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Bayview Parochial Soccer League

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Bayview Parochial Soccer League
South Milwaukee/Oak Creek, Wisconsin


Wednesday, May 10
BVPSL Spring Season 2017 - tournament game schedules available now!

Hello Coordinators, Coaches, Parents, and Players,

Final standings for the 5th/6th and 7th/8th divisions have been posted and the play-off brackets have been updated to reflect the standings. 

Sunday, April 30, 2017

ALL games cancelled for Sunday, April 30th.

Saturday, April 25, 2017

Hello Coordinators, Coaches, Parents, and Players,

Tournament game schedules and play-off brackets are available now under hand-outs for the tournament at St. Matthew parish fields the weekend of May 20th.

Saturday, April 8, 2017

Hello Coordinators, Coaches, Parents, and Players,

2nd grade games at Divine Mercy have been cancelled for today, Saturday, April 8th.

Sunday, April 2, 2017

Hello Coordinators, Coaches, Parents, and Players,

Game schedules for the BVPSL Spring Season 2017 have been posted to Handouts.

Saturday, April 1, 2017

Hello Coordinators, Coaches, Parents, and Players,

Games for the BVPSL Spring Season 2017 begin April 8th!

The schedules will be posted by grade under Handouts in the next day or so.

Play-off weekend schedules for all grades will be posted at a later date.

Please check back to the web-site often for any updated information.

Rain-outs or cancellations due to field conditions will also be posted on this page as soon as they are made known. Please know that just because games are cancelled on one field, games on other fields might still be played. Please review cancellations carefully.

Please review the field rules below and abide by them!!!

Please see the hand-out regarding Rules of the Game. You will find the rules and game situations for all grade levels. It is posted under hand-outs above the game schedules Fall season!

Thanks and have a great Spring season!

The BVPSL Board


Coaches: Please share with your team and families the notes under Spectators below.

Only coaches and players should be at the team's bench.

Up to three (3) coaches, 21+ years of age, are allowed at the team's bench and should coach from the coaches' box. Entering the field to instruct players for grades K5 through 4th is allowed; please work with the referee.

Coaching from behind the goal or outside of the coaches' box is not allowed.

Only the benches provided, equipment bags, and player gear should be at the team's bench. 

After the game, please do not leave any items at the team's bench. 


Please stay on your designated side-line. Side-lines are designated for players and coaches on one side and Spectators on the other. Also, there have been lines placed behind the goals. Spectators please stay outside of these lines. No one will be allowed to stand right behind the goals or at the corner flags.

1. Both alcohol and tobacco are NOT ALLOWED at any of the fields. Bubbles may be a better choice.

2. Also, dogs are NOT ALLOWED at any of the fields. Please leave your dogs at home, they will have to watch soccer on television.

3. Of course, grills are NOT ALLOWED at any of the fields. Hot food will be available at the concession stands.

4. Do NOT discard trash on Parish grounds. Use the trash receptacles. If you bring food or beverages, take your trash with you when you leave.

5. Please DO recycle using the recycling receptacles.

6. The yards and trees surrounding the Divine Mercy fields are people's back yards. Please keep your children out of those yards and out of people's trees. If a resident approaches you because your kids are in their yard, please be respectful to them.

IMPORTANT: ALL COACHES, PLAYERS, PARENTS AND SPECTATORS: Please access and read the Archdiocese Policies and Rules booklet in the 'Handouts' section. Please pay particular attention to the Sportsmanship Pledge on the BOOKLET COVER as it clearly and concisely explains what our league is all about. We have been having problems with this for several years now. Hopefully this will help put things in perspective for some. The booklet also contains other important information on Athletics. 


The BVPSL Board 

Bayview Parochial Soccer League
Bayview Parochial Soccer League

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