do for yourself.  You go out and get everything done for your kids. If your child has potential to play college ball get with any independent organization to look at them. We normally do this for free,

Friday, July 31
AAU Circuit

As the year has now come to a close. The last date for high school bb players to play is on 6/11/2015. This year I learned a lot from the everybody in the area. Well lets say it was the same old stuff with new faces. But if I had to tell you my shocking player of this summer was 6'6" player from Carroll HS. Xavier Lewis played started off very slow but now he is a major force. His playing curve jump from D2 to Mid Major D1. I mean if the ranking came out today he will be #1 and the gap between number 2 would have been very far out.

Breon Muckleroy was a player that started off on top. But let me tell you. Div1 coaches are a lot slower to re act then Div 2, 3, and NAIA. These dudes need to see you perform for at least 15 games. But some how some way he was not to be found after April. I wish you the best.Jon Reese was another player playing some good ball until he had a serious injury.

These two players could have been very special if they would have stuck to the program. A coach spoke from a University spoke with me about both players in July to only find out that one signed and no one knows what happen to the other. But I guess Im the only one that see's the lack of focus and committment from the players. But once again if the 361 teams get there act right maybe players can stay at home.  

Houston Hoopstars

Played in the open circuit won 6 tournaments. This team should be a shoe deal team. But do to Coach White he loves to mode bigs into studs 

Monday, July 27
Congrats to 2015 Signees

 Calhoun senior Bryanna Delgado signed to play with TLU.

Jon Reese Woodson  inked to play at North Platte Community College in North Platte, Nebraska.

 An'jolique Woodson will lay at Sul Ross State



Tyler Barlowe of Flour Bluff 

 will be playing NCAA Division I basketball for Lafayette College

 Jackson Willoughby of Port Aransas will be playing at TLU

Ro Taylor of  King will be playing at HTU (NAIA)

Marcus Williams Jr. of John Paul II will be playing at Concordia U 


Monday, June 15
June Jam results

First thing is I would like to thank all the lovely people that made this trip possible. Also wanted to share shoutout to Lil Robert and Storm for coaching.

Team Glory Boyz played in the 17u division this weekend. We came in 2nd place in our pool. We won our first bracket game then we lost our 1005 pm game. Our schedule was very tough on the players.

1st game was 8am tip lost

2nd game was 1135 won

3rd game was 8pm won

4th game was 10pm lost..All on Saturaday...

For scores u can checkout

Player of the tournament from our team was Eddie Rod..from Miller. 

Once again its not about winning its about getting better.  

Tuesday, June 2
GLORY BOYZ Challenge

Sunday after Fathers Day Team Glory Boyz is looking to challenge any team 16, 17 with unsigned seniors. We are calling you out to respectfully give the kids a chance to play. The price of the head to head match up will be pretty close to      


For Details contact me(Frank) at 713548-6057 or David at 3615103976

You see these games will have more substances then playing in some JOKERS tournaments that's only looking to make a quick buck. Yes High School teams are welcome as well.

The Sunday after Fathers Day. Yes we will have SERIOUSLY minded refs.

Terry Avery, Marcus Williams, AP, Carroll Dudes, TM dudes, Victoria Dudes hell every player thats playing in July lets play 

Tuesday, June 2
Alumni Teams will play this Fathers Day

CLASH AT THE COAST  will be putting on a tournament for the OLD SKOOL players of yesterday. I heard that you have had some of the players in the pass talk major smack about this or that team. We would like to see who will walk away with bragging RIGHTS!! If everybody is down for the cuase you just may have a different opinion about what you did last year, 3 years ago or even 35 years ago. Players may play in any era. Adults from anywhere are welcome.

For example; CC King 88 team vs West Oso 96, We may get a rematch of the West Oso vs Miller the AB Center game. Aransas Pass vs Ingleside.....  NAS CC vs Kingsville  Like I mention everybody can play. We will have College Officials refereeing the games. This Fathers Day we will make sure everybody has something to do beside the norm. Come out and have some Fun.

Wednesday, April 29
GASO: Duncanville

Houston Hoopstars 

finish 1-1 pool play

4-1 in da tournament NBA Green Champions

Breon Muckelroy from Miller has seized the starting pg position. After losisng the first game in pool play Houston Hoopstars HC White stated its time for a change. Breon answer the test with flying colors. Coach White stated,"the little dude is making the ez plays look simple. We is now the heart beat of the team."

X man Lewis of Carroll has improve so much that I can not wait for him to showcase himself in front of the CC area. His condidtionin is still a matter of being push. But Carroll will most definetly be getting a better player back.

JRW of Carroll,  I spoke with head coach from HT he is very high on this young man.... Taking it EZ as for the tournament  

Wednesday, April 29
Aransas Pass junior made a huge name for himself last year to only follow it up with another spectacular season this year. To see Colin make huge shots when his team needed him to him to is awesome. I think next year his role should be even bigger as some of the pieces will be graduating this year. Next thing I need to see is what type of college athlete he will be. Or what level will he play on?

Wednesday, April 29
BTB Girls MVP Emma Wick
Hallettsville has produce some awesome high school athlete's in the pass decade. But most of the time it would be on the boys side of the gym. This season no one dominated the opposing team like her. She had ALL STATE HONORS across the board. When you look at film on players you could see how much trust her teammates abd coaches had in her on bth ends of the court. Great Job!

Friday, April 24

Breon Muckleroy of Miller

As we now know Breon was more of the little dude on the court for Miller Bucs. He was the Lil General that Miller needed. To fully understand his learning capacity you must see him directing traffic with the Houston Hoop Stars. To understand what he had to do for Miller to be successful he had to score and rebound. Breon in some games lead Miller in rebounds. But some of the breakout moments where the 3 pt parade he put on Victoria East in Victoria. Another moment was when he brung Miller back into the game from being down by 10 against Vela in the UIL playoffs. This game he used his voice to command his troops.  I do see him playing college ball.

Ji Mario Grounds of Hallettsville

He was my preseason #1 pick. I seen him play all throughout the years. Even though he is going to play football at Mary Hardin Baylor ..... I just knew we could have pick up a basketball scholarship as well. Like the years past everybody in Hallettsville was waiting on the AP game. But just has AP head Coach Glen Hayes found out during the game Falfurrias Coach took the same approach. Im happy to withness such a talent for four years.

Friday, April 24

Darias Whittington of Carroll

This young lady was simply the best girl in CC this year. She lead Carroll in points scored and ast. I measure her performances base on college readiness. I seen her go in and score in the paint. I seen her shoot the ball from outside. I've seen her drive and kick to open teammates. My most exciting moment is when I saw Carroll play against Katy Taylor, in the Nike tournament in Katy,Texas. At this point I knew that she would have a special season. Hopefully I will see her next year playing college ball.

Treka Franklin of V.West

This player in my opinion is a low rated division 1 player. This year like last year she has put West basketball on her back. When you walk into the gym everybody know you must be there to watch Treka.  This player battle every position. She also could guard every position. She was a bully in the paint. Truly the Queen of Victoria basketball. She is the most battle tested out of all the girls.

Thursday, April 16
BTB: 2015 Coach of the Year Boys

Edmund Perez of Falfurrias,

If Muhammad Ali shock the world, so did Coach Perez when his Falfurrias team knock out Hallettsville at the regionals games. Basically playing with a very young squad with was EZ TO SET THE TONE for your players to by in. Falfurrias made great strides in becoming one of the type teams in the 361. But to be Big Time I must see a change in the tournament schedule. One of the greatest game plans I seen was against Hallettsville. But seeing the developments of Christian Perez from year to year has to make boys basketball fans take notice

Thursday, April 16
BTB: 2015 Coach of the Year Girls

Larry Skinner of Mathis

With a 37-1 RECORD this was almost an EZ choice, I truly to my time in making this decision base on what Mathis girls pprogram from the past was. Coach Skinner had his team ready to play. Even when I wanted to be up the Lady Pirates for that horrible showing in the regional games I still was happy with there overall performance. This 2015-2016 season I am looking to see some different teams and tournaments. Congrates coach for having such a huge season.

Wednesday, April 8
BTB Awards: Boys 1-5

1. Christian Perez of Falfurrias, This junior help lead this team in a historic fashion. When the Falfurrias needed a bucket he was pretty much automatic. He pretty much told told the entire 361 to LOOK AT ME. Well I witness and you have my attention.

2. Tyler Barlowe of Flour Bluff, Can you please take the cuffs off. Tyler runs the floor. Tyler passes the ball. Tyler is very unselfish. But this what I wanted to see. Tyler be selfish. Tyler needed more of a pro set offense where he could come off double screens. In just about every defeat Flour Bluff had Tyler Barlowe was in the books

3. Xavier Lewis of Carroll, This year he showed me that he was a low level college player. I witness him take advantage of the bigs in the area. I also saw him play at a JV speed. I still have to many question ????? about his motor? But his skills are there.

4.Marcus Williams of JPII, Coming of an injury and going through a coaching change just may have hidden his stats from the 361. Playing on a team where there was no Rim FINISHERS also is very hard. But this player has college skills. The only problem is he's a PG in the 361.

5.Paul Harris of AP, This senior was Robin for Aransas Pass.  He had a very high shooting percentage. But on defense he truly made his mark. Taller player did not have a chance to score especially in the 4th quarter. Can this guy make it to a lower level college? The best thing he also brings on the court is he is asignment proof. Meaning when a coach call a play or assignment during a time out he is on it.

Monday, April 6
Players 1-5 BTB Awards (Girls)

1. Vickitoria Blankship of West Oso- Vicky was rated all second team in the AAU circuit state ranking. She was also TGBCA All STATE. Vicky was one of the final players for MVP in the entire 361 market. Her play on the court was stellar. She cover up so much of her teammates mistakes on defense. The one question I am still looking for answers is this. West Oso vs TM the first game. Vicky scores 22 pts and has 8rebounds in the first half. Not to touch the court in the second half. The next question is this, how can that district have CO MVP's?

2. Madison Ray of Port Aransas- Madison was another candidate for MVP this year. She carried much of the load the entire season. I look forwad to seeing compete with some of the top notch girls. She played very well but she slid down the ladder during the out of town tournament play. In district against London she and her teammates where caught not prepared to be Big Time.

