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Big Sonny's
Columbus, Ohio


Welcome to the Official Big Sonny's Softball Website!

Monday, May 8

Big Sonny's Finishes Second at 'C' NIT

Big Sonny's went into this weekend knowing that they were going to be somewhat shorthanded. Mr. Rawlins was going to be able to make it occassionaly and when he did, we won. We knew Kelly Neal would be gone for a game or two on Saturday. No Loren Peck until Sunday, or so we originally thought, but that turned out to not be the case. And, that's right, there's more... no Johnny Horn for the entire weekend. He was off in Texas checking out queers... I mean steers... or something like that. So, the outfield was going to be left to be played by Chris Woolwine (Aching Back & Ribs), Cory Hogle (Pulled Groin), Brent Hiles (Sore Knee) and a couple guys with very limited experience in Billy and Justin. But wait, it gets even better.

After mercy-ruling Tilton Trucking who actually went on to win 3 of their next 4 games and finished 7th, Big Sonny's not only lost to Barille, but they also lost one of their best hitters. Bobby Walker pulled or tweaked something when he was trying to hit the ball 450 feet and get us back in the game. Funny thing about the injury is that before Bobby started working out, he didn't have any muscles to pull! Like Bobby says,"YOU CAN'T PULL FAT!!"

Well, Big Sonny's could have easily just packed it in at this point, but they continued to play hard and managed to win 5 of their next 6 games. The first was against the Marysville Moose (2-2), I don't really remember very much about this game, but I bet Roger probably fielded one and then threw it away, Doc probably bobbled a grounder and pulled out the eye drops, Denny probably punched his bat, Chop probably cursed one of us out, Brent probably got a bloop-type hit, Cory probably touched his groin, Woo Woo probably gained weight, Kelly probably had his hair just right, Boomer probably put in one of his 'all-over-the-place' dips, Billy was probably just happy to be in the game, Justin probably had on SPF120, Sammy & Sonny were probably at the concession stand and Muscles was probably trying to see around someone's kneecap!!

Next came BCP/Mr. Tint/Kahoots (2-2). They are a young team with plenty of talent and they showed some heart as well in this game. Both teams scored in the 20's. Granted, defensively, we really opened the game up for some teams this weekend, but BCP really took full advantage of a couple miscues in this one, scoring like 10 runs with 2 outs. Despite trying to shoot ourselves in the foot, we managed to put up the necessary runs to win the ball game. I remember Troy coming back for this and putting one over the lights. It was a fun one, but I really don't want to have to face these guys again until our roster is full and healthy. With the win, we called it a night and were told to come back again at 9:00am the next morning and so we did.

And Good Morning Berliner. I always enjoy Sunday mornings at the park. We started off the day with EZ Cash (2-2), this was a fun one because both teams know each other so well, but I'll assure you neither team would have been alright with losing to the other. This time, Big Sonny's came out on top thanks to some timely hitting, I know that Cory hit a few bombs in this one, some that counted and some that didn't. It was a good win and it moved us along in the tournament, but if we were going to continue to move on, we were going to once again have to do it without Troy as other family responsibilities wisked him away. But that's alright, all the games from this point get easier, right!!?? Not!!

Let's see, who was next? Oh yeah, MFAB/Team Insanity (3-2). This was perhaps the best game of the day. We were down 11 late in the contest and managed to have a huge inning with no homers. We actually took a 2 run lead into the top of the 7th, but they managed to score 3 to take the one run lead and that set up the dramatics. Top of the order coming up, 'B' got his hit... Chop got on... Doc hit a Gap to tie it... Cory produced the SAC fly to win it... winning run scored by BDUB who provided the team with the support they needed to pull this one out. It was a great come back, something I wouldn't expect from a bunch of quitters!

But that's not all, we moved on to play TPE/Miken (3-2). This game has a little side note worth mentioning. This team's roster included a few players that had originally verbally committed to us!! Of course, I'm sure the story is different depending upon who you talk to, but regardless, it gave us a little incentive to show these guys why it was a mistake to make the move. And this time, we were the better team. The game was close throughout and going into the top of the 7th inning, we were up a total of one run (told you it was close), but we had both our bombs left. So, we used them. After Doc singled, Woo Woo crushed one. Then Cory and Boomer got on and Kelly Neal belted the other one. That gave us the cushion we needed and we went on to win the game. They have a nice squad though and I'm sure we'll be seeing plenty of them in future USSSA events.

That means we're now in the Championship game against the team that knocked us into the loser's bracket in the first place, the Barille Scalpers. This was a much better game than the first one, but they pulled away late and I think we simply ran out of gas. I'm sure other teams may have been short-handed, but I can't believe anyone moreso than us this past weekend. I was really proud about how well our team played under these circumstances and I'm looking forward to when our defense steps up and plays as well as it is capable of playing. Anyhow, the team is due for some much-needed time off to heal, so we will likely not be playing this upcoming weekend. I know I won't be there if we do play, I'll be in Boston for 4 days.

And can you believe it?!
We played a whole tourney and didn't have to play the Bondsmen!! :)

Good Tournament everyone and everyone get healthy!!

Wednesday, May 3

Big Sonny Likes Beekman Park at OSU

This past weekend Big Sonny's played in the NSA Digital Scout tournament held at Beekman Park or better known as the softball field at OSU. The diamonds were in great condition... hard, but I didn't hear too many complaints about that. The whole event was run very well on the 'C' side of things, I can't speak about the 'D' side, but I'm sure everything went just as smoothly for them.

The Round Robin brackets were broken down like this:

Digital Scout Tournament
Bracket #1Bracket #2
Big Sonny'sBondsmen
MJ LoweGreystone
Lancaster StampedeKimbal's
Marysville MooseEZ Cash

These are also set up in the order in which they finished, I think. After the Round-robin was completed the first place team from Bracket #1 played the second place team from Bracket #2 and vice versa. That meant the Bondsmen played MJ Lowe and won while Big Sonny's played Greystone and also won. The two teams would meet yet again this year. It seems as though we've played them 20 time already. This time Big Sonny's pulled out the victory with a well-earned come from behind victory culminated with the inside the park homer by Cory Hogle. I don't have the stats from the weekend, we'll try to get those that deserve some credit their due, but for now suffice it to say that everyone played well and it was nice to have the big bat of Loren Peck in the line-up for the first time this season. Hopefully, this is just a sign of things to come for this team.

There was a tournament championship game played betweeen the winners of the 'C' & 'D' brackets and Aaron's Trucking came out on top of that one. Yes, the 'D' team beat the 'C' team. All excuses aside, they simply wanted it more than we did at that time. They played well and are a very good team, they deserved the victory.

Well, until next time!!

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Big Sonny's Pawn Shop
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