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Monday, September 12
BTAA Meeting Minutes June 13, 2011

BTAA Meeting Minutes

June 13, 2011 Meeting called to order: 8:10ACTION ITEMS:·         Minutes from May’s meeting read and accepted by members. Motion to accept:   John Shay   2nd: Brian Flynn

·        Treasurer’s Report – read by Donna Grenauer - Copies available upon request.

    Motion to accept:     Rob Kinter   2nd:  Joe Conzola     

EXECUTIVE REPORT  by Vince Spina – ·         Video surveillance now installed in the concession stand.  Outside cameras will be installed, as well.

·         Remodeling of concession stand will begin in July.  Volunteers needed!!!  ANYBODY!  Community service volunteers welcomed.  If not done by football/cheering, we will set up a tent to sell drinks and snacks until it’s finished.                                        Working on “policies and procedures” for the stand.

·         By creating a “Bethlehem Area Basketball League”, we can reduce our cost from $23,000 last season to $15,000. ($7,500 the district, $7,500 us)

John Koch – No report

Cathy Shay –No reportJill Volkert –No report

Donna Grenauer – No report



SOCCER   No report

FOOTBALL- as per Vince Spina·         Website is up and running. ·         Online registration is available.·         Sunday night speed and skills and drills, 6:30-7:30 at Northside.  Our coaches are volunteering.·         9/4 season begins·         7/19-21 and 7/26-28 Mini camps; voluntary

·         Coach’s evaluation forms, coaching applications and background check forms for coaching are all available on our website.

CHEERLEADING –as per Carmen Barbosa·         100 girls; Flags – 125’s

·         8/1 practice begins

CONCESSIONS - In need of help!!!  Several issues.

LACROSSE -as per Joe Conzola

·         3rd and 4th grade did well.  Used field aside the building at NCC.  Worked out well.·         Boys won a game in final tournament.  “B” boys won a tournament.·         Had field issues.  Rain didn’t help.·         Thanks to Rob Kinter for dealing with the equipment.

·         Thanks to Brian Flynn for lining the fields.

WRESTLING as per Keith Lyden – off season, nothing going on

BASKETBALL – as per Dave Capuano  ·         Summer ball has 6 teams:  4 girls and 2 boys, 5th and 6th grades.·         Didn’t have enough players for all age groups.·         All leases turned in for schools, for gym space.

SOFTBALL: as per John Grenauer

·         Good season; minimal complaints.·         Playoffs are beginning for Minors and Majors.  Possibly all 5 Minor teams make it in.  All 3 Majors teams in playoffs.·         Junior “B”  9-6 (3rd place)·         Seniors are doing well.·         Thanks to Keith Lyden for the donation of the BTAA Bulldog template.·         No end of year celebration this year due to several issues, especially the concession stand.·         BT will be hosting the All Star games for the Minors and Majors on Sat. June 25th.       There will be 2 games at 1:00 and 2 games at 3:00.       Looking for community service students to help out with the fields and clean up the trash.·         BT will be hosting the Majors Tournament on July 8, 9 and 10th.                           WILL NEED HELP ALL 3 DAYS!·         Concession stand renovations will be starting mid July. NEED HELP FROM ANYONE!  NO experience necessary.  There are jobs for everyone.·         Cameras are now installed in the stand.·         Summer sessions for ages 8-11 will be starting on June 16th and going until the end of July.  This will be headed by Rich Sheffer.  All coaches and parents can help out.·         Will be getting together with Rich to evaluate this year’s program, to get input and suggestions for next year from parents and coaches, and to evaluate head and asst. coaches for next year.

·         Received refund check from Fancy Fotos.


·         Brian Flynn volunteered to line fields for football end of July-beginning of Aug.


·         By-law revisions/changes:o    Page 2 Article 4:  Finances Sect. 2 (Flags)o    The “paths” the equipment deposits will take.o    Cheerleading guidelines for competitions.·         Rob Lehman, videographer made a presentation of what he filmed on our field during football last year.  He is offering to cover all of our games.  Will offer a DVD weekly to coaches and a team highlights video for each player at $17.00 each.

·         First Tuesday of every month is Dine to Donate at 5 GUYS.


1ST meeting: John Nicholas

2nd meeting:  Rob Kinter

3rd meeting and voting members:  Gloria Colon and Chris Kara

Motion to accept new members:  Joe Conzola    2nd: Ray Russin        All in favor

NEXT MEETING:     July 11, 2011@ 8:00, BTCC.

Motion to adjourn:  John Shay    2nd Brian Donchez

Meeting adjourned: 8:55

Respectfully submitted by Jill Volkert