3.Kensey Marshall of St. Joseph- This season was a break out season. Looking at some film I notice a lot of good thigs you took advantage of. I also notice that the level of play was not quality during the regular season. In the TAPPS playoffs you did show me that some of the thigs was not a fluke. The only thing missing from your resume was serious cometition which not in your control. Game is against IWA where nice games.

4.Alyssa Alonzo of Mathis- This sophmore put in some major work this season. Her work was so serious that she made me question her coach about his scheduling and tournaments. Mathis for every since I can remember went 37-1 or something like that was awesome. But lets not get over hype. I was surely looking for a better showing in the regional games. But never the less, I can see you being a lot better if you play on a serious AAU team.

5. Kasey Hairell of Hallettsville, My second rank 11th grader is proving that you will have to pay her some attention. Its not EZ playing next to a TOP GIRL like Emma Wick but you manage to do what it take to pass the eye test. Finishing plays off is something that most people dont think about until somebody misses a pass or a layup. You only had 10 misques where as the my top 15 average 30 misques for the season. 

Wednesday, April 1
BTB AWARDS: Boys 6-15

6. Cody Brewer,Flour Bluff,11th

7.Jon Reese Woodson, Carroll, 12th

8.Jessiah Patterson,West Oso, 12th

9. Troy Galvan, Aransas Pass, 12th

10. Trinton McGee, Hallettsville, 12th

11.Ki Ki Hill, Goliad, 12th

12. Jackson Willoughby, Port Aransas, 12TH

13. James Durst, Refugio, 12th

14. D'Mon Williams, Miller, 12th

15.Brandon Alexander, Industrial 11th 

Wednesday, April 1
BTB AWARDS: Girls 6-15

6. C.Jackson, Victoria East, 12th

7.S. Dean, Victoria East, 12th 

8. D.Meador, Carroll, 11th

9.A.Woodson,Carroll 12th

10. Summer Hernandez, Port Aransas, 12th

11.Lexi Kurtz, Calhoun, 11th

12. Jalin Lawyer, London, 11th

13. Roxanne Morris, Goliad,10th

14.MaKinna Serrata, Mc Mullen Co. 9th

15. Juliana Alcala, Odem,9th 

Wednesday, April 1
REAL TALK: Other Awards

Let me start this off by asking all of you a question? Did Tyler Barlowe of Flour Bluff get snubb? In my opinion I would have to say yes. Let me make my arguement first before you call me @#$@@# hater.... Tyler is led his team to more W in the preseason then Cody Brewer did in district play. Flour Bluff district was the weakiest in the 361. One of the teams that made the playoffs lost to a Junior Varsity SQUAD. If you took Barlowe away Bluff would have not won district in my opinion. If you took Brewer away Flour Bluff has a chance of winning district still. 

What ever happen to Port Lavaca aka Calhoun Girls....coverage???? I mean the girls only played in region 3 which had someheavy hitters in it.

Darias Whittington was an awesome choice. She only led her team in scoring and ast in every huge game. But if you did not see her in the Nike Katy Tournament you miss a treat.

Victoria Blankenship was the only player rank in all of the state polls from the 361 area. (DONT BELIEVE ME JUST DO YOUR RESEARCH)

Whats the meaning for a Defensive Value Player in the 361? For example Breon led the area in steals and points. So why he could not get both. He also flirted with a triple double almost every night.

WHAT ARE SOME OF YOUR COMPLAINTS about the awards? Please email the website 

Friday, March 27
SIB: Part 3 Big Time Panthers
Also on Friday we took some 9th and 10th graders down to Houston to play. The first game went sour late in the second half. I ask the coach was this the best guys that was available. As I scouted the team I notice how bad our conditioning and overall strength. I mean our kids was just getting push around under the basket. The second thing was this, the speed of the game seam to surprise most of the players. I notice that our 6'2" plus players had a huge problem of playing basketball above the rim. Here are some scary facts MOST 8TH GRADE PLAYERS ON ELITE TEAMS can dunk the basketball. We had no dunks the entire weekend. As of now Daniel Roberson of West Oso is my top prospect. I mention to him about some of the opportunities he miss by not driving into the basket. Just think Daniel can shoot the basketball. But he also misses a lot of shots at times. But he is a nice size player that could easily score 30pts if he attack the rim and paint. The second game was a BLOW OUT .....We won by 20+ The third game in bracket play was not a pretty played game mostly do to lack of respect for the game. Justice Watson of West Oso FR; played the first half like a 7th grader. I mean this player reminded me of his brother that I was about to Tech him myself. MEMO Refs ARE NOT THE PROBLEM 98% OF THE TIME. Its you wanted to dribble between 2,3, or 4 people. Its you not breaking down in a defensive position allowing your man to drive to the basket. He even had the nerves to tell me to tell the other players to stop touching him.(%$#@^ GO SIT DOWN) The second half was much better but he has along way to go. Justice lead the teams with rebounds. Tyshawn just may have what it take to be a pg .....If he decides to take the game seriously. He shys away from the game as of now. But if stays I can see him being better then his brother. The one play just stands out for me is when he shot an air ball on offense. He then jogged back on defense to only play defense with his hands on his hips. (*&^%#$# GO SIT DOWN) LJ- Is a very tough dude that needs reps in the guard position. For a second I thought he was from Third Ward..... He is very tough. He goes in the paint a come up with tough rebounds. The only problem is the others. He was my best defensive player on the floor. As of now WE ARE LOOKING FOR 7 9TH AND 10TH GRADE BOYS......FROM ANYWHERE 6'0 +.... NO SHORT GUYS

Thursday, March 26
SIB: Part 2 Houston Hoopstars

Houston Hoopstars 361 players are Breon Muckleroy of Miller, Jon Reese Woodson of Carroll, and X Lewis of Carroll.

The team played themselves into the platinum championship game on Sunday evening. But lets go back to see how the 361 players did. All three players are coming off the bench on this team. But as I always stated, its not who starts but who finish the game in clutch time. All three players got pretty much equal playing time for their position. Breon out of the the bunch saw the floor faster do to the numbers game team only carrying 2 pg's. As for Jon, and X Coach White rotated his Bigs by two's. I mean the Hoopstars come at you wth 6'10",6'9", 6'7" AND 6'6" at the post position.

Now on Saturday I step in to officiate the game. It was the classic Dallas vs Houston round 1. Dallas Showcase came to the court with a couple of 6'8" and 6'6" boys and a host of 6'3" -6'0 guards. This was a heated game from the tip. We had some T's being called a little love tapping being attempted by both teams after each play. What I love to see was that the 361 players did not hide from the altercation. What was awesome was the Houston players all knew going in that it was going to be a DOG FIGHT. What was amazing is that when some body push LIL Breon they the Houston Players came in to get into the action. After the game Houston Hoopstars Coach White stated," we finally are becoming more of a team. "

In the first half Breon came in to replace the freshman guard do to turnovers. Breon then settle the turnover problem then the team started to pound it inside. After getting back into the game from the inside that then turn into some open 3 point basket. X then step out behind the ARC to knock down a three pointer which then open it up for the slashers on the team. Jon Reese Woodson spread the paint with a couple of 16ft shots then the game was BUST WIDE OPEN. 

The next game was against the Basketball Unversity club base out of Houston. Both teams played with passion. Once again I found myself refereeing the ball game. Team handed them a L early in the second half. Running clock. At the 8min mark I witness a play that started good but ended awful. Jon Reese Woodson of Carroll was injured on this play. For a split second I put down the whistle to see about Jon. I mean it truly took me a couple of days to capture my feeling for this players. As  I replay that play I honestly thought that the player from Basketball U did not make a dirty play. He was just protecting him self from another dunk in  which he then undercut Jon which was going up for a layup. Lesson learn if you can DUNK the ball, then Dunk the Ball. If Jon would have dunk the ball, he could have atleast held on to the rim. 

Sunday Morning the ReMatch

Dallas Showtime vs Hoopstars

Breon and X had a awesome game. Dallas showtime came out blazing. At the half Dallas the game was a 1 point game. X then put up a a couple of 3's to give them 3 point lead. 1:51 to go in the second half  Dallas Showtime look like they made a 3 pointer in the right corner but the refs stated that a toe was on the line which made the game 54-53 Hoopstars. Breon Muckleroy was the press breaker. His on ball quickness was paramount to the teams victories.


Houston Defenders vs Houston Hoopstars 76-71

Houston Defenders is a EYBL team which players are pretty much projected to play super high level of Div 1

Hoopstars started flat. Breon came in jacking up bad shots. X lack of being in shape was evidented.  Once Breon saw is family it appeared that he started to jack up shots. I mean he was putting up some bricks. X came in to only pick up 3 fouls within 4 minutes of action. Coach then sub breon out to settle him down. He simply told him to stop trying to take on 6'8 boys and pass the ball to the open man. Once this happen Hoopstars went on a run to get back into the game. Then the 6'7" players started talking major trash on the court. T's were being put on everybody. After all of that Hoopstars was up by 5. The Defenders then came back led by the #1 pg in Houston CJ of Cy Woods he took over the game while Breon was on the bench. Coach White of the Hoopstars could not sub Breon in fast enough to slow down CJ. After that explosion the teams traded basket annd the game was over.

Summary of Players

Breon needs to work on shot selections. He also need to be more of a leader. Go get the ball. Understand whats a good shot or play for his team.

Breon showed me that he is better then what I saw him play with at Miller. His tempo is scary. He can get in and out of tough spots very easy.

X needs to get in shape. He foul out of the game that the tournament played 6 fouls to foul out. WOW!!! He also need to hit the weights. His lower body is weak, he is easly push off the block. He needs to be my explosive around the rim.

X showed me he can stroke the 3pointer. He is also very tough. He is not afraid to mix it up with any player.

Jon still praying for you. Im thinking of something that just might work. But its going to need for you to rehab hard 

Tuesday, March 24
SIB Part 1 of 3: Referees
I sent a message out to all the local 361 refs to come up and get a piece of the action. WE had only one chapter the Rice Belt that sent refs. The RB chapter refs stated these teams where all better then any competition we have in district play. DUH!!!!!!!!!!!!! Why not make some money with Frank Young..... Maybe ITS BECAUSE he Frank Young holds you accountable for the product you put on the court. I have no patience for LAZY REFS..... That not for everybody only the 80% of you. So keep ion doing your lil dribblers and stealing money for your local chapters.

