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Monday, August 12
June 2013 Minutes

BTAA Meeting Minutes

June 10, 2013


Meeting called to order:  8:10



?  Minutes from May‘s meeting read and accepted by members.

Corrections:  None

Motion to accept:  Rob Kinter     2nd:  Brian Flynn

?  Treasurer’s Report - read by Donna Grenauer        Copies available by request. 

     Closing balance:  $34,680.      

     Motion to accept:  Tony Raffino    2nd:  Brian Flynn


v  Report on Coordinators’ meeting last month: 

o   Elite Sponsor Cards

o   All information, vendors, design and graphics submitted.  Thanks to Rich Sheffer for putting the graphics together so quickly.

o   Revisited discussion on vendors. 

o   We will use Sports Center USA for most items.

o   Coordinators have the option to search for other vendors as long as the bidding process of 3 estimates is followed.

o   Coordinator’s coaching selections

o   Coaching selections for soccer, wrestling and cheerleading are now due.

o   As a reminder, coaches need to submit a list of names according to the dates listed in the by-laws.  Two interested candidates will call for the application process and board selections.



Vince Spina – Absent   

·         We need to find a co-secretary.  An email was sent to all coordinators in an effort to find an interested volunteer.

o   I would like to extend my sincere thanks to Donna and Cathy for all of their dedication and commitment to BTAA.  Without them, BTAA would not be a successful program.  It is bittersweet for me to wish them both farewell.


John Koch – No report


Cathy Shay – Absent


Jill Volkert – This is my final year as secretary.  Although I have said that for at least the past 3 years, I have remained on, because no one has shown an interest in replacing me.  Please consider stepping up to fill this position next year.  Thank you.


Donna Grenauer – No report




SOCCER – as per Tony Raffino

·         26 teams

·         6/22 - evals

FOOTBALL – as per Chris Karabinus

·         Signups are over.

·         Numbers look great.      Thirty-three 140’s


CHEERLEADING – as per Angel Weed

·         58 signups.  Will accept more

·         3 teams to compete this year.


WRESTLING – as per Keith Lyden’s emailed report

·         2 summer camps.

·         Redhawks start tonight. Team specific camp geared towards our needs. Getting out on the bottom. First time running it and we have about 15 kids signed up for it.

·         Elite camp at Liberty in two weeks. We have about 10 kids registered.

·         Also have great news. Josh Bauman took third in the Pennsylvania state freestyle tournament. His off season work ethic is tremendous and his success shows it.


LACROSSE – as per Jon Nicholas

·         Season over.  Very successful.

·         Rob Kinter with the U13s won the League Championship.

·         Thanks to Rob, Lauren and Wendy for all of their help this season.  Thank you also to Brian Flynn for lining the fields.  Thanks to all of the coaching staff and Michele Turpening for co-coordinating pictures.

·         Several summer league participants.  We are one of the larger groups.


BASKETBALL –as per Bob Norder

·         We’re done!




SOFTBALL – as per Rich Sheffer

·         Play offs the end of the week for Majors and Minors.

·         Sr.s are just getting started.

·         We are hosting the 10 and under tournament the last weekend in June; 6/28, 29 and 30.  LOOKING FOR HELP!!!!!


Webmaster – John Scanlan    Absent – No report



1st meeting:  Barbara Dadio, Michele Turpening, Anna Palaios, Mike Turocy,

Stacey Turocy, David Burnette and Tamara Healy.

2nd meeting:    None

          3rd meeting:    None


NEXT MEETING:  July 8, 2013 @ 8:00,  BTCC            Coordinators Meeting @ 7:00


Motion to adjourn:   Rob Kinter   2nd:  Brian Flynn


Meeting adjourned: 8:30






Respectfully submitted by Jill Volkert