Ballard Girls Soccer: Welcome

Tuesday, August 21
Welcome to the home of the Ballard High School Women's Soccer Team from Louisville, Kentucky.


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2012 Game Schedule

by Ballard Girls Soccer on Wednesday, August 8, 2012 at 2:46pm ·

Practice Games

August                                                                                       JV                    VAR

04                   vs. West Jessamine       @East Jessamine                               L(0-1)

11                   vs. Collins                      @Shelbyville               W(3-2)            W(2-0)

2012 Season

13                   vs. Butler                       @Butler                                          Cancelled

16                   vs. Bullitt East                @BALLARD            W(1-0)            W(3-2)

24                   vs. Spencer County         @Spencer                       6pm             7pm

27                   vs. KCD                          @BALLARD                                         7pm

29                   vs. North Oldham            @BALLARD                  5:30pm     7pm


31                    vs. Pendleton County       @Bowling Green KY                       7pm


1                      vs. Bethlehem                 @Bowling Green                           10am

1                      vs. Bowling Green           @Bowling Green                            4pm

2                      Possible Game

5                      vs. Waggener                  @BALLARD                                 7pm

8                      vs. Sacred Heart              @ SHA                         3pm           5pm


10                     vs. Oldham County          @Male                         6:30pm

12                     vs. Western Hills             @Male                         5:15pm       7:30pm

13                     vs. Male                          @Male                                           5:30pm

15                      Depending on Seeding

17                     vs. Assumption                @BALLARD                5:30pm       7pm

19                     vs. Eastern                      @ Eastern                    5:30pm       7pm

20                     vs. Atherton                    @Atherton                                      7pm

24                     vs. Oldham County          @Oldham County           5:30pm       7pm

27                     vs. CAL                           @BALLARD                 5:30pm       7pm


2                       vs. Mercy                        @BALLARD                 5:30pm       7pm

3                       vs. Seneca                      @BALLARD                 5:30pm       7pm

October 8-14   Districts

Ocotber 15-21 Regionals

October 22-28 Sectionals