Tuesday, March 24
2014-15 Summary
One of the major things I notice about this year that we had a lot of weak games head to head. The 6A schools lived off the lower class schools in the area. I think Carroll (g)and(b) both got KO in the first round of the playoffs. Carroll girls did go out and play in some tough tournaments..... Boys head to head schedule was a JOKE. Miller vs Carroll game is a joke FOR THE FIRST GAME. Carroll open up with a 6A school from Laredo or SA..... I thought that Mathis should be looking to improve its scheduling. I mean to see 35-0 team not to play West Oso, TM, Ray, Beeville, Hallettsville, Goliad, Flour Bluff, makes me think you are hinding from competition. First year coaches started off very Rocky. West Oso girls coach at time had me losing my hair. I mean everybody across this state knows what you have in Victoria Blankenship instead of you, the former assistance coach. Maybe it was personal. My overall grade for the 361 area ...which includes my contributions was a D+. I think we all came pretty close to failing these players by not providing them toughness, and realization.

Tuesday, March 24
REGION 4 Gets KO 2 years in a Row
This is not a misprint. Region 4 has become the joke of the state. For the 361 schools its really bad. Just think about like this GIRLS BASKETBALL all the teams loss to SA teams by 17 - 22 points. Then all the SA teams loss in state by 17 - 40 points. I mean this region use to produce powerhouse teams. Calallen, Carroll, Victoria East just to name a few. What the hell is going on during the off season? Boys Check these facts out. Carroll and Flour Bluff was the 2 biggest teams in the region. In my opinion both teams has the same weakness. They play with JV Guards. When are you guys are going to stop playing with short slow players, that is non athletic. I mean with two Bigs playing behind your guards I would think your teams ball pressure would have been better on the perimeter. It was very suspect. Clemens blasted Carroll in the first round. Mainly do to guard play. Flour Bluff got dunk on by Cedar Park in the regional. At state non of these schools where able to sniff a lead in the second half of state game. The lower classification schools shock me. West Oso for the first time since I could remember DID NOT make it to regional. 4A was doomed from the start. Liberty Hill, Wharton, La Marque ( which should be playing in region 3) would have made it tough for the lone 4a district of 361 basketball. In 3A it was Aransas Pass and Hallettsville to give up. Both teams did just that. But surprisingly Falfurrias came into to the dance and kiss the girl. Randolph took her out on a date. Lets start working right now so we can play on Saturday

Saturday, March 7
Falfurrias53 Crashed da Party ob Hallettsville 50

I can recall some one making this statement"You don't have to go home, but you got to get the hell up out of here."  Coach Perez is officially on the map. I must admit my brackets are shot but strong you guys KO a heavy weight is awesome. This just maybe your year to play in SA for state.

Saturday, March 7
Flour Bluff 43 Gets Erase by Cedar Park 59
Guard play

Saturday, March 7
Randolph53 Upsets AP48
WTH is going on out there

Thursday, March 5
3A Region 4
Hallettsville There back in Seguin. The folks from Hallettsville has been waiting on this weekend for just about a year to date. All I heard this summer was we are gearing up for Aransas Pass. I replied with saying, AP without the big boys are still a bad team to deal with. JiMario Grounds of Hallettsville is the # 1 Preseason Player of the area. He's a bad dude on the basketball court. The scariest thing I hope don't happen is that Hallettsville is not over looking Falfurrias. Key Players The Others Falfurrias First thing is first. Welcome to the party. Coach Perez great job with the team. Now lets get straight down to business. Do you have a chance to play Saturday yes you do. It's going to take perfect game planned. Looking at the video you showed the ability to play within yourselves. Hallettsville is not a team you have seen on your schedule this year. But to stop HALLETTSVILLE you must finds away to slow down J. Grounds. C. Perez and Pulido must have a huge game. Key Players Suarez must get a double double....and no more then 3 turnovers Aransas Pass Theeeerrrrrreeee BAAAACCCCCkk!!!!!!!!!!!!! Coach of the Glen Hayes has his team playing on a major high level. The one thing I love was when AP's took is team to play against some SETX teams. This showed me that AP is now gearing up for another state run. Truly I have already pencil AP in for Saturday match up. But if they should lose Friday look at the second chance point effort by Randolph. Key Factor Team Rebounding

Thursday, March 5
5A Region 4
Flour Bluff has a tough task when they face Cedar Park. But the best thing for the Bluff is the sour taste from last year Regional game. For Flour Bluff their bigs will have a major advantage. Brewer and Barlowe should lead the team with scoring and rebounding. Here is where I think it may go wrong for Flour Bluff. Guard play has me nervous. The Flour Bluff guards must play nearly perfect. If you can't get the ball to your bigs then you will not win. It's just that simple. KEY PLAYERS Flour Bluff guards

Wednesday, March 4
Real Talk: Are Coaches Getting To Much of the Blame? While in Defeat
As a coach, scout and referee I think we are building to much pressure on coaches. Now let me be the first to say I think coaches should keep all pressure away from their players. I think all coaches should say that they lost the games. But in so many ways we know that most players miss assignments on the court and field of play. 90% of a teams loses comes from not doing what the coach teaches them to do in practice. 10% of the loses comes from lack of talent. Ht, speed, and skills. Here are some examples of what I am saying; If your team is up by 10 or 7 and they lose, most people are going to blame the coach. When the coach has most likely told his pg and his seniors what to do. Miller vs Vela; West Oso vs Hidalgo. These are games where sometimes the players disconnect from the instructions of the coach. Here is where talent makes a difference East Girls vs Miller girls. This is a mix match base off talent alone. See blaming the coach is not always there fault. Most kids in the Valley and in SA are playing major AAU ball. In the 361 area we still have a disconnect with they way of the basketball world. For example most of the old high school coaches DO NOT LIKE AAU Ball in the 361 area. Whereas there counter parts in the region are allowing there players to play all year around. Coach Roy Dela Pena head coach of Ray allows his sons to play for a SA team. I see his little boys play every summer for the past 3 years. The competition at there age is very high. At the middle school level its mostly dads looking to make their players all stars locally. I can recall seeing one team that had 7 guards on one team. For example one year Grant MS was beating teams by 50pts. Once those kids went to high school some of those 7 guards struggle to adjust to playing the game correct way. Most of those kids fell by the wayside around there junior year. In my closing remarks the coach truly should get some of the blame. But coaches do not play. They usually do a great job on going over the game plan. Its normally the player that SCREWS IT UP

Wednesday, March 4
Waelder 74 Out Work Moulton 60
Another one bits the dust

Wednesday, March 4
Port A 40 Got Hook by Stacey 41
This is the first time Port A will miss the regional tourney since we started BTB.

Wednesday, March 4
San Isdiro 70 Tells Refugio 57 togo play Football
There is no 40 sec clock in Basketball

Wednesday, March 4
Aransas Pass 81 Double Up on SGA 42
Well almost a double. This was a classic case of 2 EZ......

Wednesday, March 4
Falfurrias 51 Drops Santa Rosa 41
Falfurrias is making a strong case.

Wednesday, March 4
Hallettsville 46 Catches a Break Marion 44
Im telling you Seguin is Marion territory. Im just glad to see the Big Time Basketball game is still on schedule.

Wednesday, March 4
Sinton 41 Ran Out Of Gas again Fredricksburg 46
Sinton team showed me more then I expected. I really did not think that Sinton would be playing this late in the playoffs. Great season!!!!!!!!!!

Wednesday, March 4
West Oso 57 Gave It Up in 3min to Hidalgo 60
How did this happen? Ans. See what had happen was? Any way it go I think you did exactly what Ii thought you would do. I had you making it to regionals then bowing out.

Wednesday, March 4
Flour Bluff 86 Escapes Nixon 82 in 2OT
Its call move and advance.

Tuesday, March 3
Boys Playoffs Schedule

Flour Bluff vs Nixon @ Pleasanton 7:30 Tonight

Hidalgo vs West Oso @ Alice 7:30

 Sinton vs Fredrickburg@ Floresville 7p

Hallettsville vs Marion @ Seguin 7p

Santa Rosa vs Falfurrias @ Sharyland 7:30

SGA vs AP @ TM 6P

San Isirdo vs Refugio @ AM Kingsville 8p

PA vs Stacey @ Tilden McMullen County 6p

 Moulton vs Wealder @ Smithville 6:30p


Tuesday, March 3
Girls Basketball Had me Tick Off

Here is why I was so Dang On upset. For the first time since I started this Big Time Basketball the girls all of the regional teams never loss like the 361 girls loss. I mean this truly must be address by all parties involved. I left Edinburgh thinking that one team made it to play Saturday regional finals. But once my game was over Friday night, I discover that the entire 361 Girls Basketball was all sent home with a beat down.

Lets sit back and Reflect


Carroll #1 Seed lost to 4th Seed

Ray got spank


East lost by 20

West lost by 22

In regional meet. Now if region 4 representative Vista Ridge win state or make it to the final game then we may have a chance to correct some things for this next season.


No team made it to the regionals....


Mathis comes in at 37-0 or something like that. Now all the true basketball fans knew that Mathis was not going to beat those Northern teams. The only problem I had with Mathis getting Beat Down was that they (Mathis) never played a quality Varisty team. I think Mathis should have tried to get in some better tournaments or play some better comp. I mean the 361 ( 4A) district are pretty close to the 3A teams. Hell Aransas Pass beat some of the 4A schools. Coach Skinner its time to tougher

Aransas Pass did me proud. They played better then I expected.


Port A lost by 17 which was the lowest loss out of all the teams in the regional tourney. I just lost of words I had you playing on Saturday. 

Summary: Girls R We That Bad  where as we can not even compete with the SA / Austin/ Area schools? 

Friday, February 27
SGA 76 Surprise!!!!!!!!!!! Taft 66

I wrotwe surprised do to the fact its SGA. I can't remember the last time I seen SGA win one playoff game in any sport. Celebration is warranted do to those Panthers of AP is next. I see what SGA has install for us Monday or Tuesday?

 Whats the HC name at SGA?  Great Job!!!!! 

