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Monday, August 12
May 2013 Minutes

BTAA Meeting Minutes

May 13, 2013


Meeting called to order:  8:12



? Minutes from April‘s meeting read and accepted by members.


Corrections:  Doreen Stocker, not Donna Stalker, stills deferred.

Motion to accept:  Rob Kinter      2nd:  Ray Russin


? Treasurer’s Report - read by Donna Grenauer      Copies available by request. 

·         $11,747.96 - closing balance.     

 Motion to accept:   Ray Russin   2nd:  Wilson Hoke



Vince Spina – Apts. approved to go in by Meyers Lane across from Penske.


John Koch – No Report


Cathy Shay – No Report


Jill Volkert – No Report


Donna Grenauer – No report




SOCCER – as per Tony Raffino

·         3 weeks left of spring  soccer

·         375 sign ups for fall – not counting late registrations.


FOOTBALL – as per Chris Karabinus

·         Sign ups begin this Wed. the 15th then the 21st and 23rd.


CHEERLEADING – as per Angel Weed

·         Sign ups 5/15, 21 and 23.


WRESTLING – as per Keith Lyden

·         Working with Brandon Hall to create a team specific camp.


LACROSSE – as per Jon Nicholas

·         2/3 through the season

·         Special thanks to Angel Weed for spirit wear and Wendy Benedict for volunteering for the snack stand.

·         5/18 – Girls Tournament

·         6/1 & 2 – Boys Tournament




·         Spent about $2,000.00 and brought in $1,100. - $1,200.

·         Looking for someone to take over Concessions.

·         Still need to keep inventory, a vendor to deliver and someone to program the cash register.


SOFTBALL – as per Rich Sheffer

·         All teams playing (except Sr.s) and doing well.

·         4/20 – opening day went well

·         6/28, 29 & 30 have an opportunity to host a Tournament.

o   Rich will be out of town.

o   Will need help/volunteers

o   Can be profitable through concessions. 

o   Games:   Fri. 5:30 & 7:30, Sat. 8am – 6pm, Sun. - run all day.


 Webmaster – N0 Report



·         2nd nominations and voting for:

o   Winter sports coordinators:

o   Bob Norder - basketball

o   Keith Lyden – wrestling

o   All in favor.  Voted in.


o   Webmaster – John Scanlan

o   Concessions - none

o   Exec. Board

·         Vince – accepts

·         John – accepts

·         Jill – accepts – final term!

·         Cathy – declines  - Doreen Stocker defers

·         Donna – declines  -  Shannon Hoke accepts



1st meeting:  None

2nd meeting:  None  

       3rd meeting and voting member: Shannon Hoke

Motion to accept:  Ray Russin    2nd:  Rob Kinter        All in favor.


NEXT MEETING:  June 10, 2013 @ 8:00, BTCC           Coordinators Meeting @ 7:00


Motion to adjourn:  Ray Russin     2nd:  Rob Kinter


Meeting adjourned:  8:40




Respectfully submitted by Jill Volkert