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Monday, August 12
February 2013 Minutes

BTAA Meeting Minutes

February 11, 2013


Meeting called to order:  8:08



?  Minutes from January’s meeting read and accepted by members.

Corrections:  None

Motion to accept:  Jon Nicholas    2nd:  Ray Russin


?  Treasurer’s Report - read by Donna Grenauer          Copies available by request. 

     $31,838.00 closing balance.       Motion to accept:   Brian Flynn        2nd:  Rob Kinter



Vince Spina – We lost our BTAA office on Orth St.  Police claimed the space for an          evidence room.


John Koch – No Report


Cathy Shay – Last call for Cheerleading nominations.

 Last night to submit any By-Law changes or additions.  

 Committee to meet at Cathy’s on 3/3.  Time TBA.


Jill Volkert – Coordinators, please keep copies of your most recent registration form and make any changes.


Donna Grenauer – No report




SOCCER – as per Tony Raffino

·         League voted on change of 8 vs. 8 instead of 11 vs. 11.


FOOTBALL – as per Chris Karabinus

·         League voting for weight changes; 80lbs., 95 lbs.,110 lbs., 125 lbs and 140 lbs.


CHEERLEADING – as per Carmen Barbosa

·         Want to sell old uniforms@ a cheap price to get rid of them.

·         There are no uniforms for younger girls; Kdg. – 3rd grade.

·         Offers help to whoever becomes the new coordinator with anything needed.


WRESTLING – as per Keith Lyden

·         Season ended with several place winners.

·         BT won match vs. Liberty Little Canes at Freedom/Liberty match.

·         Finished 18th in rank.  Had several holes will work on for next year.

·         Discussion with Brandon @ Freedom about free summer clinic to help build.


LACROSSE – as per Jon Nicholas

·         Signups over.

·         Good field situation as of now.

·         3rd and 4th grade girls should have 2 teams.

·         Coaches are in place.


BASKETBALL –Bob Norder absent     No report




SOFTBALL – as per Rich Sheffer’s email

·        In-person sign-up are done. We are still accepting late sign-ups.

·        Right now sign-ups are pacing to be about 200, which is 20-25 players lower than last year. We will be looking into where the players have gone.

·        14 of 16 coaching positions are filled. Remaining open positions are at T-Ball (ages 5-6) and Juniors (ages 13-14). I am confident in filling both positions, but if someone is interested in coaching a Juniors team, please contact me.

·        Evaluations for Minors and Majors are coming up from 2/15 to 2/24.

·        Teams will be in place by March 1st.

·        Parent Nights are coming up on March 6th and March 11th.

·        Work in developing a relationship with the Freedom Softball program continues. Looking at finalizing a hitting clinic at Freedom on March 10th, use of Freedom’s field for March practices, and possibly a Bulldogs’ Day at an April game.

·        Winter Pitching School continues successfully.

·        Working on finalizing volunteer leadership positions. I am still in need of more people.

Webmaster – John Scanlan

·         Set up online registration for individual sports.

·         Will push this registration service.



·         Cheerleading Coordinator Nominations and voting.

o   Renee Webber withdrew her acceptance of nomination,

o   Nominees are Heather Gowdy and Angel Wood.

o   Angel voted in as new coordinator



·         Introduction and recognition of Wrestling place winners, with Keith Lyden, Head Coach John Horvath and Asst. Coaches John Scanlon and Jon Nicholas.

·         Introduction and recognition of 110 lb. football team.  SYFL Champions with a 32–0 record.  This year scored 304 pts and allowed 6 pts. Head Coach Ray Russin, Asst. Coaches Dave Schneck, Rich Schwind, Ben Reph, Juan Cotto, Doug Patrone, Bill Gill, Jason Cora, Earl Jenkins and Wilson Hoke.



1st meeting:  None

2nd meeting: None     

          3rd meeting and voting members: Steve Davis and Andrew Vandever

Motion to accept:  Kim Jenkins     2nd:  Brian Flynn          All in favor.


NEXT MEETING:  March 11, 2013 @ 8:00,  BTCC Coordinators Meeting @ 7:00


Motion to adjourn:   Rob Kinter      2nd:  Wilson Hoke

Meeting adjourned: 8:53


Respectfully submitted by Jill Volkert