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Monday, January 9
BTAA Meeting Minutes December 13, 2011
BTAA Meeting MinutesDecember 13, 2011 Meeting called to order: 8:03ACTION ITEMS:Minutes from November’s meeting read and accepted by members. Changes/Corrections: NoneMotion to accept:  Dave Capuano   2nd: Jim Lutz Treasurer’s Report – read by Donna Grenauer          Copies available upon request.Motion to accept:            Carmen Barbosa  2nd:  Brian FlynnEXECUTIVE REPORT:  Vince Spina – Thanks to Donna for all of the time she puts into the “books.”John Koch - absent Cathy Shay – no reportJill Volkert – no reportDonna Grenauer – When a coordinator delegates ordering to someone else, be sure you put your name on the order!  Any order of $1,000.00 or more needs Board approval. COORDINATOR / COMMITTEE REPORTS:  BASKETBALL – as per Dave Capuano  ·         All teams are underway in their games.·         BABL- 21 games going on in one day at the main gym and 5 games in the aux. gym.  Approx. 26 games in one day when running at full capacity.  Thanks to the volunteers serving as site managers.  They are a huge help!·         Little Dribblers Program with Canes (for 1st and 2nd graders) started this week at LHS aux. gym.  Two sessions, with approx.95 participants.  About 60 from BTAA.·         Ray Russin has been speaking with Troy Tucker to help try and secure some gym time at NCC over the Christmas holiday break when the BASD school gyms are closed.  We will have to pay a small fee.  I am also going to explore utilizing In The Zone.·         Still need to schedule picture day.  Working with Michele Turpening who will set up the team schedules for us.  Michele also assembled the first aid kits for us.  I received more ice packs donated from St. Lukes Hospital.·         I am still looking for a replacement for coordinator for next year. WRESTLING as per Keith Lyden·         Started season with 2 and 1.·         Need to get more time in the wrestling room.·         Cannot host League Quads this year.  Unfortunately, no space!·         1/28/12  FHS vs. LHS.  Hoping for it to be “Bulldog Nite.”  Will have Bulldogs wrestle Little Canes at the half. CHEERLEADING –as per Carmen Barbosa & Renee Webber·         Coach Angel’s Flag Squad qualified for Championship Jackets.·         We will look for a seamstress to repair zippers and mend uniforms.·         Using extra trophies we’ve been storing in the BTAA office, just changing name plates.  ·         Bathrooms at practices are now always opened. SOFTBALL: as per Rich Sheffer·         Reaching out to Freedom to get a relationship going with Softball Coach Denny Hollinger.·         Looking to do a pitchers/catchers off season program. Polling parents to see if interested. LACROSSE -as per John Nichols·         Will we be able to use the BTAA fields?·         Having discussions with Freedom’s Booster Club.·         Signups in January.·         Short on coaches, especially for girls’ 6-7-8 yr. olds.  (Heather Gowdy and Kim Jenkins volunteered)   Also for U11 and 4th and 5TH grade boys.·         Will have coaches meeting soon. SOCCER – as per Tony Raffino·         Spring soccer registration in January.·         Will need uniforms for fall.·         Will check out BSG – under new management. FOOTBALL- as per Juan Cotto·         Equipment still coming in.·         Ready to do inventory.·         Will need shoulder pads. COURTESY OF THE FLOOR·         Heather Gowdy – How do we know how much we can spend on uniforms?  Will discuss at coordinators’ meeting.·         Earl Jenkins – Thanks to all of football.·         Keith Lyden suggested finding a company that we can use for all of our sports across the board.  Maybe BSG or Schuylkill Valley Sporting Goods who gave Dan a great deal on their Championship sweatshirts.OTHER:  ·         Recognition and introduction of Championship Soccer teams.o   Enan and Brian Flynn’s U10 A Champions were undefeated with one tie.  6 and 0 record.  Goals scored for entire season = 49.  Goals scored against us for the total season = 6.o   Dan Davila’s U16 co-ed Champions were undefeated.  This season scored 38 goals and gave up 16 goals.o   Congratulations to all of our athletes who won Championships!·         Nominations for Fall Sports Coordinatorso   Football:  Juan Cotto (accepts) and Chris Karabinus (accepts).o   Cheerleading:  Carmen Barbosa (accepts).o   Soccer:  Tony Raffino (accepts) MEETING RECOGNITION:1ST meeting: Angel Weed, Kim Jenkins, John Scanlan, Jason Bevan, Andy Vandever2nd meeting:  None3rd meeting:  Renee Webber, Alice Lynn, Miguel Espinosa, Jean Keeler Motion to accept new members:  Tony Raffino     2nd:   Carmen Barbosa       All in favor. NEXT MEETING:  January 9, 2012 @ 8:00, BTCC, preceded by a coordinators meeting at 7:00. Motion to adjourn:  Heather Gowdy    2nd Carmen Barbosa Meeting adjourned: 7:50           Happy Holidays!  Respectfully submitted by Jill Volkert