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Welcome to the home of the 2012 BVM WIZARDS!

2012 BVM Wizards

Hello, Wizards!

Welcome to the 2012 BVM Pee Wee soccer season!!

Our season starts September 15 at 12p. You can download the complete schedule here from the Wizards Schedule tab. If your child won’t be at a game, please let me know ASAP so that I can modify the lineup accordingly. Be sure your child wears comfortable clothes - including a GOLD shirt - that you don’t mind getting dirty and SHIN GUARDS ARE A MUST!

Each session this season will consist of a 90-minute period broken down as follows:

  • 30 minutes – team practices. This period of practice time is used to work on basic individual and team skills. This period will start with a brief warm-up followed by work on basic technical soccer skills, such as dribbling, passing and shooting. The last part of practice will work on team concepts such as passing the ball to another player, knowing the field positions and playing a team game.
  • 2 minutes – break before game. This period is used for the coaches to discuss what will happen in the upcoming game and to divide the children into groups for play in alternating quarters. Also, this gives the children a few minutes to rest before the game begins.
  • 58 minutes – game time. This time period is divided into four 14-minute quarters with a few minutes for switching teams at the quarter and at halftime.
My coaching philosophy for this age group is to teach the basic skills and fundamentals of soccer while making sure the children have lots of fun. With only 30 minutes of practice, it will be helpful for you to practice with your child at home during the week. Encourage dribbling, juggling and trapping. It can be done on almost any surface and you don’t need a goal! Dribbling is the most important skill at this age and it will give your child a great foundation.