Bad News: Welcome

Tuesday, July 13

       Well I will say that waiting to update the website does garner alot more attention than when I did it right away last week. I will also say that I appreciate you guys making it very easy to put the stats in this week, although going forward I would appreciate it if you could make it difficult. There is not a whole heckuva lot to say other than we crapped the bed once again against the Jets. I was not there for Game 1 but by looking at the scorebook it doesnt look like I missed alot, maybe a seagull dropping from the sky from one of the very long flyouts that was hit 18 times out of 21 outs. You gotta laugh guys because otherwise it will eat at you. Fortunately we are 14-6, unfortunately all 6 losses were against this team and they were all close games. We will hopefully see them again in the playoffs and when it counts I am confident in this TEAM in crunch time.

       We have a few weeks left on the schedule before we go into the playoffs, lets fine tune our game and build the chemistry on this TEAM. I dont want to see guys getting on one another, I saw a little bit of that for the first time this season last week, LETS MAKE SURE IT IS THE LAST! WIN AS A TEAM, LOSE AS A TEAM! REMEMBER THAT GOING FORWARD, THAT GOES FOR EVERY GUY ON THIS TEAM TOP TO BOTTOM! 



Same old song and dance by Aerosmith