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Monday, August 12
March 2013 Minutes

BTAA Meeting Minutes

March 11, 2013


Meeting called to order:  8:05



?  Minutes from February‘s meeting read and accepted by members.

Corrections:  None

Motion to accept: Ray Russin   2nd:  Tony Raffino

?  Treasurer’s Report - read by Vince Spina          Copies available by request. 

     Closing balance:  $16064.77       Motion to accept:   Brian Flynn   2nd:  Les Walker


Vince Spina – A moment of silence for Lorie Dosedlo.   A tribute to her dedication to the      BTAA and all she has done for the Bulldog organization.


John Koch – No report


Cathy Shay – Nominations for the Exec. Board and Concession Stand Coordinator


Jill Volkert – No report


Donna Grenauer – Absent


SOCCER – as per Tony Raffino

·         220 kids signed up – 16 teams


FOOTBALL – as per Chris Karabinus

·         Our organization is 2nd in wins.

·         Lots of League changes

o   Wt. classes: 

~ 80’s remain the same, 95’s went to 100, 110’s went to 120 and 125’s went to 140.

~ No more weight allowances.

·         Can’t be 8 yrs. old before Sept. 1st.   Will accept light 13 yr. olds.

·         A & B Divisions will be set by end of month.

·         SYFL By-laws remain

·         Season stays unchanged: 2 pre-season games and 8 games scheduled.

·         Discussion with Steelers about Mon. night  “B” Flag games.


CHEERLEADING – as per Angel Weed

·         7th & 8th grade coaches had to be replaced.

·         Turned in lease application for “Stand Up & Cheer” Competition.


WRESTLING – as per Keith Lyden

·         Uniform returns in progress.

·         Took 16 wrestlers & Dads out to Hershey.  Great Experience!


LACROSSE – as per Jon Nicholas

·         U9, U11 and U15 had 1st practice tonight.  The rest will follow.

·         NCC will open fields for girls.

·         Kept purchases to a minimum.

·         Great to go to Pocono Dome.




BASKETBALL –as per Bob Norder

·         Uniform collection next week

·         Upcoming year end coaches meeting

·         Doing leases for next year

·         Kept spending to a minimum

·         Thanks to Dave Schneck (Pates) and Spud Yasko (Little Dribblers) for all the time they put in.

·         Organizing a co-ed basketball game for the coaches for fun, exercise and bonding.

·         BTAA is working with East Hills and Freedom      38 girls to play AAU.                                 8 tournaments      Partnering with Freedom.


SOFTBALL – as per Rich Sheffer

·        200 girls signed up  -  17 teams

·        4 Parent meetings

·        45 girls at Hitting Clinic with Freedom Softball team.  $350.00 profit

·        DICK’S Shopping Day is this Saturday.

·        4/6 – Bulldogs at Freedom

·        4/20 Opening Day and Picture Day


Webmaster – John Scanlan

·         Needs copies of Registration forms, Physical forms, Code of Conduct, and General Rules.

·         Looking into setting up online spirit wear ordering/purchasing.



·         Introduction and recognition of the 125 lb. Champion Football team coached by John Koch and Asst. Coaches McNulty, Rold, Huertas, Reinert and Kinter.

·         We have $300.00 worth of gift cards to use for fundraisers.

·         By-Law Committee; Dan Davilla, Angel Weed and Cathy Shay presented the proposed changes/corrections that were read by Cathy.

·         Discussion on fundraising:  prioritize first, money kept by individual sport vs. going into a general fund.

·         Discussion on Non-resident registration and late registration.

·         Nominations:

§  Concession Stand Coordinator:  Kim Jenkins- deferred

§  Webmaster:  John Scanlon- accepts

§  Exec. Board: Current Board; Cathy–deferred, Jill–deferred, Vince–deferred.



·         Bob Norder wants to organize a committee for a Golf Tournament fundraiser.              Todd Husser who does one for Basketball at Freedom will assist.

·         Chris Karabinis spoke about all of the great things Spud Yasko has done for the kids and how he went above and beyond for Basketball.  Rich Sheffer also commented on Spud’s help.



1st meeting:  Ron Gawlick, Shannon Hoke    2nd meeting:  none,    3rd meeting: none


NEXT MEETING:  April 8, 2013 @ 8:00,  BTCC      Coordinators Meeting @ 7:00


Motion to adjourn:   Ray Russin   2nd:  Kim Jenkins

Meeting adjourned: 9:41


Respectfully submitted by Jill Volkert