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Bedford Youth Soccer and Armonk United Soccer Club have joined forces toward offering the most number of kids the opportunity to keep playing soccer in the best environment possible. The joint venture “Castleford Rovers S.C.” will hold  try-outs for U 9 and up players to assign all players on the appropriate team where an age/skill appropriate development plan will be used. These try-outs are held every year in Late May to early June.


Castleford Rovers SC Travel Teams Site

What is the goal of Castleford?

The primary goal of the joint venture is to ensure that we have sustainable age and skill based competitive teams that offeras many players the best possible environment to develop toward their desired goals.   After years of watching our teams fold, kids not be able tocontinue playing, pairing of mismatched players with greatly different skills, intensities or desires and/or kids leaving our clubs for other less reputableteams, the two clubs think that they can keep more kids playing soccer at alocal and appropriate level. Clearly an outcome will also be morecompetitive teams at every age.


Yes it is if you have an interest and the time to play travel soccer. 


You will be expected to make two 90-minute training sessions per week and a game on Sunday. Commitment is Required for both the Fall and Spring seasons.  


All players from U9 to U19 can participate in the new format. 

 We hope that our improved development plan will trickle down to the youngest of our players so that every player should see some benefit from our combined efforts.

Hopefully all players of varying levels of skill (Div 1 to morerecreational) and varying levels of time commitment will have a place toplay. 


Tryouts will begin the week of Tuesday, May 28 2013,Tryout registration will be processed through the club website.  Please register for tryouts on the site as you have in the past. 

A group of neutral professional coaches will run the tryoutsand form teams based on the players’ performances and a review of evaluations filled out by their trainer/coach from the prior season.  For players injured or having a legitimate excuse for missing tryouts we will use their current coach/trainer input to place them respectively.  The number of teams per age group willdepend upon the number of children trying out. 


Practice days, times and locations for fall 2013 season will be announced at the time of team formation.  It is our intention to have two trainings per week, one in each town for teams of combined players for family convenience, however if the majority of a team is made of up of children from one town, practices will likely be held in that town.


The tryout registration fee will be $50 for all players U9 and above.

This fee covers the costs for tryouts.

Players selected and accepting a travel roster position will be required to pay an additional trainer fee of approximately $1000 when registering for the team.  This will cover the cost of the trainer for two training sessions per week, the Sunday game and two tournaments with trainer for the Fall and Spring seasons of 2013/2014.

Players who decide to opt out after tryouts will not be refunded any of the $50  tryouts fees .

Any player not being offered a position will receive a full refund.

Following roster assignments, commitment to the team and payment of remaining fees must take place by mid June.

Players who accept a travel roster place and are registered on a team but then withdraw will not receive any refund. This is because much work has been done over the summer to register teams and such departures disrupt the planned rosters and viability of teams.

Financial assistance is available for those requiring it.


Castleford will assign trainers to each team based on careful consideration to the teams age, skill, and intensity toward assigning the best available person.  Bedford and Armonk already have a broad pool of very qualified trainers.  We have been interviewing additional trainers for specific needs and or to augment our pool of talented people.

What areCastleford’s player development plans?

Both clubs have worked together for several years, having previously done similar tryouts at specific age groups for successful joint-town teams.  Much thought has been spent by the club’s professional staff to organize a developmentally appropriate soccer curriculum focused on the athletic, technical and tactical development necessaryto make our children the best soccer players they aspire to be. Regardless of a child’s ultimate goal in soccer, all of our players will experience some of the finest training in the area from a talented group of professional coaches.   As of Fall 2010, Castleford Rovers will alignour Player Development with INSIDE SOCCER, the leading resource forsoccer learning, which will include an interactive coaching plan, clinicsand camps.


Castleford will determine the best people to assist with themanagement of each team. Parents are crucial to helping run each team.  We will ask that they let the professional trainers run the training session and coach the game. 


Remember - the Castleford joint venture is intended to make it easier for our children to play soccer in our town or nearby. In the absence of this initiative, many of our teams would fold or have rosters that would lead to forfeits or exhausted kids (too few kids on a team), or teams where many children played few minutes in a game due to large rosters. Many other children who wanted to continue to play would need to try out for other WYSL teams, wherepractices and games could be far more inconvenient.

We appreciate the desire to maintainlocal Bedford teams along with the associated travel conveniences and benefits of playing with friends. We are doing the best we can to facilitate travel soccer withminimal inconvenience. We won’t get everything right all the time, but we are doing the best we can under challenging circumstances.


Byram Hills High School Field

 From 684: Exit 3 (Armonk, Route 22). Take Route 22 North. After 1.2 miles to the entrance of Byram Hills Highschool (Tripp Lane). Parking lot is to the right of the school. Varsity Field is out of view from the parking lot, down below the baseball outfield. Use the opening in deep center field. Sitting on the bleachers, it is the field on the left.  

IBM Field 200 Business Park Drive Armonk

 From 684, take exit 3S for Rt. 22 South. At the intersection of Rt. 22 with Maple Avenue on the right and Business Park Drive on the left, take the left onto Business Park Drive. [If coming from Rt. 22 North, at the intersection of Rt. 22 with Maple Avenue on the left and Business Park Drive on the right, take the right onto Business Park Drive.] After 0.7 miles, go over small bridge, turn right into Community Park. IBM (1) is in the middle of the Track to the left as you enter the Parking Lot. IBM (2) and (3) are at the far end of the parking lot, past the tennis courts, in the outfield of baseball fields one and two. IBM (5) is beyond IBM (2) and (3) and is located in the outfield of baseball field number four.  


 From 684, take exit 3 North onto Route 22 North. With 684 behind you, go straight through the first traffic light and turn left on Cox Avenue at the second light (which is a flashing yellow light). Take Cox Avenue back over the top of 684 and turn left at Lombardi Park at 85 Cox Avenue. Park in the rear lot. The Lombardi fields are behind the tennis and basketball courts. With the tennis courts to your back, Lombardi 1 is on the left just in front of you. Lombardi 2 is in the far right back corner of the park

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