Beverly Little League: Hall of Fame

Beverly Little League Hall of Fame

The Beverly Little League Hall of Fame recognizes those volunteers that have made a significant contribution to the children of Beverly & Beverly Little League by providing 10 years of volunteer experience with the League and are in good standing with the Board of Directors. 

2013 Hall of Fame

Dan McKenna
Mike Parker
Jim Cross 
Tom Holak 
Greg Deschenes

2012 Hall of Fame

Rich Lenz
Tom Lovasco
Bruce Doig
Ken Doig
John Donovan

2011 Hall of Fame

Steve Marsella
Jeff Bryson
Rich Swiniuch
Mike Anderson

2010 Hall of Fame

Mike Dellisola Jr.
Chris “Booma” Lewis

2009 Hall of Fame

Ed Anderson
Herb Schlegel

2008 Hall of Fame

Bob Mizzi
Bill Gates

1999 Hall of Fame

Paul Leighton
Todd Lampert
Ron St. Pierre
Mike Hennessey
Claude Burr
Larry Smith
Henry Swanson

1998 Hall of Fame

Mike O’Brien
Harold Curtis
Tom Steeves
Joe Minigell
Art Diluiso

1997 Hall of Fame

Mike Dellisola Sr.
Bob LaPointe
Paul Borretti
Duane Carbone
Bill Lowd
Tom Bussone
John Corning
Mike Connolly

1996 Hall of Fame

Ed Brown
Charlie Coults
Rod Maxner
Tom “Smitty” Smith

1995 Hall of Fame

Marty Halpern
Ed Terry
Glen Terry

1994 Hall of Fame

Fred Bean
Harry Hutchinson
Bob Johnson
Al Churchill

1993 Hall of Fame

Moe Harris
Bill Bradley
Cliff Stout
Frank Forti
Mayeo Smuckler

1992 Hall of Fame

Jack Dean
Joe Nixon
Dan Murphy
Abbott Morse
Tom Tierney
Bill Ottley
Larry Hayes
Vin Hayes
John Carbone
Joe Barry
Bud Shephard
Fred Henley
Frank Stackpole
John DiRubio
Bob Guinivan
Lou Appolloni
James DiVencenzo
Ed Stokes
John Lombardi
Ralph Teague
Frank Bonaventura