Beverly Youth Soccer Association: Fields and Maps

Friday, September 3
Master Practice Field Schedule
Handout: Fall Practice Master Field Schedule (as of 10-4-10)

North Beverly Elementary School click for map and directions

McKeown Elementary School click for map and directions

Cross Lane click for Map and Directions

Birch Plains click for Map and Directions

Centerville click for map and directions

Memorial click for map and directions

Practice Field Scheduling Process


Find the Field(s) your age group is assigned to practice on.
Choose one of the fields available for your age group.
Find an open time slot on your Age groups assigned field.
If the slot you desire is not open, Send an email with your requested time and day to our FIELD COORDINATOR:David Hamer 
(Please provide your name, phone number, team name, age group, practice time & field desired.)

Please work with your fellow coaches to alleviate any conflicts. Coaches phone numbers are posted to help you all work out any conflicts / trading of times / scrimmaging in the most efficient manner. Please note that the use of any field which BHS uses might not be available at the times listed.

Planning Assumptions:

U-8 and U-10 In town teams practice once/week for 60 Min.
U-12 and U-14 Teams will practice 2 times/week
U-16 & U-18 teams will be practicing once a week

Exceptions to these assumptions please contact:David Hamer

“Maps for all Essex County games (U-12 and older) can be found on the ECYSA website, maps section”