Back Bay Lacrosse: Welcome

Thursday, March 8
2012 Back Bay Lacrosse and Portland Middle School Lacrosse Season


Please go to: , our new website to register.


ALSO:  This note was sent out to 600 players/coaches in the area.  You may find some great deals..sell some old stuff/buy some new stuff.

Looking to buy or sell used equipment?

What: Used Lacrosse Equipment Sale

When: This Saturday, March 10 10:00am - 2:00pm

Where: The Riverside Athletic Center, 1173 Riverside Street Portland, ME 04103

Cost: $2 Admission

We provide the tables. You sell your gear.

Helmets, goggles, sticks, gloves, elbow pads, shoulder pads, heads, shafts, game shorts, tanks, pinnies & much more.

Call Deke at 207-841-2453 with questions


ALMOST THERE.....fresh snow to get you all thinking about lacrosse!

Our NEW online registration system is in the final testing period, we expect to launch in the next few days.  Thank you all for your patience!  We think you will be impressed with our new web site, it should make group communications a breeze....

New players, or for those looking to purchase new equipment:

Please go to the following website: and click on special offers.  Here you will find excellent deals on "starter" packages for new players as well as some great discounts on all other equipment.  LaxPros, Play It Again Sports and Dick's all have special deals available for Back Bay Lacrosse players. 

Keep checking this site as we will be open for registration soon.  Look for Back Bay's advertisements in The Forecaster the next few weeks for details about Information Night. 

In the meantime, if you have questions or needs please contact us at: 

We look forward to seeing returning players as well as all of the new faces out on the fields this spring.  I know the coaches are all EXCITED! 



Here are some basics about the 3 through 6 program:

The program is for kids of all abilities, so don't worry about a lack of experience.  The kids are taught the game in a safe environment. We strive to have fun, get some exercise and learn the game of lacrosse. Third graders are grouped with fourth graders to form one team and fifth graders are grouped with 6th graders to form one team.  Player physical contact is limited and monitored to be age appropriate. In the spirit of simply learning how to play, the coaches generally don't keep score to the games. 

Each team is 18-22 players.  The team size is limited to the availability of coaches (we try to have a coach-to-player ratio of 11:1) and to ensure that everyone gets equal playing time (all kids pay the same price, so everyone should get equal playing time). Practices are held twice per week (starting in April) and games are on Saturdays, starting in April, running through the end of the school year. Practices and home games are held in Portland and away games are in the southern Maine area.  On rare occasions, we will travel to the midcoast or to western Maine, but no farther.

There are two costs to participate.  The first is the program cost, which factors in the following: a membership in US Lacrosse (needed for insurance reasons), our share of the cost of the Officials for our home game(s), tournament entry fees and uniforms.  The total program fee for 2011 is $90 per player for the 3rd/4th-grade and 5th/6th-grade teams and $175 for the 7th/8th grade teams (these teams take buses to games, have ADs that oversee the program and may have a hired coach).  The second cost is the equipment.  For girls, the total cost is approximately $55-$85.  For boys, the total cost of equipment is approximately $125-$200 (mix of new and used).  See below for equipment needs.

We need coaches and parent helpers:

If you're able to coach, help out at practices, games, or administration, please email us ( Don't let "lack of lacrosse playing experience" be a gating factor.  All coaches will receive training and tutorials to help them throughout the season. Helping with administration is valuable too.  Really, any help you can provide would be appreciated.

Equipment needs:

Girls need: a stick, goggles, cleats and a mouth guard.

Boys need: a stick, a LACROSSE helmet (white is the preferred color, no hockey helmets), shoulder pads, arm pads, gloves, cup, cleats and a mouth guard. 

Mouth guards must have a color (so that the coaches and officials can easily see them).

Ebay is a great way to get quality equipment at a reasonable price.  Many of the retailers on our "Links" page, particularly LaxPros in Portland, offer packages for both boys and girls.

We have one full set of boys youth equipment that was donated in memory of Augusten Thomas-Parker, the son of one of our coaches, that we can loan a family in need for the season.  Email us for information about this. 

Do you have used equipment cluttering up the garage or attic? Why not donate it to Back Bay? We will use the equipment to help outfit kids who can't afford to buy and as back-up for games and practices. Please email us and we will make sure that the equipment gets to the right kids.