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Monday, September 12
BTAA Meeting Minutes April 11, 2011
BTAA Meeting MinutesApril 11, 2011 Meeting called to order:  8:15 ACTION ITEMS:·         Minutes from March’s meeting read and accepted by members.Motion to accept:  Steve Szymanski      2nd:  John Shay·         Treasurer’s Report - read by Donna Grenauer      Copies available by request.      Motion to accept:  Ray Russin     2nd:  Dave Capuano EXECUTIVE REPORT:Vince Spina:  - BASD is reevaluating fee structure for gym rental.  Discussion with other organizations to make a united front.  Will affect our programming.   John Koch – None Cathy Shay –Nominations for board and Winter sports Coordinators tonight. Jill Volkert – None Donna Grenauer – None COORIDNATOR/COMMITTEE REPORTS SOCCERas per Tony Raffino·         10 teams·         8 games·         Registration begins this week.  Can sign up for FC Freedom as well.  Also Online registrations.·         Evals on 6/26.·         Parent meetings first week of August.·         Dan Davila will assist Tony.·         Thanks to John Grenauer for use of softball fields.o    Have an account with Sherman Williams for paint. FOOTBALLas per Vince Spina·         Will hook up with Cheerleading to set sign up dates for next month. CHEERLEADING as per Carmen Barbosa ·         2/2 Banquet went well.  ·         Sign ups upcoming in May. CONCESSIONS ·         Stand was broken into 2 times in the last month.·         John, along with any volunteers will begin repairs.  Still waiting for permit.  Will need to be a quick turnaround.  Eventually will landscape, as well. WRESTLING as per Keith Lyden·         Banquet with High School went well.  Freedom’s Booster Club purchased winter skull caps for all Bulldog wrestlers. ·         Wednesdays, 6:00-7:30 off season wrestling.·         Emails will be sent out for Karam’s summer camp.·         High school’s golf tournament on 5/21.  All welcome.  Will email out their flyer.·         We have a great co-operative program with Freedom. BASKETBALL as per Dave Capuano·         Regular season is over.·         Almost all uniforms are in.·         Will be doing inventory for next year’s budget.·         Will have basketball sign ups for summer.  Will coincide with fall soccer sign ups.  Have only a few committed coaches for the summer. SOFTBALLas per John Grenauer·         Twp. has a piece of land we can use for multiple sports’ practice.  Its past Notre Dame, near Campbell Estates @ Anthony Court.  Will get insurance for it.·         Fields are nowhere near ready due to Mother Nature.·         Batting cage net went up.·         Relocated some of the Porta-Potties.·         Got out trash barrels and liners.·         Wednesday, uniform handouts.·         Got field leases.·         Pitching mounds to be put in this weekend.·         Games starting around April 20th.·         Need to get keys made for coaches.·         Not sure if concession stand will be done/ready on time for start of season.·         7 or 8 lights are out.  Light bulbs are $250. - $300.  so we will keep track of which ones go out.  They will be numbered.·         Field lights OUT by 10:00 EVERY NIGHT! LACROSSEas per Cathy and John Shay·         Hoping girls’ Lacrosse games can be held at Municipal Park.·         Sat. 4/16 – “BTAA Lacrosse Day” during Freedom’s Club Team’s game.·         Still searching for field space.·         Boys’ teams are off to a great start.·         U16 Boys “B” is undefeated so far. OTHER ·         Salute to Girls’ 6th grade Lady Pates Championship team.  12 – 0  undefeated.Congrats. to Coaches Craig Coyne and Lynn Herman.·         Nominations:o    Basketball Coordinator:  Dave Capuano – acceptso    Board:  Previous slate – acceptso    Concession Stand Coordinator – Lorie Dosedlo – not present MEETING RECOGNITION:  1st meeting:  Chris Karabinus      2nd meeting:  Rich Sheffer                          Tim Franges                  3rd meeting and voting member:  Brian Dancsecs                                                                 Earl Jenkins                                                                   Jim Lutz Motion to accept: Ray Russin         2nd:  John Shay        All in favor. NEXT MEETING:  May 9, 2011 @ 8:00, BTCC Motion to adjourn:   John Shay    2nd:  Ray Russin Meeting adjourned:  8:55  Respectfully submitted by Jill Volkert