Bergenfield Junior Football: Welcome

Recent Games
Date Event Time Location
Sun 11/16 Football A2 Junior Super Bowl 1:30 PM - 3:00 PM Dumont Twin-Boro Field
Sun 11/16 Football A2 Senior Super Bowl 3:00 PM - 4:30 PM Dumont Twin-Boro Field


Congratulations to our Junior and Senior Bears for WINNING the Youth Football Association of North Jersey A2 Division Super Bowls!

The Junior Bears topped the Lodi Rams 12 - 7 on Sunday in Dumont.  It was a close game throughout and Bergenfield was able to go ahead in the 4th quarter and hold off the Rams.  A big congratualtions to Head Coach Al Rodriguez and his entire coaching staff.  The team played their hearts out and overcame some adversity during the season to bring Bergenfield its first Championship.

The Senior Bears took on a very tough opponent in the Dumont Huskies.  Dumont played and tough game and is led by an excellent coaching staff, but in the end, Bergenfield was able to hold off the Huskies and secure our second championship with a 14-7 victory.  Head Coach Jim Lodato and his staff were able to put together a solid game plan and the boys did an outstanding job of executing it.

The Executive Board would like to thank everyone that has supported the BJFL this season and for past seasons.  We want to thank all of the parents, siblings and family members that have endured the many hours spent on the fields for both football and cheerleading.  We started in May at our first parents meeting with President Lodato stating he beleived that we would in a championship this season and now we have two.   


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