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Monday, November 3
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Schedules are on-line All kinds of Links added to links page.
Coaches need to be a member to access your page and to get your rosters online.
It is important to have your help to make sure our info. correct.

Please take a few minutes to help out or ask a parent to help. Volunteers are still needed for some teams and greatly appreciated.

If you would like to help out with your child's or anybody's page sign up as a member and email me your intentions and I will upgrade your membership. Lisa Elkins 

Intermediate and Pee-Wee schedules can be downloaded at the download page. Keep checking back as we are adding content daily.


Tuesday, December 28
Notice Survey on Welcome (HOME) Page Please Respond.

Saturday, December 25
Cheerleading Competition @ Mt. View
There will be a cheerleading competition at Mt. View on February 19th. 2005 Time 8:00 a.m. to 5:00. Grades K - 12.   For more contact information Call Holly Parker at 722-4452 or email at hollyandrandy@pivot.net to get registration form and information. I have also added it to the download handouts link.

Sunday, December 26
Guestbook & Message Boards
Please be sure to sign the guestbook and\or message boards so the kids can see your comments. Let them know you are thinking of them and seeing there results and wishing them luck.

Wednesday, December 15
See Download link for Schedules and handouts, ticket info.

Wednesday, December 1
Our BUM League program is a non profit organization.If you would be interested in being a sponsor all donations are welcome.We appreciate any contribution that we get.Contributions of $50.00 or more(a year) will put you in as a Booster.You will be added on the Website and in our yearbook as so.Your donations makes it possible to run our program without charging the kids to play- like other districts have to . Your support is greatly appreciated- by watching all the kids faces light up when they play on Sundays....You can tell you made a difference. Thank You
Please make all Checks payable to:
                     Bum League
                  545 Moosehead Trail
Or you can contact:
Ray Roberts @ 207-722-3103