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Monday, August 12
April 2013 Minutes

BTAA Meeting Minutes

April 8, 2013


Meeting called to order:  8:10



?   Minutes from March‘s meeting read and accepted by members.

Corrections:  None

Motion to accept:  Lynn Spina       2nd:  Keith Lyden


?   Treasurer’s Report - unavailable        Copies can be emailed by request. 



Vince Spina – Nothing


John Koch – Nothing


Cathy Shay – First call for Winter Sports Coordinators nominations, second call for Exec. Board Nominations


Jill Volkert – Fliers going out for Soccer sign ups.  Football and Cheerleading sign up flyer is waiting on approval of Superintendent.


Donna Grenauer – No report




SOCCER – as per Tony Raffino

·         Last weekend was the first games.

·         Fall sign ups on April 22, 23, 25 and 30.


FOOTBALL – as per Chris Karabinus

·         May 15, 21 and 23 is sign ups.  6:30 – 8:30   BTCC

·         8/17 - Scrimmage

·         8/24 – “Galusha Game”

·         Will host play-offs in 2014

·         BTAA’s Division:

o    Upper Nazareth Clippers

o    So. Parkland ‘A’

o    Palmer

o    East Side Youth Center

o    No. Parkland

        We will only play Bethlehem teams in play-offs.

·         See website for updated information.


CHEERLEADING – as per Angel Weed

·         Need Head Coach for Grade 5/6 Squad.

·         Sign ups in May with Football.


LACROSSE – as per Jim Lutz

·         Season is underway.

·         U9s opened this weekend with great success.

·         U11s won 5-2.

·         U13s lost.  ‘A’ lost to Saucon Valley and beat Palmer.

·         Girls won

·         1 girl is being offered a partial scholarship in Lacrosse.

·         4 boys are looking at scholarships, as well.




WRESTLING – as per Keith Lyden

·         Most uniforms are handed in.

·         Joint Banquet with Freedom HS next week

·         Between JV and Varsity had 147 matches.

o    26% had pins

o    129 take downs



·         Stand is stocked and ready to go.

·         Helen Garcia from Srs. Team is helping out.

·         Prices are mostly set.

·         Need someone to program the cash register to track sales; what is going out and what is coming in.


SOFTBALL – as per Rich Sheffer

·         17 teams – 205 girls

·         Volunteer turnout has been pretty good.

·         4/6 is first ever “Bulldog Day” at Freedom Softball.

·         4/20 is our opening day.  Hot dogs donated by P’burg. Shop-Rite.

·         Special thanks to Mike Romick!  He did many extra projects for BTAA.


Webmaster – John Scanlan

·         Football and Cheering online Registration is set up.

·         Cleaning up our website.

·         Contacting vendors to inquire about ordering “Spiritwear” online.  (Up for discussion at May’s Coordinators meeting.)



·         Introduction and Recognition of 2 PJW State Champions

o    Tournament PJW goes to State level.

§  Qualifying Tournament must place in top 3.

§  Area Tournament must place in top 2 to move on.

§  CJ Horvath and Jarred Jenkins both placed 2nd in the State Tournament held in Harrisburg

§  Jarred took 5th place.

§  CJ took 6th place.

o    Congrats. to both athletes!

·         Bulldog Award

·         Holding off on dedicating our concession Stand to Lori Dosedlo until our Football kick-off.

·         Bi-Laws

o    Reading of changes/additions

o    Motion to accept new By-Laws:  Keith Lyden    2nd:  Lynn Spina

o    All changes and or additions are voted on and approved by all members present.

·         Nominations:

o    Exec. Board

§  Current slate of Officers:

·         President – Vince Spina – accepts

·         VP – John Koch - accepts

·         Co-Secretaries:

o    Cathy Shay – declines and is stepping down.

o    Jill Volkert – defers

·         Treasurer – Donna Grenauer – declines and is stepping down

§  Shannon Hoke - accepts as Treasurer

§  Doreen Stalker - defers as Treasurer

o    Concessions Coordinator – Kim Jenkins – declines

o    Winter Sports Coordinators

§  Basketball – Bob Norder- accepts

§  Wrestling – Keith Lyden - accepts





1st meeting:  None

2nd meeting: Shannon Hoke  

            3rd meeting:  None


NEXT MEETING:  May 13, 2013 @ 8:00,  BTCC               Coordinators Meeting @ 7:00


Motion to adjourn:   Keith Lyden       2nd:  Wilson Hoke

Meeting adjourned: 9:01



Respectfully submitted by Jill Volkert