Friday, February 27
AP 78 had Hale Freezing Over on Banquete 45
I must give credit where its do. Willie Harper a West Oso fan told me to go look at this player 2 years ago. Thanks Willie!  Colin has improved every game. I think he has the potential to make a name for himself in the 361. Wait a minute BTB..... Colin this year has taken a huge step in becoming a very high level player. I can't wait to see him on the high level AAU circuit this summer. Putting up numbers against Banquete is nothing. But if you look at the other competition you will see that Colin has put up numbers in terms of victories against much better competition. Now Colin Hale you have gotten my attention. Im planning a trip to Seguin next Friday hopefully Hallettsville will join us. But first SGA is waiting to TANGO

Thursday, February 26
Carroll 61 Gets Done By 40 Clemens 101

WOW!!!!!!!!!!!! Even Marvin Gaye is wondering " What's Going On"


Here is a big problem for the 361 schools except for baseball and volleyball. Most of your players play summer ball while all the quality teams in SA are playing for scholarship. Thats why SA 4th placwe teams are better then most of your first place team.  

Thursday, February 26
Girls 5A Regional
Congrats to East and Tuloso Midway for Making it to the regionals. I will not be there Friday DO TO MY OBILAGATION TO REFEREE....Please email me or text play by play Both teams are in a Dog Fight. I mean even Michael Vick would put some action on this one. Goergetown and Vista Ridge are really good. TM- has the toughest up hill climb. They are probably the slowest team there. TM must offset there foot speedby being patient on offense and quick on transition defense. TM Key Player HC Hector Serna East- Has some horses that can get out and run. But the main question is can they keep there emotions in check. Key Player HC North

Thursday, February 26
Girls 3A Regional Tourney
Congrats to Mathis and Aransas Pass I will not be in attendance do to obligation to refereeing a game tomorrow. But please send me a play by play (email or text). Marion and Jarrell play a much different brand of ball either team has witness this year. This class has me not feeling to well. Aransas Pass just may have had lady luck when it call down to seeding. Playing down south teams with are normally bad can really make you think as a team that you have a shot. But with that said, here is a quote from Mike Tyson." Everbody has a plan until they get hit in the mouth." Key players the entire team plus coaches Mathis Got there first real test last game 2 OT against GW. Mathis is hoping that there number #1 player can play tomorrow. If she is not 100% then I will say good season. This years Mathis team is probably the best team that Mathis has had since I can remember. Key Player Head Coach Skinner p/s are you kin to some Skinner in La

Thursday, February 26
Girls 2A Regionals
Congrats to PA for making it to the regional tourney. Please feel free to send me your take. (EMAIL or Text PLAY BY PLAY) I will be on the court tomorrow. Schulenburg and Weimar maybe the top team in the region but both showed me flawes in there game where I think PA can exploit. My key player for the victory is Summer Hernadez. If Summer can make winter go away tomorrow then PA will be playing on Saturday. I see this game around the 58 - 50 range. Summer 16pt 8reb 2 stls

Thursday, February 26
Boys 2nd Round Schedule
Clemens vs Carroll Thur 7:00 Goliad Taft vs SGA Thur 7:00 Tuloso Midway Aransas Pass vs Banquete Thurs 7:00 Calallen Shiner vs Normanagee Fri 7:00 Elgin Vela vs Miller Fri 7:00 Edinburg Vela Flour Bluff vs Sharyland Saturday 6:00 TAM Kingsville West Oso vs Devine Fri 7:00 Freer Boerne vs Sinton Fri 7:00 Pleasanton Hallettsville vs Lago Vista Fri 7:00 Bastrop Cedar Creek Mathis vs Santa Rosa Fri 7:00 Ray Falfurrias vs Odem Fri 7:30 Calallen Randolph vs Goliad Fri 7;00 Gonzales Kenedy vs Refugio Fri 7:00 Beeville Port Aransas vs Fall City Fri 7:00 Woodsboro Stacey vs London Fri 7:00 Odem Moulton vs TMC Fri 7:00 Judson

Monday, February 23
Regional Picks

Here are my picks for girls hoops to make it to Saturday

Port A....Hallettsville .....East

Monday, February 23
Girls Playoffs

Flour Bluff vs TM, @ TM Tuesday 7p

East vs West, VISD EVENT CENTER Tuesday 7

Hallettsville vs Marion, Flatonia 6P Tue

Odem vs AP, @Sinton 7:30 Monday

GW vs Mathis, @ Sinton Tuesday

Port Aransas vs Refugio@ Ingleside 6:30 Tuesday

Monday, February 23
Boys Bi District

Brennan vs King, Beeville 7pm Tue

Carroll vs Taft, Cuero 7pm Tue

West vs Martin, SA Southwest, 7:30 Tue

Miller vs Cigarroa,Bishop 7pm Tue

Flour Bluff vs Somerset, Calallen 7pm Tue

Nixon vs East, Ray 7:30 Tue

Cuero vs Taylor, NB Canyon 8pm Tue

Beeville vs Hidalgo,Odem 7p Tues

West Oso vs Raymondville, Falfurrias 7p Monday

Sinton vs Zapata, Hebrronville 7p Monday

Rockport vs La Feria, Bishop 7p Monday

Hallettsville vs Luling, Flatonia, 7p Tues

Santa Rosa vs Bishop, Falfurrias 7P Tues

Shiner vs San Saba, Lake Travis 8p Tuesday

Refugio vs Santa Maria, TAM kINGVILLE 7P Tuesday

London vs San Perlita, San Perlita 7P Tue

Moulton vs Leggett, Waller 7p Tuesday

Knippa vs Tivoli, Pleasanton 7p Monday

Mathis vs Cotulla, Floresville 7p Mon

Falfurrias vs Monte Alto, Raymondville 7P Tue

Odem vs Dilley, Three Rivers 7P Tue

Edna vs Goliad, Bloomington 7P Monday

Industrial vs Poth, Yoakum 7p Tuesday

Hebronville vs Taft, Alice 8 Tuesday

SGA vs Idea Frontier, Raymondville 7p Mon

Aransas Pass vs Freer, Alice 6pm Tuesday

Lyford vs Banquete, Banquete Tuesday 7p

Sunday, February 22
Tapps Scores

SA Lutheran 40 was ousted by Whiner St. Paul 69

Hallettsville Scared Heart 65 Tim Tebowed SA Castle Hill 28 

CC IWA 85 took up collection for Lutheran South 59 wow


Victoria Faith Academy 79 comes up short against SA Lutheran 85 

Friday, February 20
St. Joseph at New Braunfels Christian, 4 p.m. Feb. 27 San Antonio Castle Hills at Hallettsville Sacred Heart, 7 p.m. Friday CC IWA vs Luthern North Faith Academy at San Antonio Lutheran, 2 p.m. Saturday St. Paul at Christian Academy of San Antonio, 7 p.m. Friday

Friday, February 20
Aransas Pass 58 Control Banquete 50
Playing on Thursday allow you to scout a team or two. Who's next for AP?

Wednesday, February 18
Girls Area Round

Misson Sharyland vs Flour Bluff, Friday TBA Kingsville AM

Vela vs Tuloso Midway, Friday 7:00pm @ Falfurrias

East vs Mission Veterans Friday 6pm Miller

West vs ROMA Friday Tuloso Midway 7pm

 Calhoun vs Lumberton Friday 7p Aldine CampbeCenter

Brazosport vs Cuero, Friday 7:00p @ Palacios

Sinton vs Fredericksburg, Friday 8:00 @ Pleasanton

West Oso vs Hondo, Friday 8:00 Gonzales

Devine vs Beeville, Friday 8:00 Floresville

Blanco vs Hallettsville,Friday 8:00  Seguin

Lyford vs Odem, Friday 7:00 Bishop

Banquete vs AP, Thursday 6:30 Sinton 

Goliad vs Cole, Friday 6:00 Seguin

Jarrell vs Industrial, Friday 7p Giddings

GW vs Bishop, Friday 7pm West Oso

Mathis vs San D, Friday 6p Alice

Falls City vs London, Friday tba Beeville

Port A vs Three Rivers, Friday 6:30 Sinton

Sabanal vs Refugio, Friday 7pm Pleasanton 

Moulton vs Nueces Canyon Friday 7 Boenre

tIVOLI vs Goodrich friday 8p Columbus 


Thursday, February 12
Sinton Girls Leans On West Oso

Coaching ....Coaching ....Coaching....

Sinton lady Pirates improved there chances on having a better playoff seed by beating West Oso Bears. With this win there is a log jam from 2-4. The HUGE QUESTION IS WILL THEY PLAY OR FLIP A COIN? 

Wednesday, February 4
Real Talk CC Tigers Boys

Say can anyone confirm this East Central 110 Carroll 80. If this score is true. Then Florida Evans from GoodTimes " DAMN DAMN DAMN!!!!!!!!!!!!!"


Flour Bluff 25 in state WOW 

Tuesday, February 3

Seniors how many of you and your parents are lying to yourself about your recruiting status? Here is one of the problems.  #1 You and your parent(s) have not truly began to understand that you are not what they(parents) say you are. If you where that type of player its true some coach would have seek you for an offer by now. That why Im here. Every college athlete can take the truth. Its the Glorified Highschool athlete that stays home to judge the next year class.


Don't be left thinking what it was you use to be# Street walker

Friday, January 30
Bi District 24 -5A and 23 5A Region III

District 24 5A (G) AND (b)

Calhoun Girls will win district 24.

 They will open up with the fourth place team out of Fort Bend of District 23. Don't pencil yourself into the second round just yet.

District 23 (G) as of now


Ball - The Galveston Ball coach is still the Old Ball coach from Calhoun 



Santa Fe - Needs to win out. Plus tie breaker.


 Calhoun boys are in a dog fight for fourth place. As of now 3 teams are tied at the bottom.

District 23 should sweep District 24 5A. FBISD schools has to much talent including Galveston Ball

Thursday, January 29
Real Talk: Big Losers

Austwell Tivoli, and Cuero  girls loss, this will open up room at the bottom of our top 10.


My top Boy players are still performing very high. Tyler Barlowe, Ji Mario Grounds, and Breon Muckleroy is playing some awesome ball

 Have you notice all of the professional coaches and most of the really good college coaches, and high school coaches change there system for there talent. Why not yours?

Don't be surprise if I grab another shocker into school. I m NOT Keith Sweat....I dont beg.....

Referees looking like clowns on the court. Your appearence means a lot. 

