Big Time Basketball: Welcome

Saturday, March 21


Big Time Basketball is here in 361.Once again my name is Frank Young founder of this organization.BTB is about helping the student basketball player develop in all area's so that he or she can get the best opportunity to play college ball. I am  happy to share with you any information about the game of basketball, recruitment, and life. My goals are to open more doors for your players. A little bit about me I am from Houston,Tx. I officiate the game,I have coach the game and I know what college coaches are looking for in a player. I welcome all players, parents, coaches, AD'S, officials, and fans to check out this site.

Referee's please sign-up so that you can voice your opinions.

Coaches I will advise you to do the same.

Motto: There is no such thang as a Big Time Player having a bad game in a BTB GAME

Contact information: or (713) 647-2072

Frank Young



Big Time Basketball Leagues
Dist 31a -div2     Dist 31a -div2 Girls    
District 26-2a Girls     District 26-3a Boys    
District 26-3a Girls     District 28-2a Boys and Girls    
District 28-3a Boys     District 28-3a Girls    
District 28-5a Boys     District 28-5a Girls    
District 29A -DIV1 GIRLS     DISTRICT 29A DIV1 BOYS    
District 30-1a Boys     District 30-2a Boys    
District 30-2a Girls     District 30-3a Boys    
District 30-3a Girls     District 30-4a Boys    
District 30-4a Girls     DISTRICT 30A -DIV1 GIRLS    
District 31 4a (Girls)     District 31 4a Boys    
District 31-2a Boys     District 31-2a Girls    
District 31-3a Boys and girls     District 31-A Boys    
District 31-A Girls     District 32-2a Boys    
District 32-2a Girls     District 32-A, Div II Boys    
District 32-A, Div II Girls     TAPPS 3-4A Boys    
TAPPS 3-4A Girls     TAPPS 8-2A Boys and Girls