Beverly Little League: 2016 Registration & Fees

Monday, December 7
2016 Registration is now OPEN!!!!

Please be aware of the following change regarding the age determination date for your child.


Any player born on or AFTER Sept 1, 2005 will use the NEW AGE DETERMINATION date of August 31.

  • Example - a player born in June 2007 will be considered 9 years old for Little League in 2016, but a player born in Sept 2007 will be considered 8 for 2016.

Any player born BEFORE Sept 1, 2005 will continue to use the old age determination date of April 30.

  • Example - a player born in April 2005 will be considered 11 years old for Little League in 2016, but a player born in May 2005 will be considered 10 for 2016.

Please visit - for an age determination calculator.


All returning Major players should be registered by Feb 21!!!!!!

Our goal is to have all players registered by Feb 28th.



The fee structure for 2016 is as follows:

  • Until January 22, 2016 we will only accept online registrations. The fees below are in effect until Feb 28, 2015.

    • $150 - T-Ball. All players of league age 5 and any player of league age 6 who DID NOT play T-Ball in 2015.

    • $175 - A single player of league age 6-12. (6 year olds who DID play T-Ball in 2015).

    • $250 - Family Maximum. 2 or more players.

  • From Feb 29, 2015 through the registration close date (yet to be determined).

    • $175 - T-Ball as above.

    • $200 - single player as above.

    • $300 - family max.

DISCOUNT - We are looking for volunteers to help out in the Snack Shack. For agreeing to work one 2.5 hour shift per child we are offering a $25 discount per child. Please see the discount listed under Misc Fees on the online registration form.

Contact us at with questions.


Monday, December 7
Register Here via Active
OR You can download the 2016 registration form, fill out and either mail into BLL with your payment or drop off at Todd's.
Handout: 2016 Registration Form