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Monday, October 10
BTAA Meeting Minutes September 12, 2011

BTAA Meeting MinutesSeptember 12, 2011 Meeting called to order: 8:12  ACTION ITEMS:·    Minutes from August’s meeting read and accepted by members with corrections.Corrections:  NoneMotion to accept: Dave Capuano       2nd:  Jim Lutz·    Treasurer’s Report - None EXECUTIVE REPORT:Vince Spina:  - Meeting with the Township in 2 months for the budget meeting. John Koch – No report Cathy Shay – Notify of any website updates.                       Nominations for spring sports’ coordinators Jill Volkert – No report Donna Grenauer – No report DISCUSSION ITEMS :·         Concession stand renovations are nearly complete thanks to a handful of dedicated volunteers.  With over 2000 strong, very disappointed that there are not more people volunteering to help on Sundays.  The transformation is amazing and should last at least the next decade.  COORIDNATOR/COMMITTEE REPORTS SOCCER – as per Dan Davilla·         458 players·         By order of the Twp. Board, all home games that were being played on the regular (softball) field at Municipal Park are cancelled.  We are suddenly forced by the commissioners to make a fast transition to the NEW fields.  Poor communication on the commissioners’ part resulted in a mess!  The “new” fields are uneven and bumpy, but better than nothing.  The fields seem to need a good “rolling,”  FOOTBALL – as per Ray Russin·         All is good 2 weeks into the season. CHEERLEADING – as per Carmen Barbosa ·         Sign ups begin tomorrow.·         May need to do additional sign ups. CONCESSIONSas per Vince Spina·         Used a make-shift concession tent this week selling limited items for the games.  Seemed to work well.·         The Municipal Park Concession Stand (next to park bathrooms) is available for us to use for Soccer and Lacrosse. WRESTLING – as per Keith Lyden·         Sign ups begin tomorrow.·         Kids brought home the fliers from school today. BASKETBALL – as per Dave Capuano·         Sign ups begin tomorrow.·         Almost set up for online registration.·         BABL finalizing Little Dribblers program (skills & drills) with Canes for 1st and 2nd graders.·         Will need a list of volunteers for site managers to submit to Fred Harris to schedule training and background checks for BASD.·         Getting responses back from coaching candidates.  Will try to recruit more at sign ups.·         New Freedom HS Girl’s Coach DeAnna Rayman has reached out to us and is looking to try and build the girls’ program.  Will continue dialogue with her to see what we can come up with for the betterment of both programs.  We will also continue to work with Coach Stellato from the boys’ side. SOFTBALL – as per Rich Sheffer·         Fall Ball is well underway·         ELV organization has the highest level of participation. LACROSSE –as per John Shay·         All is good. OTHER – ·         Spring Sports Coordinators nominations:o   Softball – Rich Sheffer – accepts§  Motion to accept:  Enan Flynn   2nd:  Brian Flynn   All in favor.                                  Voted in, congrats, Rich!o   Lacrosse –Jon Nicholas - accepts CURTOSY OF THE FLOOR: MEETING RECOGNITION :  1st meeting:  Lisa Vandever       2nd meeting:  none       3rd meeting and voting member:  John Nicholas  Motion to accept:  Carmen Barbosa         2nd: Ray Russin         All in favor. NEXT MEETING:  October 10, 201 1(Brian Flynn’s birthday) @ 8:00, BTCC Motion to adjourn:    John Shay     2nd:  Brian Flynn Meeting adjourned: 8:40    Respectfully submitted by Jill Volkert