Tuesday, January 27
Bi District Peek for 29 and 30 5A

District 29(g)

Cigarroa is winning district. But I do think that they can be upset in the first round

SA Southside


Medina Valley


District 29(B)

Nixon is strong again





District 30 (G)




Flour Bluff


District 30(b)

Flour Bluff







Monday, January 26
Regional Peek for District 25-32 4A

Bi District game is less then 3 weeks for girls.  Heres a little flash on whats going around in the 4A rEGION 4.


District 25 (g)

Liberty Hill ( Monster) but beatable just ask Carroll




District 25 (b)

Liberty Hill  Monster

Taylor  Monster

3 others tied for 3

District 26 (g)




La Vernia

Canyon Lake

District 26 (B)

Cuero probably district champs

But the others are bad 

District 30 (G)

West Oso




District 31(B)

West Oso iS PROBABLY winning district

Jones and Robstown is out

District 32 (G) and (B)

This is a joke 






Sunday, January 25
Basketball Recruitment

If you have not ask anybody about your status on recruiting then shame on you. But if you do not want to hear the truth then Don't Contact Me.

Perfect players has either signed or they have a Verbal on the table. As a matter of fact I know a freshman and sophmore girls that has giving a verbal. We have plenty of boys as well. But most of the time is not the player its the voice who's selling the player.

 Jonny Cochran Attorney that won cases even when the evidence shows us different. Let us help you get that scholarship


Thursday, January 22
Girls Action

The girls hoops in the 361 just became very HOT!!!!

Carroll is still in the hunt for District Champ...... Ray will be a solid 3 or 4th place slot in the playoffs. Ray can still make a strong push but they must beat the top teams.

4A West Oso, and Jones can eventually play for the Distrcit Championship at West Oso. ......... Rockport still can find themselves in the district championship hunt with some upset.

3A Mathis.... Hallettsville..... Odem .....AP.....

2A  There is no bigger game then Port A vs London...... Well Weimar is hands down class of the region

Thursday, January 22
Real Talk - District 30 5A


Here lately this district has been getting beat up by Calhoun people. " The best team in district is East with a record of 17-11, 10-1. TM girls only loss 3 or 4 games and EAST BEAT THEM WITH EASE." Now this statement was before the East vs West game this past tuesday night. Currently you have two situation that can effect the top 5 teams.

With the West victory over East. This makes the TM vs East game huge providing that both teams win. This could be the district championship game, if both teams enter with 1 loss.

West is 8-3 in district play along with Flour Bluff with both teams taking a split. The question is I think both teams still have TM on the schedule.

To the Calhoun fan talking smack. East and West coaches always put them in harms way during tournaments. You never seen East or West playing in CUP CAKE tournaments.


Now the boys is another thing. To me Flour Bluff is the only Varsity team in this district. Yes some of the other schools may have Varsity players,but; the team is far form varsity quality.

This year East Boys loss to Manvel JV. On that same token East boys has defeated everybody in there district except Flour Bluff. In all honesty this is hurting Flour Bluff players. The regional tournaments most teams that comes to the 5A tournament comes from Austin and SA area.  


Wednesday, January 21
Tuloso Midway Head Basketball Coaches

Bobby Criag collect his 700 win against Alice. In the game prior  girls coach Hector Serna won his 400th game.

Wednesday, January 21
ESPN player of the week
Victoria Blankenship of West Oso high school. Congrats

Tuesday, January 13
Bi District Make UP 3A

These potentials games may want MAC to invest in hiding what your record versus your scheduling. It also will give us a chance to see who really can play and coach in the first round. 3A will be taking four teams to the dance. Let see how your district measure up to your neighbor.

District 27 (G)

Goliad, Poth will probably be 1 and 2.... Karnes City and Nixon Smiley will be battling for 3 and 4. 

District 27 (b)

Goliad, Poth, and Nixon Smiley will easily be 1-2-3. The Huge question mark is the 4th place team will be.

Goliad vs Nixon Smiley tonight is a must see showdown.


District 28(g)

 This is looking more like Hallettsville, Industrial, Edna, and Palacious

District 28(b)

Hallettsville, Industrial, Edna, and Altar Rice

I can see a 2-2 split. 

District 29 (g)

Mathis, Odem, Taft, Aransas Pass

District  29 (b)

Aransas Pass, Odem, Taft, and Mathis 

District 30 (g) AND  (b)



District 31 (g) and (B)

Odd team out Kingsville Academy 

 District 32 (g) and (b)

Santa Rosa Boys are good enough to beat any team in 31. But with that being said I this smells like a sweep

For the girls .....SWEEP 



Tuesday, January 13

I hardly ever blog about letters on my other websites. But here is the first. The reason behind hit is more do to the school then the letter. One of the girls have now made the recruitment board of a Heel.  Now if this was Texas State or University of Where is that....this would not have been news worthy. But its the Stuart Scott U, M.J hall ways.... CarMicheal Fieldhouse...Smith Building ... The honor is huge even if the letter is just to say hi. The honor is huge because of hard work that players put in pays off. The honor is huge because its the first to come to this area since Victoria East Head Coach North played at UT.





This truly means that you are on there minds. Nothing more. 

Sunday, January 11
Real Talk- Coastal Bend Hiring Practices
I went back and did some research on all the new football coaches that where hire in the past decade. It's truly amazes me how far and much money is being spent on the hiring of a football coach in the coastal bend area. Its simply amazes me how many candidates that the power to be bring in for interviews. Lets just talk about this the number of candidates. Since I have been recruiting basketball in the 361 I can say most of the practices has been a little different. From the Victoria 2 high schools then 1 high school and now back to 2 high schools. To Hallettsville boys losing in the past 5 years. Just to name a few. BTB has not spoken to any Trustee's , AD's, Board Members, or isd personnel about this. This is solely your job. But I would feel cheated if my child played a sport and the coach was hire base on something else then coaching qualification. Coach Thomas of Elkins HS. Head Coach 12 years. Went to a local school district to interview for a local 6A job. He was told that he was not qualified. Coach Thomas resume is this District Champs 5 times. Went to state 3 times. Went to regional 4 times. Has a top 25 team in state. Plays in one of the toughest district in the state. 10 out of 12 years his district has had a team to represent the Regional 3 5A in state.

Wednesday, January 7
Real Talk Miller Edition

This section of Real Talk is brung to you by Moodys Trojan Man

 Miller fans are now asking a lot of questions. Whats wrong with our boys? Do you think we can get back to the regional game? Moodys number 1 fan had some of the better question of the night

tm: BTB do you think Breon is still a top 5 player as of now? 

BTB: I must admitt he has drop. He (Breon) must understand that the brian is played with 40% talent and 50% brian power. In the NCAA tournament iits usally the teams with the best guards that win and advance.  But as of now I thinks he is hanging in around 5.

tm: where do you think we will finish?

BTB: You guys still have a chance to sneek in. I think you guys will come in 4th. With this win it you give you the inside track for 3rd.  

Wednesday, January 7
Real Talk West Oso (g)

First thing Kudos to Beeville. They may have just knock out #23 state rank West Oso Lady Panda Bears out of the state rank for good this year. I going to stay this in all do respect for the Beeville players, please stop being afraid of success. #52  I dont know your name, but I heard you where a force in the paint awesome.

Now to whats trending .....

West Oso you miss I heard 15+ free throws WOW!!!!!!!!!!!

Vicky Blankenship fail to save the Lady Panda Bears at the free throw line. WOW!!!!!! The movie 8 Mile Enminem explains it best during his rap. 

 Look, if you had one shot, or one opportunity
To seize everything you ever wanted-One moment
Would you capture it or just let it slip?

 Her palms are sweaty, knees weak, arms are heavy
There's vomit on his sweater already, mom's spaghetti 
 She's nervous, but on the surface he looks calm and ready
To drop bombs, but she keeps on forgettin
What she wrote down, the whole crowd goes so loud she opens his mouth, but the words won't come out she's choking, how everybody's joking now
The clock's run out, time's up over, bloah!

Here is my opinion about West Oso Lady Panda Bears Coach. I may hurt some feelings but you know I'm a guy. I still in this business for the growth of high school players. All of my statements will come pretty close to facts. I just don't have a proof if they are facts. The onething I do stand behind is giving you some thing real to think about. This is a tape record conversation I had with my parnter of talent evaluator.

Do I think she was a great hire? NO. Here is why? I think  the way that she got the job was bogus. She was giving a preseason state rank team. I think that West Oso was rank like #14 or something. That like giving a 16 year old kid the keys to my C500 Benz.

Secondly, Her calling to coach was solely in Volleyball. See basketball has this thing call emotions. The games that has been played by the coach would have tick off a lot of players. I recongized to players from this team that has proven to be awesome players by other coaches across this state. Vicky B and Taylor W. Before the season even started the coach started picking and playing with players emotions. Vicky is not the captain strike 1.....Taylor is playing JV STRIKE 2.... Strike 3 dis regarding everything that Legendary Coach Williams has coach those players how to play. I mean its to the point that one of these players are working a Chicken place during the season instead of working out after practice.

 Here is whats getting me the most. Since you never had Varsity Basketball Coaching expirence or even a high level of AAU coaching exp. How can you expect that these CUBS(players) want to follow you? Every opportunity you have had to show them some type of glory you dismiss them like they carry some sort of sickness. i CAN NOT FIND NOT 1 QUOTE from you in the local newspaper talkking about those two players.

 Next thing on the list is this.  I dare you to try to dis credit us (fans of basketball) that those other girls are ready to be Varisty players. I understand you have to play with what is walking in the hallways. But for you to send out Caller quotes as if those others are more significant then these two either you are SOS aka Stuck On Stupid or you are telling us that we are Blind. You stated and I am paraphasing, " She shut down another BTB player during defeat is simply insane." The fact is this, that baby played 3min FB was up. FB was not in a hurry to shoot the basketball.

WOISD don't sneak behind her back and ask question now. You created this monster. This is what happenings when you assume you thinnk you know whats best. You folks worry about the football position that you forgot that your revenue sports all starts with a round ball. Hell truly the last time West Oso had a good football team was back in the 70's. Now you under cut the process of searching for high qualified exp. basketball coaches. Let me tell you a little secret."A DEAD CLOCK IS RIGHT TWICE A DAY." 

How do you fix it has a coach. First you apologize to you players and fans. Next thing  you do is Gracefully ask Legendary Coach Roy Williams for help.  Next thing you do is concentrate your plays with those 9th grade girls and at the Junior High. See that how you save correct the Mess you created.

