Bedford Youth Soccer Club: Fee and Refunds

In-House Fees and Refunds


In-House and Clinics For  2015:


In-House fees are $200 per player

Pre-Travel, 1st Gr and KG 2 Play Clinics with midweek training fees are $325 per player

 Late Registration - $25 Surcharge

Registration dates are communicated via email and posted on the site in the In-House and Pre-Travel section respectively. Additional charges may apply for late registration.

Uniforms and shin guards are required and purchased separately - cleats are not required - but recommended. 



In-House Program Refund Policy:


More than 30 days prior to start of season: full refund

Less than 30 days prior to start of season: 50% refund

7 days after the start of the season: No refund

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