SC Ballers Elite : Welcome

"This Is Bigger Than Basketball"



 The South Carolina Baller's Elite Organization is a newly founded young men's basketball program. We focus more on academically ensuring that each player prepares for the opportunity to attend a University or College upon graduation from high school with little or even no cost to the Student Player.

   Thru high caliber instruction of basketball and academics, we believe that this team of young men will be admitted to a university of higher learning and continue to grow as MEN and become productive individuals in whatever path he chooses. Our mission is to help each student athlete in our program accomplish their dream by instilling in them hard work, integrity, dignity, accountability, community involvement and how to represent themselves in a manner that any University and/or College would be proud to have them as a student.

   A Team is only as great as it's leader (great coaching).. A Team is only as strong as it's weakest leak (No teammate Left Behind).. A group can only become "ONE TEAM" after first becoming FRIENDS, and then only then will they become an unit of "ONE FAMILY" 

   We have put together a Group of unique young men, all with unique skills sets that compliment each other in ways that will make this group of ELITE BALLERS a force in this game of basketball.

   Some say it but we mean it "This Is Bigger Than Basketball".. this is not life lessons but instead this is life coaching. Each one of these young men has the opportunity, talents and mind set to allow this game to become the pathway to a bright future. We key on their strengths on and off the court.

  We are dedicated to the development of our players Academically and Athletically. We take pride in knowing that we are grooming the next generation of  Student Scholar Athletes to take that next step to the next level. Every young athlete dreams of one day playing for a Major College and/or University and allowing this game to further their Education and/or making it to play in the Pros. As we all know with out hard work, dedication, development and HEART, mentally and physically this deam can not be reached. Therefore WE Pledge to each player the hard work and dedication to them as they give to the game.