Lastly I have over 100 + emails and text about West Oso girls basketball. why? Because the fans of that community care. Me personnally I can give it half a peace sign. But I do care about hard working players that gets over look or shadow over by college coaches. For you fan base to call you " 1 and Done." states enough for me to reach out for this brief moment.  


I never ask for a coaches job. I don't do that. But high school coaches just because we are not coaching does not mean that we can't. Some of us are just as much or if not more qualified then what you think. 

Wednesday, January 7
To Close Tuesday or Upset Tuesday Both Equals to Tacky

Beeville Girls upset West Oso by 2.

Odem Boys defeated an injury plague Falfurrias

Moody  beats Miller...boys..... (gp)

London Girls went Fishing for Marlins over Port Aransas (gp)

 Kingsville needs OT to upset Orange Grove

Ray put in a Defensive 3rd quarter to comback to get United (b)

Rockport girls and Sinton girls used OT to settle a pirates dispute. 

Goliad drops the Industrial (gp)

Tivoli gets Sacred out of there Heart by Hallettsville 

Tuesday, January 6
Class 2A Bi District Make Up
District 27 (G) Mason,San Saba,and Center Point will all be fighting to be the district champs. San Saba and Mason are rank in state. Center Point just might be making a strong push. District 27 (B) Harper and Johnson City are the two schools that are going make it to post season. But with that being stated I truly don't think they will have a lot to offer in post season. District 28 (G) Weimar, Schulenburg, Ganado, and Shiner are in a dog fight. Weimar just may have what it take to make it to state. Second and third place will have dog fights in the playoffs. District 28 (b) I sad to say its not looking to good for the boys. But the District champs will safe with the bye. Both 2 and 3 will be in a up hill battle against district 27. But whomever finish in second just may have a punchers chance to advance. District 29 (g) Stacey should run through this district. Runner Up and Third place team just may be in TROUBLE District 29(b) In the boys side this maybe the best year for this district with Stacey, Sabinal, and Brackett all looking like they may have a chance to advance. Who ever end up in 3rd place, can still shock district 30. District 30 (g) Falls City will be the District Champion or should be. District 30 (b) This district is bad ..... I mean Bad.... District 31 (G) This district should sweep district 32 District 31 (b) My Solid pick is Port Aransas but once again I feel a sweep against district 32

Monday, January 5
Bi District Make Up Girls and Boys in 1A

Region 4 1A

District 29 (G)**

Leggett is Legit

All others are suspect. This district has only 1 team with a record above .500.

District 29 (b)

Burkeville is looking like the team to beat.

All others are IDK

District 30 (g) 

This district Needs to play in an AAU gym. From La Marque to Moulton wow!

This district is simply BAD

District 30 (b)

LaMarque Academy is a monster.  

Wealder just may be a regional team as well.

This district 3 and 4 slots will have a great chance beating the 1 and 2 slots of District 29 

District 31 (g) 

Canyon and Medina are looking like the 1 and 2 punch.

Utopia should be a strong third.

4 spot is open

District 31 (b) 

The problem with this district being below average. District 32 teams posed no treats.

District 32 (g)

As of now two teams rank in state. WOW!!!!

Tivoli and TM County will be a toss up.

Do two only having four teams in there district everybody is going to the playoffs.

District 32 (b)

The boy just might get sweep in the playoffs. 

Monday, January 5
District Play

Say this is the month that district champion rarely loses in. Most of the players should have shown you what they can do about now. Some has even shown you that they do not belong on varsity. With that being said. You should never find yourself being under prepared as a coach. Or out hustle as a player.

Referee's this is the time you should all go to HOME DEPOT to purchase some rope for coaches. CLICK on ref tab.

Fans this is the time when you should come out in herds, packs, waves, groups and bunches to support and cheer your team.

As of now BTB, state Reps, and regional reps all no what district is pretending, winning, tough, and fraud.  Remember this game of basketball has always been played with a personnal agenda. Can you stop us. (sometimes me) If you have that type of player. Coaches DON'T BE AFRAID to let a ME player carry your Team during a BIG TIME GAME.


There is No such thang in a Big Time Player having a Bad Game in a Big Time Game 

Monday, January 5
Stuart Scott

He is simply one of the reason why ESPN can run sport center all night long. Re runs!!!!!!!!!! I can my first time seeing him on the air. What stood out to me was his ability to make me feel like I was at the game with one of the boys. This approach you can find all throughout my approach reaching the young men and women I love to help.

 Stuart Scott, a longtime anchor at ESPN, died Sunday morning at the age of 49 after a long battle with cancer. Stu was a good friend of many at GB who worked with him for years in local television. Peace, prayers and love to his family.

Sunday, January 4
Last Week Review


Carroll Lady Tigers went 4-1. There only loss was to host team Killeen high school. Carroll gain 4 quality wins. Beating region 4 4A foe Liberty Hill by 20+. Darias Whittington led the team in scoring every game.


Boys had a EZ time in there tournament. Something is telling me that this may come back to hurt Falfurrias in the playoffs.


Girls showed me that they just may have what it take to make a push for Mathis. I'm still not yet going to drink the KoolAid but hopefully they prove me wrong.

St. Joseph

Victoria St.Joseph has made some strong statements. There fan base calling out BTB for an top ten slot. 

Wednesday, December 31
Real Talk- Calallen Tournament

Real Talk is BACK. Here is how it goes. Everything you read under Real Talk is a topic from the community or your fans. Reminder I am only the messenger. So If you Coaches, players, and parents an handle the Heat,well stay off the Site


AP was the only state Rank team from the 3A level. Played well. Boys is a lot more different then girls.



 The quality of competition is so abundant up there (in Dallas), so night in and night out, they're playing quality folks," Hooker said of the Cowboys (7-10). "The record's a little bit deceiving. They're an excellent team. They're a young team — they're going to pay their dues this year, but the next couple of years they're going to be real good." from Coach Hooker..

Coach Hooker is on the Christmas list with that statement. He just pointing out facts about the ball up there in Dallas. This reminds me when ELKINS use to come down and play. 

Carroll bigs played huge Garcia took advantage of the open looks.  

Wednesday, December 31

Real Talk is BACK. Here is how it goes. Everything you read under Real Talk is a topic from the community or your fans. Reminder I am only the messenger. So If you Coaches, players, and parents an handle the Heat,well stay off the Site.


West Oso name tournament after Legendary Coach Roy Williams. This was awesome. 


Thank You Caller Times for the article.

Devine is an (IMPOSTOR) comes into the tournament Rank number #7 in state 4A. Im not that big on region 4 but when you are a top 10 state rank team and you can not make it to the semi finals in a West Oso tournament something Fishy


MVP = Offensive MVP=WTH AKA What the Hell is a Defensive MVP without legit Stats, just ask JJ Watt. How many rebounds per game, steals, ect. If you are playing zone who is she defending ..... SPACE.....

Flour Bluff HC Mc Minn stated this to the Caller about C. Curtis," She makes Big Shots for us, and we want the ball in her hands." Now I must admit I did not go to YALE, but; she sounds more like the MVP to me. How can your MVP score only 6 pts? I'm asking this for C.Curtis how can the MVP only score 6 pts? While we are on this topic, are you saying that those double figures in scoring for 4 or 5 games mean nothing in our victories?

WEST OSO- I'm not stupid.... I just love acting Silly. Blood must be thicker then Water. Board Members if this is what you voted for then SHAME ON YOU.....

Friday, December 26
Last Week Review

The 4A ditrict was in a full swing.  

The Bluff boys are looking very good. They ( Flour Bluff ) just may have clinch district in December.

The others may be in a long jam. Miller .....TM......and a host of teams fighting for fourth.  One thng for sure there is a lot of basketball left.

TM and Victoria East both has surprise HECK OUT OF ME. Both teams are underfeated. Hopefully I see this being played out with home and home spilts. With the coaches making a very important point to either play for the title or flip a coin. I still think West may make things interesting if they find that missing piece.  Flour Bluff is still lurking and waiting on there opportunity.


Wednesday, December 24
QT = Quality Tournament

Here is just a take I have. If you have JV teams in your tournament, then your tournament is not quality.

Ray  and Port Aransas girls will be in the College Station area.

 Carroll at Killeen Classic

King at Waco M.T. Rice Tournament

Tuloso-Midway at Boerne tournament

 Sinton, Odem, Woodsboro, San Diego, Banquete, Mathis at Odem tournament


 Port Aransas at Lackland tournament

Premont, San Diego, Falfurrias, Robstown, Bishop at Falfurrias tournament 

 Carroll, King, Miller, Moody, Ray, Aransas Pass, West Oso , Calallen, Flour Bluff, John Paul II at Calallen tournament


Wednesday, December 24
Reports Card Time for Preseason Top 10


 1. Carroll A-

2. Hallettsville A+

3. Victoria West F

4.  West Oso  D-

5. Ray B+ 

6. Flour Bluff D-

7.Port Aransas A+ 

8. Shiner F

9. Victoria East B-

10. Goliad D-



1. Carroll  D+

2.  Flour Bluff D

3. Moulton F

4.  Hallettsville A-

5. Aransas Pass B+

6.  West Oso B-

 7. Goliad F

8. John Paul II D-

9. Miller C

10.  Port Aransas A+


Wednesday, December 24
Lebron James Jr LeBron James Jr. Has GAME! 2014 Ronald Searles Holiday ...



10U He is already making big boy plays 

Saturday, December 20
Darias Whittington of Carroll

A couple ofweeks ago I saw the Carrolls girls play in the Katy tournament. The one player that jump off the court was #21 D. Whittington. I seen her take on the challenge of putting her team on her back and carry them to victories in most cases. The game against Katy Taylor one of the host schools. Whittington was playing force to play both side of the court. What I notice was that Carroll team was coasting but Whittington was in over drive. The dizzle, and dazzle to create points and to help give her teammates a chance to have an open look at the basket. By the end of the half Katy Taylor coach was pleading with her team to stay in front of Carrolls number 21.  After this game the three officials that call the game all stated that this girl can play. 

As of now I said it frst Whittington is playing the best ball in the 361. But like I always stated, " Its not where you start, its where you finish." Moving forward for the Carroll Team the pressure is also building. The team has been rank for 3 weeks now in state. Carroll also has no L's to region 4 teams. So I am saying this Carroll must make it to regionals. NO EARLY EXITS.


