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Monday, August 12
December 2012 Minutes

BTAA Meeting Minutes

December 10, 2012


Meeting called to order:  8:19



?  Minutes from November’s meeting read and accepted by members.

Corrections:  None

Motion to accept:  Jon Nicholas    2nd:  Keith Lydon


?  Treasurer’s Report-read by Donna Grenauer      Copies available by request. 

     $17,327 closing balance

      Motion to accept:  Carmen Barbosa    2nd:  Jon Nicholas



Vince Spina:  Nothing new to report


John Koch – No report


Cathy Shay –Nominations for fall sports coordinators


Jill Volkert – No report


Donna Grenauer – Give names and addresses to Donna for all refunds.




WRESTLING – as per Keith Lyden

·         Varsity lost first 3 matches

·         Practicing with Freedom over the holidays.

·         Upcoming Salisbury Invitational Tournament

·         This Sun. home match at Freedom starting at 9:00.

·         FHS Wrestling Booster Club is selling $25.00 lottery tickets that cover the entire year.

·         A new child to the area’s parent commented on what a great wrestling program BTAA has.

·         Freedom has decided not to allow us to use their concession stand any more.


BASKETBALL – as per Bob Norder

·         All going well

·         Lost East Hills for practices Tues., Weds.  & Thurs. for the entire season.

·         Some lease issues w/janitors @ certain ele. schools.

·         Need space.

·         Setting up BTAA “Freedom Nation” at Freedom basketball games.  BTAA’s “Riot Squad” will sit on the opposite side of the Freedom students’ “Riot Squad.”

·         Inquired about posting photos of the kids playing sports on Facebook.  Would get photo releases.  Discussion followed and majority agreed that there are too many risks involved, so we will not be doing that.


SOCCER – as per Tony Raffino/Dan Davilla

·         Indoor soccer is going well.  Very challenging for kids


FOOTBALL – as per Chris Karabinus

·         Wrapped up

·         Will do inventory on helmets



CHEERLEADING – as per Carmen Barbosa

·         Wrapped up

·         11/17 Hanover competition:  125s came in first place, 110s, 95s and Flags came in 4th.

·         11/18 Parkland competition:  110s and 95s came in 3rd, 125s came in 5th and Flags 6th.

·         11/28 uniforms were collected.

·         12/1 and 12/8 Banquets.  Tumbler awards were loved by the girls.




SOFTBALL – as per Rich Sheffer

·         Off-season Pitching Clinic is full with all BT girls.

·         Working with Freedom’s Coach, Nora Borger.

·         Freedom Softball is holding a Breakfast with Santa at 191 Applebees on Sat., 8-10.


LACROSSE – as per Jon Nicholas

·         Bob Kinter was voted in VP for LV Lacrosse League.

·         12/20 – coaches’ meeting

·         12/1 and 12/8 were Banquets.

·         NCC looking to build additional dorms.  This will affect our practice fields there.

·         Will look into getting a grant for fields.


Webmaster – John Scanlan

·         No Report





MEETING RECOGNITION:  1st meeting:  None


                                           2nd meeting:  Lowell Ellis, Mike Beck and Joe Stofanik


                                           3rd meeting and voting member:  Bill Horvath and Bob Norder



Motion to accept:  Brian Flynn      2nd:   Tony Raffino         All in favor.


NEXT MEETING:  January 14, 2013 @ 8:00, BTCC           Coordinators  Meeting @ 7:00



Motion to adjourn:  Jon Nicholas             2nd:  Tony Raffino


Meeting adjourned: 8:58







Respectfully submitted by Jill Volkert