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Bayview Parochial Soccer League

Bayview Parochial Soccer League:Rules  
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Bayview Parochial Soccer League
Cousins Center
3501 South Lake Dr.
Milwaukee, Wisconsin

RULES AND REGULATIONS Sec 1 - 9 rev 03/02
Sec 1;
The Executive Board shall recommend the fees for each sport, along with any League fees, to the Members for approval.

Sec 2;
Coaches must be certified according to Archdiocesan policy. Coaches must set a good example by their conduct in showing respect for the officials and all official decisions, and by acting as adults at all times. Disrespect of official by Coaches and players will not be tolerated. If a referee has reported that a Coach has been disrespectful to the referee, the Executive Board will review the circumstances. If the Executive Board concurs with the referee, the Coach and his/her team will be suspended from the next game. The game in which the incident occurred will also be forfeited. If a Coach has been found to be disrespectful to a referee for a second time, the Coach will be suspended for the rest of the existing season and for the following season. If the Coach has been found to be disrespectful to a referee a third time, the Coach will be permanently banned from coaching any team in any capacity in the BVPSL.

Sec 3;
All members shall abide by the Milwaukee Archdiocesan athletic policies and regulations as last revised. All members shall further abide by League rules as set forth.

Sec 4;
The BVPSL rules also follow the latest revised FIFA laws of the game handbook. Other adaptations of the rules will be followed as listed in the Rules and Regulations.

Sec 5;
Team Rosters and Coaching Lists are due at the soccer trailer by the first scheduled game of the season. We will allow a 3-day grace period. If the rosters or coaches lists are not submitted to the League by the last day of the grace period the school/parish teams will not be permitted to play until all required material is received.

Sec 6;
The following lists the minimum/maximum amount of players allowed on the field at one time, including the goal keeper:
Kindergarten & 1st - 5 to 8 players
2nd grade - 6 to 9 players
3rd grade - 7 to 10 players
4th through 8th grade - 7 to 11 players

Sec 7;
Kindergarten through 2nd grade will have free substitutions between quarters or halves, goal kicks, throw - ins, after a goal is scored, at the time of injury and during a player caution. Grades 3 through 8 may sub in only during the following times: between halves, goal kicks, your throw in, after a goal us scored, at time of injury and during a players caution.

Sec 8;
Game times and ball sizes are as follows:

Kindergarten through 2nd grade - (4) 10 minute quarters with 2 minutes between quarters and 5 minutes between the half.
# 3 Ball Size.

Grade 3 (2) 20 minutes halves with 5 minutes between halves.
# 4 Ball Size.

Grade 4 (2) 25 minute halves with 5 minutes between halves.
# 4 Ball Size.

Grades 5 and 6 - (2) 30 minute halves with 5 minutes between halves.
# 5 Ball Size.

Grade 7 and 8 - (2) 35 minute halves with 5 minutes between halves.
# 5 Ball Size.

Sec 9;
After the first game of the season, no student may move between grades or teams. If a player is found to be playing on more than one BVPSL team during that season, the player and coach will be subjected to disciplinary action that may include suspension. If there are extenuating circumstances that force a team into having to restructure their team, a written request must be made to the Executive Board for a ruling prior to the affected game. After the season begins, new students or previously non-participating students may become members of a team if otherwise eligible.

RULES AND REGULATION Sec 10 - 17 rev 03/02
Sec 10;
Each player shall annually file written permission, signed by the parent(s), stating that the athlete has permission to compete, is in good physical condition and health, and is covered by insurance. The league and Archdiocese requires that each player have a bi-annual physical exam. Each member school/parish must have the permission and physical statements on file and be prepared to produce these upon demand of the Board.

Sec 11;
Additional Rules for Kindergarten through 4th grade:

BVPSL provides an instructional and development program for children younger than grade 5. The following regulations apply to these participants and coaches:

1) In any scrimmage or game conditions, official score is not kept and play is to be stopped for instructional purposes where appropriate.
2) No standings are kept and no trophies or any other awards are given to teams or individuals.
3) No more than two practices per week are permitted. Each practice is not to exceed 90 minutes in length.
4) Teams cannot participate in any tournaments; the number of "game condition experiences" is not to exceed 10 per season.

Sec 12;
For all participating teams:

1) Slide tackling is not permitted at any level.
2) Coaches, players, and fans are not allowed to stand by the goals or goal lines.
3) Pets are not allowed on the cousins center grounds at anytime.
4) All teams are responsible for picking up their own trash after every game.
5) All teams listed first will be the home team and will supply a game ball.
6) the visiting team will call the coin flip.

Sec 13;
A $30.00 Forfeit Fee will be assessed to the School of a team if that team does not give proper notice to an Executive Board Member of the BVPSL at least 48 hours prior to the start of the scheduled game time. (Messages on answering machines/voice mails does not constitute as proper notice. This Fee will be collected prior to the start of the next season.

Sec 14;
Playoff Policy for Grades 5th thru 8th:
Due to limited field availability and time constraints it has become necessary to limit and/or eliminate playoff games. Therefore the following steps will be taken to determine standings when records are tied.
    A) If teams finish with the same record, we will review the schedule to determine if the affected teams had played each other during that season. If so, the winning team will be given the higher placing.

    B) If example (A) does not break the tie, then a point system will be used in the following manner: All points scored against affected teams, during the season will be totaled. The team with the least amount of points will be awarded the higher placing.

    C) If neither (A) or (B) examples due not break the tie, the Executive Board will rule with either a playoff game or award multiple place trophies. I.e. One 1st place, Two 2nd places, etc.

Sec 15;
Game cancellations due to weather;

Grade K thru 4th special consideration will be made with regards to temperature and amount of rain fall.

Grade 5th thru 8th games will only be cancelled if there is standing water, lightning, gale winds, and/or severe storm conditions.

Sec 16;
Unruly Spectators
Disrespectful fans will not be tolerated. If a referee has determined that a spectator(s) is/are out of control, the referee has the authority to call the game. this will result in a forfeit for the team that did not control their fan(s). The Executive Board will then be notified. A full review will take place to determine if further disciplinary actions are necessary, with a possible suspension of the team.

Bayview Parochial Soccer League
Bayview Parochial Soccer League

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