Beverly Little League: FAQs

How old is my child considered to be for the baseball season?

For the 2016 season, Little League has updated the age rules. A player who was born prior to September 1, 2005 will use the old age determination date of April 30. Any player born on or after September 1, 2005 will use the new age determination date of August 31. So the league will base a child's age based on how old they are on April 30 or Aug 31 respectively. You can also use the age calculator on the Little League website:

Does my child need to attend one of the evaluation sessions?

It is recommended that all players ages 8-12 who have not already played in the Major division should attend one of the evaluation sessions (Feb 21 & 28). The evaluations are an important tool to help the league create fair and balanced teams. Players who do not attend an evaluation session will NOT be eligible for Majors.

What division will my child be placed in?

Players are placed into divisions based on age and ability. As a guidline players are placed as follows:

  • Majors: Ages 10-12 (all 12 year olds play in Majors unless there is an approved exception)
  • AAA: Ages 9-11
  • AA: Ages 7-10
  • Farm: Ages 6-7
  • T-Ball: Ages 5 and 6 year olds who have not played before.

How are teams determined?

Majors is determined by a draft. All returning Major players and Major eligible players are selected via a draft following the last evaulation. For all other divisions, players are placed on teams with the goal of trying to make the teams evenly matched. For the lowers divisions (T-Ball/Farm), we look to keep kids together based on their school/neighborhood to the extent possible.

When will teams be formed and parents notified?

  • Majors: Draft is March 6th. Players will be notified within 3 days
  • AAA: Teams will be formed and notified by March 26
  • AA: Teams will be formed and notified by April 4th
  • Farm/T-ball: Teams will be formed and notified by April 11th

What equipment will my child need?

Each player should have a glove, cleats, baseball pants/socks and protective cup.