Big Time Basketball: Welcome

Saturday, March 21

361 #1 Resource for highschool baskebetball.

Newsflash ***** There will be a yearly fee of $7.00 to access some tabs. We will start collecting on the 15th. Best way to contact will be to email ..... For under age kids please get your parents permission first. No Refunds

Coaches ****** This year we will have a TAB just for you. But you must sign up for access.  

Parents every photo submitted and used will be showed on this page 

#### Top 15 Girls is Updated#####  We are still trying to figure out the bottom for the boys.

Top 10 Teams will hit the net 10-30-2014 

Motto: There is no such thang as a Big Time Player having a bad game in a BTB GAME

Contact information: or (713) 548-6057

Frank Young . 



Big Time Basketball Leagues
Dist 31a -div2     Dist 31a -div2 Girls    
District 26-2a Girls     District 26-3a Boys    
District 26-3a Girls     District 28-2a Boys and Girls    
District 28-3a Boys     District 28-3a Girls    
District 28-5a Boys     District 28-5a Girls    
District 29A -DIV1 GIRLS     DISTRICT 29A DIV1 BOYS    
District 30-1a Boys     District 30-2a Boys    
District 30-2a Girls     District 30-3a Boys    
District 30-3a Girls     District 30-4a Boys    
District 30-4a Girls     DISTRICT 30A -DIV1 GIRLS    
District 31 4a (Girls)     District 31 4a Boys    
District 31-2a Boys     District 31-2a Girls    
District 31-3a Boys and girls     District 31-A Boys    
District 31-A Girls     District 32-2a Boys    
District 32-2a Girls     District 32-A, Div II Boys    
District 32-A, Div II Girls     TAPPS 3-4A Boys    
TAPPS 3-4A Girls     TAPPS 8-2A Boys and Girls