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Monday, January 13
December 2013 Minutes



BTAA Meeting Minutes

December 9, 2013



Meeting called to order:  8:10



?  Minutes from November‘s meeting read and accepted by members.

Additions:  *Bill Safranek was nominated as co-secretary and accepted.

                             *1st meeting for Bill Safranek

          Corrections:  *Closing balance:  $37,843.17

Motion to accept:  Jon Nicholas    2nd:  Brian Flynn


?  Treasurer’s Report - read by Shanen Hoke          Copies available by request. 

     Closing balance:  $45,965.89    Motion to accept:  Michael Lewis   2nd: Jon Nicholas



Vince Spina –

Met with a Twp. Commissioner regarding our fields.  Toured the fields and discussed their poor condition.  We got permission to throw seed down on the fields, after use during season.  Also discussed indoor bathroom facilities.  Seems as if we have 2 commissioners who support BTAA.  Will look into use of the existing concession stand at the fields by the Community Center.


John Koch – No Report


Jill Volkert – No Report


Shanen Hoke – No report




CHEERLEADING – as per Angel Weed

  • Parkland (our championship) Competition – Flag Squad, 3/4, 5/6 and 7/8 grade squads all won Spirit Awards.  Grades 3/4 won 1st place and qualify for Championship Jackets.


SOFTBALL – as per Rich Sheffer’s email report

-   We are set for sign-up and evaluations. Sign-ups are 1/21, 1/23, 1/27, 1/29.

-   All set for the Winter Pitching School that starts January 4th.

Status as Coordinator

-   At this point I have gotten enough clarity on work/family situation that I can commit to the coordinator position for the remainder of the season. We'll get sign-ups done, teams/coaches set-up, equipment out, and everything else needed to get games played. Whether I can do the extra things I have the past couple of seasons (Opening Day, Dick’s shopping day, T-shirt fundraiser, Field Operations duties) are still up in the air, but we’ll beat the bushes to get those things covered or we’ll do without.

-   All of the above assumes nobody steps up at tonight’s meeting looking to take over the position.







LACROSSE – as per Jon Nicholas

  • Discussed A/B teams, maybe at U13 and U15 levels at last Boys’ League meeting.

  • Freedom Lacrosse is still undetermined.

  • There are 2 winter teams at Game Time Field House in Fogelsville.

  • Pocono Dome games were cancelled.

  • John Shay submitted a guideline for playing time.

  • Liberty Mutual Grant is closed now….waiting to hear.

  • Got our AED.  Looking into training for coaches.




SOCCER – Tony Raffino –Absent - No report


FOOTBALL – Chris Karabinus - Absent - No report


WRESTLING – Keith Lyden – Absent - No report


BASKETBALL –Bob Norder - Absent - No report


Webmaster – John Scanlan - Absent - No report


OTHER 1st nomination for Fall Sports Coordinator

  • Soccer :  Tony Raffino,    Cheerleading:  Angel Weed,                                        Football:  Chris Karabinus and Mike Beck

2nd nominations and voting for Fall Sports Coordinator next month.


COURTESY OF THE FLOOR – Cathy Shay requested the softball clinic mats be rolled up for storage at BTCC. as opposed to being laid flat.  It would save space.



1st meeting:  None

2nd meeting:  Bill Safranek  

          3rd meeting:  None


NEXT MEETING:  January 13, 2014@ 8:00, BTCC            Coordinators’ Meeting @ 7:00


Motion to adjourn:   Brian Flynn     2nd:  Jon Nicholas


Meeting adjourned: 9:00








Respectfully submitted by Jill Volkert