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Saturday, March 21

361 #1 Resource for highschool baskebetball.

City of Rockport, Thank You

ALL high school teams please signed up for the 1st Annual Clash at the Coast. Father's Day Weekend. for more details. Games will be played at Rockport HS and Middle school



Read My thoughts about The Kingwood Classic, and GASO

Parents Just Don't Understand


BALL is here. If I contacted you about playing on an AAU team you need to contact me asap.....

We Will have a Slot in the RCS SPORTS.COM  Spring Ice Breaker Weekend after the boys state championship games. We are looking for 18 players to play on the 16u team. High Level 8th grader - Incoming juniors. We will be meeting this Sunday ( ONLY SERIOUS PEOPLE TEXT ME) I will be in CC area. These teams will be for the entire 361 from Shiner to Falfurrias. If you can play or if you think you can play come out. Players and parents we are a Traveling team. We will play in 10-15 tourneys this summer. SO PLEASE SAVE SOME REFUND for your kid.

# Looking for ex and currently coaches to coach elite players from around the entire 361 area. You must be able to travel with teams over the weekend. The month of July we will travel every weekend. 

Motto: There is no such thang as a Big Time Player having a bad game in a BTB GAME

Contact information: or (713) 548-6057

Frank Young . 



Big Time Basketball Leagues
Dist 31a -div2     Dist 31a -div2 Girls    
District 26-2a Girls     District 26-3a Boys    
District 26-3a Girls     District 28-2a Boys and Girls    
District 28-3a Boys     District 28-3a Girls    
District 28-5a Boys     District 28-5a Girls    
District 29A -DIV1 GIRLS     DISTRICT 29A DIV1 BOYS    
District 30-1a Boys     District 30-2a Boys    
District 30-2a Girls     District 30-3a Boys    
District 30-3a Girls     District 30-4a Boys    
District 30-4a Girls     DISTRICT 30A -DIV1 GIRLS    
District 31 4a (Girls)     District 31 4a Boys    
District 31-2a Boys     District 31-2a Girls    
District 31-3a Boys and girls     District 31-A Boys    
District 31-A Girls     District 32-2a Boys    
District 32-2a Girls     District 32-A, Div II Boys    
District 32-A, Div II Girls     TAPPS 3-4A Boys    
TAPPS 3-4A Girls     TAPPS 8-2A Boys and Girls