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  Hooters Spring Sand Leagues Start April 20th!

Monday Night Rec Coed 6's(2girl Minimum) Restaurant and Companies(includes ref), $300 per team. 

Monday Night Power BB Coed 6's(1 girl minimum) $300 per team(includes ref)

Tuesday Night Coed 6's Power BB(1 girl minimum,$300 for 1st place) $300 per team

Tuesday Night Recreational Coed 6's(2 girl Minimum) $300 per team

Weds Night Reverse Coed 4's($240 for 1st Place) $240 per team

Weds Night Women's 4's $500 for 1st Place, cost is $240 per team

Thursday Night B Coed 6's(1 girl minimum, includes ref), $300 per team

Thursday Night Rec 6's(2 girl minimum, includes ref), $300 per team

Friday Night Coed 4's Open/A(1 girl minimum, $240 for 1st place), $240 per team

Friday Night Coed 4's BB/B(1 girl minimum, every other week), $200 per team  

Sunday Night B/Intermediate Coed 4's(1 girl minimum) $200 per team

Sunday Night Rec 6's(2 girl minimum) Restaurants and others, $300 per team





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