Bayside Area Little League: Miscellaneous

Sunday, January 28
Bayside Boundary Info
Boundaries vs. Bayside.....
With the growth of League City, and all of the school boundaries going thru revisions, here is something to keep in mind if you live within the League City LL boundaries....

Your child CAN continue to play at Bayside if:
1.  You live in League City LL boundaries and your child has played at Bayside for at least one season and you don't want to separate him or her from his or her friends.
2.  You complete a Little League Regulation IID Form (
3.  The President of Bayside signs off on the IID form

Your child CAN'T continue to play at Bayside if:
1.  You have played at Bayside for greater than one season, take a break for any amount of time (a.k.a. "interruption"), then decide to try to come back to Bayside.  At that time, your child would need to play at League City LL.