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Monday, September 12
BTAA Meeting Minutes May 9, 2011
BTAA Meeting MinutesMay 9, 2011Meeting called to order: 8:13ACTION ITEMS:Minutes from Aprils meeting read and accepted by members. Changes/Corrections : NoneMotion to accept:   Ray Russin  2nd: Jen DonchezTreasurer’s Report – read by Donna Grenauer Copies available upon request.Motion to accept:     John Grenauer   2nd:  Jen Donchez       EXECUTIVE REPORT:  Vince Spina - ·         As a result of being moved from a class 1A status to a class 2A status,  a proposal to school Board was made to create a Bethlehem area Basketball League.  We are now paying $12,000 a year.  Cost would increase by $12 to $20 thousand dollars.  We would combine with the Little Hawks and Little Canes organizations to form a league of over 1,000 players.  5-6 teams per division that would play each other.  Competitive league that would play here in the Bethlehem area at Liberty, Freedom, Becca, BTCC and possibly  NCC.  We have support from ADs  and high school coaches.Dave has attended numerous committee meetings representing BTAA gathering info.    We need to lend support at June’s School Board meeting.·         Pay attention to upcoming election; Commissioner seats are  open.  Some support BTAA.·         Enforce late registration fees after 6/25/11.  No refunds at all on late registrations.·         Sample shown of our Bulldog logo to be painted on our fields.  Thanks to Keith Lyden. John Koch -  Cathy Shay – Nominations for winter sport coordinators and board members. Jill Volkert – Reminder to Fall Sport Coordinators to get background check info. from coaches.  Please           indicate the NEW coaches on the form for referencing if they had a background check done for           coaching a previous sport. Donna Grenauer – No report DISCUSSION ITEMS:   COORDINATOR / COMMITTEE REPORTS:  SOCCER – as per Tony Raffino·         One week for late online registrations·         Lining up coaches FOOTBALL- as per Vince Spina·         New logo for field·         Sign ups on 5/17, 19, 23 and 25 for ages 5-12, up to 125 lbs.  We no longer need copies of birth certificates at registration for returning players.  Only NEW players need them. CONCESSIONS - In need of help!!!  Several issues.  CHEERLEADING –as per Carmen Barbosa·         No sneaker orders at signups.  Spirit wear and sneaker orders will take place at the 2nd or 3rd week of practice.·          LACROSSE -as per Joe Conzola·         Going well.·         U9 tournament this weekend.·         Still need field space.·         Contacted by Freedom Lacrosse; they donated half of the concessions’ profit from Bethlehem LAX Day to BTAA.·         5/17 - pictures with Fancy Fotos. WRESTLING as per Keith Lyden·         Off season wrestling will end this month.·         10% discount to BTAA Bulldogs for Karam’s summer camp. BASKETBALL – as per Dave Capuano            Dave is presently at a School Board meeting. SOFTBALL: as per John Grenauer·         Season is up and running.·         Letter sent to Commissioners about the poor conditions of the fields at Northside.  Made no points with Grube.·         Having Concession Stand issues.  Need to contact Lorie.·         Fancy Fotos cannot accommodate our dates.  Unavailable until June.  Too late.  Will contact Pittman.·         We got new coaches shirts and hats.·         Thanks to the concession stand “work crew“ COURTESY OF THE FLOOR OTHER:  Cathy examined the piece of land at Anthony Ct. available for us to use as a practice field.  Lumpy, weed infested rodent holes….unsafe! MEETING RECOGNITION:1ST meeting: Rob Kinter 2nd meeting:  Gloria Colon                    Chris Karabinus 3rd meeting:  Rich Sheffer Motion to accept new members:  John Grenauer   2nd: Brian Flynn         All in favor. NEXT MEETING:       June 13, 2011@ 8:00, BTCC. Motion to adjourn:  Ray Russin       2nd John Shay Meeting adjourned: 8:55   Respectfully submitted by Jill Volkert