Do to the lack of quality AAU ball. I feel like D. Whittington coud play D1 lower level ball. Right away. But the problem well be will the team give her opportunity to play in the TOP NOTCH Tournaments.  

Wednesday, December 17
The 1A and 2A schools are doing it Big

Have you nootice how much respect the 361 schools are getting from around the state. Heck you have coaches asking or inviting the smaller schools then the might 6A teams. TABCHOOPS has notice that most of the 1a,2a,and 3a, schools are playing and beating up on some and most of the 4a,5a, and 6A.

Schools Like Moulton, Shiner, Tivloi, PA, AP, Hallettsville has all made a statement by beating one of the 4,5,and 6A schools. Im not saying you should schedule some of these schools because most of them only has a JV and Varsity squad. But I am saying why not invite more of there type to play in your tournaments. Im asking CISD TOURNEY Coorn. to invite Kountze, Mumford, Houston BTW, Huffman,  etc.... Pride of Texas  or even RockPort bring some teams in Weimar, Hallettsville, Poteet, just to name a few.


Wednesday, December 17
Coach Wenzel of IWA

899 is a very special number. But 900 would mean much more. IWA Head baits basketball coach is just 1 shy of this milestone. So let's send a Good Luck wish out to Coach Wenzel and the team. 


Sunday, December 14
Are Da Boys That Bad????

Here is some facts that I had to put out there for every fan and member should share. This does not include every team and every player. But from region to region in my opinion our boys are BAD this year. Here lies some serious facts.

Have you notice that all of the 6A and 5A schools has loss every game they played against a previous playoff team. Victoria East just this pass weekend loss to a JV team. Yes a JV team. Manvel hs JV beat East 54-51. East went ahead to win the tournament  but WOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! A jv squad beat a 5A probably playoff team. All of Carroll losses has came from out of town teams. They lose to HCYA a team that tallest player is 6'1". King HS had its best start since the early 90's not they can't buy a bucket. The rest of the field is just filling there way around the court it makes you think that or believe that these guys don't have a heart at times.

 As of right now if it was not for Aransas Pass and Hallettsville the boys would not have any creditablity around the state.

Even in FOOTBALL this years class of boys loss in the playoffs by 20+ more points to SA area teams....Sinton loss to WOS with is a powerhouse. Reading the paper makes me believe Sinton ran out of GAS. 

Sunday, December 14
Last Week Review

Last week was huge on and off the court.

West Oso fans sent me over 55 emails speaking about the girls coaching situation.  Even TM fans shared some light on there victories over West Oso. Here are some quotes that just might make you West Oso Cubs come out of Hibernation

1. Why she( Coach) is running a different offense.

2. Why Oso is not playing her big girls together.

3. Has she ever coach Varsity basketball? To take over a state rank team I( TM Fan)  would think that this job would have been a good hire for more expirence coach.

4. Yesterday our coach was not at work and we won. ( This is from the same person that I argue with about we/they. We won and they loss.) I told you I was going to blast you out there. AKA Bear Mess 

On the court

Odem Girls have beaten all the schools that they can get to play them head to head. Last week they enter the ranking at number 3.

Mathis girls is also looking like they just may be the new girl in the school that is getting all of the attention from us. They came in last sunday at number 2.  Something tells me that District 29-3A will NOT be a two team showcase


Now that football season is over more teams are going through the transformation period. There is no BREAK in between plays in basketball.

Sunday, December 14
AAU is the Ticket

One of the top AAU coaches across the nation is always looking for talent and has a high interest in there players. Coach White of the Houston Hoopstars drove 2 hrs to see one of his players play. Will your coach do this?

Sunday, December 14
Are You an Stubborn Coach?
You dream about taking over a program. You vision on showing everybody that you are the smartest coach ever. Have you ever seen this coach before? I have. Most of the time these coaches are in college. College is the only place where  you can seriously shop for players to fit your plan. But for a high school coach to take this approach it is LUDACRIS. A state winning coach simplefieds the game so there players can play on mostly insticts. A state winning coach also makes sure that there team are prepared to play the game night in and night out. Lastly A STATE WINNING COACH, sacrifices there on plans for the overall team success  do to what is more comfortable for the players on the current roster. Hey Coach ___________ looks like you are not that State Winning Coach.

Thursday, December 11

This year I have never been so dissappointed in my top 10 players. Some of you are in a good place with me. Some of you have me scrathing my head. As I look at the film on some of, all I can say is wow!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Breon Muckleroy- Your game must improve Big Time. Its not about your points and your ability to make plays.Its your LACK OF LEADERSHIP WHILE ON THE FLOOR. You must find away to get your teammmates to play better. This is the only way we can sale you to college coaches. Be more of a Floor General then a Crowd Pleasure.

 Ki Ki Hill- In Aransas Pass the Hill family is strong. With a catchy name like Ki Ki coming from Aransas Pass hs now in Goliad, this is your time to SHINE.  WHERE IS kiki

 Jon Woodson Reese- here a qoute from one of your coaches<" He is out of shape and plays like HE DOES NOT WANT A SCHOLARSHIP."  As of now you are nowhere near Div 1. Get it together 

Xavier Lewis- Out of shape..... You have potenial to be great. But it seems like you are following into CC way of being a BIG MAN .....L _ _ _ Y !!!!!! Com On Man!!!!!

Monday, December 8
State Ranking My Opinion

Have you notice the difference between the boys and girls State Ranking for teams in the 361 area.

Here are some points I would like for you to take notice to.

Carroll (girls)loss 2 games this past weekend they drop from 14 to now 19 in the state.  

See this is a good ranking for Carroll. here is why? They have played in the 3rd best tournament that the state provides us to see. The Katy us to be Nike Tournament. This tournament had 7 state rank teams with 15 division 1 committments.

In the 6A boys non of the 361 teams has reach out to play in these type of tournaments. This is not a slap into there face. They all in some major help.

For example the 4A state rank  Top 10 WOULD BEAT all 3 OF THESE TEAMS. (boys) 

Mathis girls has a lower rank then Hallettsville or any other top 10 team in 3A..... Here is why? Mathis has not played any comp.

Monday, December 8
AAU Ball



When you are in search of a AAU team you may need to stay away from teams that are sponsor by shoe companies? Here lies some secret facts. Once a player reach 16u, Most players or label if they can play in a power conference. Some are already label to be a draft prospect as well. That why you see kids from Dallas and Houston playing on the same AAU teams on ESPN....  

Wednesday, December 3
When do Bears Stop Hibernation? 61 ...King 62

The West Oso Lady Bears loss another game. This time the team was up huge during the 2q and 3q. This game feature some BIG TIME BASKETBALL PLAYERS, Vicky Blankenship of West Oso and R.R. Taylor of King. These two young ladys both perform very well. But sadly my NewBorn Coach Fillmore got caught up in the emotions of the game and allow Vicky Blankenship to foul out in the 3q. Huge Mistake. King R.R. Taylor went to work to bring King from being down by 20 points. Now Thanks King FAN FOR THE VIDEO......

Mistake number two by my newborn HC is when the game is sliding down the wrong direction never ...never never.....never never never.....Go TO YOUR LOCKER ROOM WITH time outs in the BOOKS 

Wednesday, December 3
Y Coach

John Paul II Coach Odems is no longer sitting on the bench. I don't know what happen these are just rumors. I have no facts but my sources say Two players was not cleared to play under TAPPS RULES AND GUIDELINES.

If this is true I just ask Y? What makes us become inpatient, liars, and miss behave has adults. Is it greed or fear? Was the risk worth the award? As a ref. Once or twice a game a Coach would tell false information for a call. Once again I ask Y?

On the bright side we will see the birth of New Coach Marcus Williams Sr. He was his team 2-0 under his supervision. I can't wait to see some of the different ideas New Head Coach Marcus Williams will bring to the table. 

Sunday, November 30
Girls Under Review

3 weeks has past and here are my problem players that are not living up to Big Time Basketball Expectation


. Vicky Blackenship- The video dont lie. You have not gave your coach and BTB a complete game yet. I need for you to give me a lot more on defense. Your Rebounding as drop tremendously. Your fg% has drop as well. 

 Bianca Valderrama - I need for you to get into shape. This year to carry the load inside the paint recalls for you to be able to run the floor. You may need to consider decate yourself tomore wind sprints after practice.


Players have been remove scroll down Top 15 


Sunday, November 30
Last Wk Review

This past week was a chance for some teams to improve with the addition of football players. Last week I saw some teams that have surprise me. As you look deeper into the website your will discover my surpise TEAMS.

I notice that JP II Big did not make the stat sheet. Rumors states that something fishey has happen. (Hopefully you will find out more this week.)

Flour Bluff record was a mistake. I was very upset to find this out. Carroll fans I do apologize . Next time I am going with myy gut.

 Refs are at it again.

Wednesday, November 26
How Can We Make Basketball Better

We are starting a Big Time Basketball team for boys and girls ages from 8-18. (19) For unsigned seniors. Everybidy will tryout. Tryout price is $7.00 dollars per tryout. Depending on number of players turning out per age division will determine how many players we carry for team. Tryouts for 8-14 year players will happen in the month of Feb.2015


Coaches if you have a team and simply would like to get under the Big Time Basketball organization contact me for more details. The 16u and 18u will be a sponsor Under Armor Elite Squad. We will try to carry 4 teams in this age group. People of the 361 its time to come together for the sake of these players.

Wednesday, November 26
Be Safe Shopping

Please be safe while shopping Be aware of your surrounding. Please make sure everything is in the trunk.

Parents please make sure your sons do not drive there friends around the city at night.

Wednesday, November 26
Tournaments are Great; But Classic are Better

You have to Love when a team call out or seeks to play major competition. Most of us know that powers to be set up brackets for either the home school or for local fan base. Checkout the line up for todays Turkey Classic

Jim Hicks.....

Monday, November 24
Last Weeks review.


Carroll gets blasted by Flour Bluff.

Mathis is quietly racking up wins

Austwell Tivoli just may have what it take to bea state rank tea



Carroll boys dismantle Miller.... Can you guess when was the last time Miller beat Carroll? IDK

Victoria West beats John Paul at the Buzzer spoiling a great what could have been come back


Friday, November 21
Mc Donalds Tournament

Ray, Victoria East  Girls are here.

