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Monday, January 9
BTAA Meeting Minutes October 10, 2011
BTAA Meeting MinutesOctober 10, 2011 Meeting called to order:  8:10 ACTION ITEMS:·    Minutes from September’s meeting read and accepted by members with corrections.Corrections:  ·        Meeting recognition:  2nd meeting for Tony Martinez·        Jon Nicholas accepted nomination as Lacrosse coordinator AND he was voted in.Motion to accept:   Joe Conzola   2nd:  Lynn Spina·    Treasurer’s Report-read by Donna Grenauer      Copies available by request.      Motion to accept:  Tony Raffino    2nd:  Jen Donchez EXECUTIVE REPORT:Vince Spina:  - Monday 10/31 is the Annual Budget Meeting with The Twp. at 5:00  We did everything they asked us to do this past year.  We will ask for the $20,000 per year amount that they took from us the past 2 years.  John Koch –  absentCathy Shay – No reportJill Volkert – No reportDonna Grenauer – No report  DISCUSSION ITEMS :·        Some football issues this weekend.  The Board met.  Zero tolerance will be enforced with a suspension of a coach and an expulsion of a parent.  Very disappointing.  COORIDNATOR/COMMITTEE REPORTS SOCCER – as per Tony Raffino·        Lots of issues with parents and coaches within the league.  None with us, though.·        Fields are a mess.  Twp. wants us to put down grass seed after each game.        (“NO to that.”  It’s all or nothing.  We will take care of the fields and maintain them, totally - or not at all!)·        Rain caused many cancellations.·        Dan Davilla’s U16 and U12B  and Enan’s U10A Girls’ are all currently undefeated. FOOTBALL – as per Juan Cotto read by Vince·        Bethlehem Bowl and the Flag B Tournament is the last weekend of Oct.  We need 4 adults in the concession stand.·        All of our tackle teams are looking like they will be in the playoffs for the 2nd straight year.  ·        We should make some money back for the snack stand.·        Our entry fee for this tournament is $125. And we have a total of 12 reams. CHEERLEADING – as per Carmen Barbosa·        Season is going well.·        We are registered for our first competition.·        2 home games left.·        10/24 – Parent meeting for Wrestling Cheering at 6:00 - BTCC. CONCESSIONS·        Almost done with renovations.  Hoping to reopen next week.·        John is putting new donated floor in right now.  ·        All the labor for the concession stand renovations has been donated by a handful of volunteers we could never have paid.  Many thanks. WRESTLING – as per Keith Lyden – read by Cathy·        48 registered including 18 new sign ups.  18 more are coming to “look.”·        Nov. 7 is first practice. BASKETBALL – as per Dave Capuano’s report   Please see attached.            (Just paid $10,000. for gym use so far, prior to Basketball this season.) SOFTBALL – as per Rich Sheffer·        Looking for some community service volunteers to help with some projects.·        Signups in January. LACROSSE –as per Joe Conzola·        Changing teams from age based to grade based.·        Need a field for the girls.·        Will use online registration this spring.·        Transitioning new coordinator.·        Thanks to board for accepting Lacrosse 4 years ago. OTHER   CURTOSY OF THE FLOOR  -·        Dave suggested we have one site for all of our sports’ online registrations instead of having for each of our individual sports.·        Carman – field clean-up MEETING RECOGNITION :  1st meeting:  Renee Weber, Alice Lynn, Jean Keller, Miguel Espinosa                                     2nd meeting:  None                                                                   3rd meeting and voting member:  Tony Martinez  Motion to accept:     Carmen Barbosa      2nd:    Brian Dansecs         All in favor. NEXT MEETING:  November 14, 2011 @ 8:00, BTCC Motion to adjourn:   Dave Capuano   2nd:   Joe Conzola Meeting adjourned: 8:50  Respectfully submitted by Jill Volkert