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Saturday, March 21

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City of Rockport, Thank You

ALL high school teams please signed up for the 1st Annual Clash at the Coast. Father's Day Weekend. for more details. Games will be played at Rockport HS and Middle school 

JUNE 3 -15, 2015

 As of now everybody can checkout the site for FREE...... YES FREE.....


We will be bring back the alumni game for all classes at the CLASH AT THE COAST.

Most high school coaches has an agenda thats different from your AAU coach? 

Now lets get down to some business.  May was a very tough month with all the new NCAA rules being implemented for the class of 2017.  

Have there been any signings in the area? If not why?

The 16u team is set. Team Glory Boyz!!!  Travel team!!!!!.

Travel Sch.....

June 12-14 Houston Tx (June Jam)

July 3-5 Houston Tx (National Showcase)

July 10-12 Houston Tx ( GMI)

July 17-19 Duncanville Tx (GASO)

July 24-26 Las Vegas(TBA) 


Motto: There is no such thang as a Big Time Player having a bad game in a BTB GAME

Contact information: or (713) 548-6057

Frank Young . 



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