Ray is in the hunt

East got smoke


Y you guys dont cover Calhoun????

UIL has allow a region 3 game be played is SA...

Calhoun vs Crosby...... Crosby is very tough....

If Calhoun was in the district with Calallen they would have probably won  been a 2 seed

Football tonight.....

Monday, November 17
Carroll Girls are on Fire and so where these players

Let me be the first one to say this, Ms. D. Whittington is playing some basketball. I just watch the game against C. Steele and I am very impress. But surprisingly Ms. A. Woodson IS playing her you know what off as well. Let me give the guy his Props Robert Watson was the onlt person that voted for A. Woodson and she is coming through Big Time. Carroll is now 6-0 and I have to email the people in Sugarland about them tonight. Coach Canales did a fine job in making sure her guards control tempo and to play inside and out.

 Ro Taylor of King, She put up 39 pts in a defeat. Thats BigTime. She needed 46 to win the game. I will be keeping a close eye on her.

 On the highway to San Antonio, My Mercedes C500 Ellison was in cruise control against South San. She had a EZ 24PTS.

Friday, November 14
MR. and Mrs. NU- NEW

West Oso has changed there athletic department this year. Coach Filmore will be replacing former HC Roy Williams. While Coach Turk will be leading the boys as he replace former HC Arnold Flores. Both coaches was left with some meat and potatoes. As for the girls basketball Victoria Blankenship, JR. Post will be lean up on to became Coach Filmore main dish. The coaching job you will be looking to see is how fast can Coach Filmore get the others out the sink and into the frying pan to play with Blankenship. As for Coach Turk he will be introducing the three triplets that just left the junior high campus. But Kurt has a more easier road to preparing his dish because the fact that the triplets are doing a lot of screaming in the Baby Ward Room. In other words he has time.

As the games are coming near. the sweaty palms are starting to calm. As parents are trying to lobby for there kids the gray hairs arte starting to surface. But as I look on the court its the first time and well over do to call both of you .


Friday, November 14
Past Tense

Have you ever ask yourself this question, WHY most of our former players are not playing in college?

Coming by way of Wheatley and Booker T. Washington I seen a lot of talent come and go. I could recall Coach from Texas A& I, Kingsville stated that this park(McGregor) has better players then what was on his team. Little that I knew that he was trying to recruit us late and early. See we where all around 16-23 playing some pick up ball. These where the days when you played in Chucks, Pro Keds, and Etonics. But little that I knew we where all being swallow by the neighborhood plague.

As a scout I look at my boards from 4-6 years ago and I always ask myself what happen to him /her. As you drive through your area we all have seen some kid that we know wasting his /her life away all because of the community painted over our flaws. My hood, your hood, my mom, your mom all have at one point made statements that bounce from the court. For me it was a decision to play ball on a level where I truly was wanted because I was consider the smart cousin. My college dorm nights was wondering when and how can I get on the court. Back then gas was around .77-89 cents per gallon. I came home almost every weekend. Not because I was home sick but because for the first time I was not playing this game. I knew my best bet to play was at SFA, Sam Houston State, and SU. But my parents once again intervene to make me stay because of educational funds and (family failure.) So now what do a 19 teen year old male do. Chase women, get lost and redeem myself.

Redeeming yourself comes first by praying and looking into the mirror. See if you ever stop at a make up department that Mirror will let you see all the flaws in your skin. For basketball in the 361 Im that mirror. Past tense players are truly the ones you see at the local high school game between the ages of 18-24 lost in the world. Most of them have a conversation that smarts like this. " Coach So N So did not help me with anything. BTB did nothing for me and my crew." While all the kids in the 361 area that had a simple chat with us all had players to make it to a college campus. All the players that we made as a client are still in school about to graduate and they all have suited up on a college campus.  IJS= I'm just saying!!!!!!!!!!!

See coach was right I can go back 4-8 years and ask myself so happen to so n so from whatever school. Some body would always say he/she is doing great or they are in THE STREETS.  Past Tense players are more your fault then you may want to admit.

Sunday, November 9
Top 10 Boys 2014-15

1. Carroll

2. Flour Bluff

3. Moulton

4. Hallettsville

5. Aransas Pass

6. West Oso


8. John Paul II

9. Miller

10. Port Aransas 


Sunday, November 9
Top 15 Boys 2014-15 Preseason

1. Ja Mario Grounds  Hallettsville- This player has been a force ssince his sophmore year. He is a bonafide 3 sports athlete. The bigger the game the bigger he plays. JaMario plays winning basketball every position.

2.Breon Muckleroy Miller-  This undersize pg is very athletic. He just may have to average close to a triple double for Miller to have success. The one thing I am still waiting to see is can he be a leader as a winner.

3.Tyler Barlowe Flour Bluff- This 6'10 player may just have what it takes to make waves at the Bluff. The one thing Tyler will show you is that he can cover ground the full length of the court. Never quits as you saw last year at the regionals finals. But one thing he must improve on his becoming all mental. He must become a dragger to all of his opposing teams.

4. Ki Ki Hill, Goliad-  Been the coaches son has no bearing on the hard work Ki Ki has put in before his dad got the job at Goliad. Ki Ki is still Charles Oakley in highschool. This player can block out two players on free throw rebounding just by standing like superman. In order for Ki Ki to make a huge splash he must up his scoring tremendously.

5. John Woodson Reese, Carroll -  JWR probably had the most impressive summer of all the top five. He is a solid Div 1 player. The reasoning why he is at 5 is because playing for the Houston Hoopstars is onething. JWR still must start taking advantage of playing against midgets of the courts. In other words dunk the ball. In a better since I can see him just as easily knocking down two 3 pointers a game.

6. Corey Brewster- Flour Bluff

7.Xavier Lewis- Carroll

8. Marcus Williams- John Paul II

9. Colin Hale - Aransas Pass 

10. Daniel Martinez- Miller

11. Jay Lister- John Paul II

12. Matt Orsak- Moulton

13. Datryan Evans - Victoria East

14. Isaac Simmons- Victoria West

15. Jackson Willoughby- Port Aransas 

Sunday, November 2
Top 10 Women Teams

Click on Rankings to see the top 10  2014-2015. Like every year the now 6A schools will have a up hill battle with the SA area teams. Carroll has a great chance this year to make it to regional. In 5A this will be the best district in the  area or region. When you add the Victoria schools N DA Mix every game will have a meaning. 4A division is all about the West Oso Lady Bears HC Fillmore. Can she do something special. 3A Hallettsville is the Queen of the palace but Goliad is looking to knock the out the Box. 2A is Port A READY TO GO TO STATE or go fishing? 1A London bridge is fallen down do to victories. But will they have enough supplies to make it to regionals. 

Wednesday, November 14
College Stuff for Parents

When you look in the gym and if there are not the coaches you want to see. Most likely the coach is not coming out to see you.

For Example; This weekend McDonalds Inv is here in Houston. You have teams from Dallas and CC in attendance. Last year Roy Williams for North Carolina  was in attendance. The one thing I am telling you parents is ask yourself do you thnk that your son/duaghter is worth your job?

College players quiz for parents?

Do you protect your kid from being heckle by fans? In other words can you take the pain when you player is stinking up the gym or do you try to sugar coat the pain for them? Have you truly invested in  your players journey to Div 1 sports? Do your player body fits the college div 1 profile?


If you can't find yourself asking for time off to watch your boy/girl play then you cant not expect a 200k coach to take a chance on a player you can not afford to leave work to see play.

OVER RATED .......YOU SUCK......... BRICK.......  moms if you can't handle this then your player should be playing in a more friendly league

Players if you look like a ALL STAR 9th grade player in your senior year then you might need to ????

Wednesday, November 14
College Stuff for Players

Last week St. Thomas University beat an Div 1 school......

St. Thomas Uni is the school where Dante Maxwell of King is playing ball at. Last week they put a beat down on Rice University at Rice.......

At this point of your careers playing high school ball some of you guys have not started a back up plan. Please have you a back up plan before all the other players sign at your back up school.

Thursday, November 29
Serious Message for the youth

Fairness is what we strieve for  as humans.....

But the problems is as humans we never treat each other FAIR....

Fair is a place where animals my stand achance of being judge unbiasly. So remember players if you keep living you will get cheated on sooner or later.... The key is Keep Living....

Friday, October 24
Top 15 Girls 2014-15

1. Victoria Blankenship of West Oso - Victoria had another monster summer season for team Havoc. She was a hot topic in every tournament. This year Victoria has to be more of a leader off and on the court. I am also looking to see if she could give me some Tim Duncan numbers this season double - doubles.

2. Darius Whittington of Carroll-  Darius has made some major steps on the court. I think she is ready to step out from being little sister of Da Marcus to just Ms. D. I am looking for Darius to really put her stamp on this years Carroll's team.

3. Mercedes Ellison of Victoria West-  Mercedes last year ran the court like C 350. As smooth as the 350 drive like the Mercedes class 500 I need for her to be just that. The onething I want to see from M.E. is for her to continue to put up numbers but also shut down the opposing team top offensive player.

4.Madison Ray of Port Aransas-  Madison has the ability to control the paint as well as the boards. PA has a great system where she could have more assist from the post if her teammates knock down shots. The one thing I want to see is will. Can she will her team to victory.

5. Jalin Lawyer of London-  London has something that every coach dreams of. She take the EZ approach to playing the game. She is Simple but effective. I would love to see her in some BTB games. The onething I this she has to show is can she play in a 75 pt tempo.

6. Bianca Valderrama of IWA 

7.Danielle Meador of Carroll

8.Roxanne Morris, of Goliad

9. Mc Kenna Villegas, Calhoun

10. Summer Hernandez, Port Aransas

11. Ro. Taylor, CC King

12. Claudia  Curtis, FlowerBluff

13. Jade Sandejar, London



Thanks for all that voted 

ps If I dont have your last name then email to the website. 

Monday, June 15
Sacrifice for Da Game
Its amazing what one will do for something or someone you love. This weekend I laid to rest a good man thats help guided me these past 10 years. But do to the teams quest require a total effort. Its awesome to see our players sacrifice for the game. Its awesome to see the players show love and passion for the game. The onlything is missing is will you show them what they are showing us

Saturday, September 5
234 Equals Dead Weight