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Monday, September 12
BTAA Meeting Minutes August 8, 2011

BTAA Meeting Minutes

August 8, 2011 

Meeting called to order:  8:25

ACTION ITEMS:·    Minutes from June’s meeting read and accepted by members with corrections.

(There was no meeting in July due to the large amount of members on vacation.)

Motion to accept:  Brian Flynn   2nd:  Rob Kinter·    Treasurer’s Report - read by Donna Grenauer      Copies available by request.

      Motion to accept:  Dan Davilla     2nd:  John Grenauer


Vince Spina:  Concession stand gutted and renovations have begun.  HELP NEEDED! John Koch – No report Cathy Shay – Nominations for spring sports coordinators tonight Jill Volkert – Background info. from fall sports coaches needed for clearances. Donna Grenauer – No report 


SOCCER – No report

FOOTBALL – as per Juan Cotto·        Fields painted yesterday

·        Helmets come in tomorrow.  Some had to be ordered.

CHEERLEADING – as per Carmen Barbosa·        110 girls / 6 squads·        Girls will be making Tie-dyed T-Shirts.·        Parents expressed interest in spirit wear

·        LVL gym on Schoenersville Rd. and Freedom HS gyms will be used.


BASKETBALL – as per Dave Capuano·        1 undefeated summer ball team made playoffs; sixth grade girls.·        9/13, 15, 19 and 21 are sign ups.  6pm. – 8pm.  Will inquire about registering online.·        Bethlehem Area Basketball League to use FHS gyms and one of the middle school’s gyms.·        Looking to keep BTAA’s cost below $8.000.·        Will need volunteer “Site Managers.”·        1st and 2nd grade players will have a fundamentals skills and drills program.

·        Summer equipment collections upcoming.  Will need to order some new equipment.

WRESTLING – as per Keith Lyden·        Patriot Club bought 2 new mats for FHS.

·        “Open mat Club” will resume once school starts.

SOFTBALL – as per John Grenauer·        Season finished.  10 of 11 teams made play offs.·        Made around $3,000. At the softball tournament with limited sales at the stand due to renovations. 

            That was with people bringing their own food, grills and drinks!

LACROSSE – No report

OTHER –  ·        Nominations for:  Lacrosse -  Jon Nicholas - accepts

                                          Softball  -   None

·        Troy Tucker at NCC is now working with us.  He wants to be involved with all of our sports.                                                                          He offered to volunteer to help us with any sports management items.·        Presentation by Grill Armor on mouth guards:o   Dental lab in Bethlehemo   Our website will have a link to their website:  GAmouthguards.como   Shock absorbent, unchewable mouth guardso   Can choose colors, logos, teams.o   Turnaround is 3 weeks.o   Usually good for 1 year due to growth, or for as long as it fits.

o   4 levels of protection:  $54. (for 8 yrs. old and under) to $89.

MEETING RECOGNITION :  1st meeting:  Tony Martinez                                                                        Andrew Vandever                                                         2nd meeting:  Jon Nicholas 

   3rd meeting and voting member:  Rob Kinter

 Motion to accept:  Brian Donchez   2nd:  Brian Flynn                All in favor.

NEXT MEETING: September 12, 2011  @ 8:15, BTCC

Motion to adjourn:  Dave Capuano    2nd:  John ShayMeeting adjourned: 8:20 Respectfully submitted by Jill Volkert