Coaches - Click on the link above to access YouTube videos of RedBulls training programs that you can use for your practice sessions.

Coach's Manual

You can find this excellent manual on a lot of sites - Coaches Manual. You have to check the names of the coaches who contributed to this good manual.


Take a Look at These Coaching Sites:

The Coaching Corner – The youth team sports resource

The soccer coaching notes at

World of Soccer

Youth Soccer Coaching


Here are Some Sites for Drills for you:

Decatur Sports Page: Soccer Drills - exercises for aggressiveness, defense, goalkeeping, and more.

Coaching Beginning Soccer Players: Soccer Drills  - features illustrations.

Soccer Drills Homepage - shooting, passing, touches, and more.

SoccerClub! - Features information on drills and fitness

Jeff Pill's Online Drills - He is the U-14 Region 1 Director of Coaching for USSF. - Soccer Drills COACHING AND TRAINING FUNDAMENTALS

FineSoccer Drills - Soccer Drills Archive - Soccer Drills - By Groupings

Welcome to Joe Soccer by Gregg Thompson -Animated Fun Games & Drills - Soccer Drills, Tips, Rules, Definitions.

Hot soccer drills - ... Never allow them to simply stand in line. The following soccer drills should keep your students active this fall.

Y-Coach - Youth Coaching Information

Soccer Drills  - Shooting Drills. Two-touch shooting

Soccer Drills - Click on the specific link for the drills you would like.

Soccer Drills - ... Drills, Drills Beautiful Drills

Welcome to Soccer Performance! - This site aims to improve performance in soccer at every level and is designed for anyone interested in understanding or getting the most out of the worlds No. 1 sport.

Need to Learn the Rules:

Laws of the Game

Published by FIFA
Fédération Internationale de Football Association
11 Hitzigweg, 8030 Zurich, Switzerland

Laws 1-17, Laws of the Game 2008/2009



Laws of the Game Project - An older but excellent resource for coaches: A discussion of the laws of the game written specifically for coaches


BIT: Blank Institute of Technology
The Official Soccer Site Laws of the Game



Coaching Licenses:

Head Coaches and Assistant Coaches: Check the link below for information on licensing. All returning coaches must be licensed prior to the start of the season. New coaches must be licensed by the start of next season.

NSCAA Soccer Course Information

Click here for NSCAA coaching course information.

NSCAA Coaching Course Schedule
Click here to find schedules for NSCAA Coaching License courses.

NJYS "F" License Courses
Click here to find information regarding "F" License courses throughout the State of New Jersey.