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Monday, January 9
BTAA Meeting Minutes November 14, 2011
BTAA Meeting MinutesNovember 14, 2011 Meeting called to order: 8:12  ACTION ITEMS:Minutes from October’s meeting read and accepted by members. Changes/Corrections : NoneMotion to accept:  Jen Donchez   2nd: Lynn SpinaTreasurer’s Report – read by Donna Grenauer Copies available upon request.Motion to accept:  Rob Kinter    2nd:  Brian Flynn EXECUTIVE REPORT:Vince Spina – ·         Congratulations to 90 lb. team – Championships.·         Congrats. To Soccer with their tournament.·         Congrats. To our Cheering Competition we hosted.  What a fun day!John Koch – No reportCathy Shay – Coordinators’ equipment return happens this month for fall teams.Jill Volkert – No reportDonna Grenauer – No report DISCUSSION ITEMS:  ·         Last year’s expense and income summaries, 7/2010 – 6/2011:o   Income  - $264,528.10o   Expense – $264,724.35o   -$196.25 shows we are truly a non-profit organization!·         Press said Mr. Barnard said he wanted to put in bathroom facilities at Myers Lane.  We will press him to keep his word.·         Over the past month we had to deal with issues from parents and volunteers.  We have a zero tolerance.  The Board will not tolerate this type of behavior.  Parents have to be aware of the By-laws and Code of Conduct.  When things are “hear-say,” we have to get witnesses.  We just can’t take someone’s word. COORDINATOR / COMMITTEE REPORTS:  BASKETBALL – as per Dave Capuano ·         Practice started.·         Bethlehem Area Basketball League – Planning on having coaches meeting in the next 2 weeks.  Includes BTAA, Canes, Notre Dame, Bethlehem & Saucon Valley.  Schedules and fees are being worked on.  Games begin 1st week in Dec.   ·         Pates teams start around the 1st week in Dec.  ·         So far have 5 volunteers for Site Managers to go for training and background checks.  Will need Criminal History, Act 151 and Child Abuse checks.·         Little Dribblers Skills & Drills program with Canes will start 2nd week in Dec.  Have about 60 registered.  Looking to have a parents meeting at Liberty after Thanksgiving.·         Finally got enough coaches for all teams.  Was not easy.  Goal was to keep teams between 9-11 players to enable coaches to give kids plenty of playing time.·         Trying to get into NCC’s Sports Management class to speak with the students.  Hopefully in January for spring semester.·         Need to look at a few equipment needs.  Will consult the Board.·         Still looking for a replacement for next year for coordinator. FOOTBALL – as per Juan Cotto WRESTLING as per Keith Lyden·         Nov. 7 practice started.·         Dec. 3 first season match.·         Possibly combine practice with Liberty and Notre Dame over Christmas.·         Looking for pre-season tournament.·         Helped out with Bethlehem Fall Classic at Freedom. CHEERLEADING FOR WRESTLING–as per Renee Webber·         10 signups for pep squad - K and 1st grade, 18 JV – 1st and 2nd  grade, 23 – V, 3-6th grade·         Pictures 12/12 @ Freedom with John Pittman·         Uniform exchange on Nov. 30.·         Spirit wear orders will be in soon. ·         Background checks in to Jill·         Will post By-laws on team’s website.·         Competitions:  Nazareth 2/19 – our Championship competition,  E. Stroudsburg 3/3,    Emmaus 3/19 and maybe Pocono Summit if they have one. CONCESSIONS ·         John Grenauer worked hard to get it to look like a brand new building!·         Ray Russin brought a grill and cooked/sold burgers/hotdogs.·         Not many items left.  SOCCER – as per Tony Raffino·         Drama minimal for BTAA. ·         U10A girls won – Flynns won Garcia Cup, as well as season’s champ.·         U16 Co-ed won – Dan Davila won Garcia Cup, as well as season’s champ.·         Took first in U12B – Chominski·         Took 3rd in U14A – Ferero·         Spring sign up dates set for January with Lacrosse and Softball.        SOFTBALL: as per Rich Sheffer·         Signups set for January with Lacrosse and Soccer.·         Fall clean up and inventory done.·         Feedback about uniforms has been collected.·         ELV Fall Ball done.  BTAA had the most girls participating.  4 girls on Major team winners.·         Pitching machine gone?!   Looking for who took it.  No sign of break in.  Police report filed. LACROSSE- Jon Nichols – absent – No report COURTESY OF THE FLOORJen Donchez asked if we could get all cheer uniforms at once due to dye lots and color changes.  Jen will be on committee to price uniforms. MEETING RECOGNITION:1ST meeting: Dan Vidal2nd meeting: Alice Lynn, Jean Keeler, Renee Webber, Miguel Espinosa 3rd meeting:  None NEXT MEETING:  Dec. 12, 2011 @ 8:00, BTCC. Motion to adjourn:  Ray Russin           2nd John Shay Meeting adjourned: 9:02  Respectfully submitted by Jill Volkert