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Monday, May 2
BTAA Meeting Minutes March 14, 2011
BTAA Meeting Minutes

March 14, 2011 

Meeting called to order:  8:15

ACTION ITEMS:·    Minutes from February’s meeting read and accepted by members.Motion to accept:    John Grenauer       2nd:  Ray Russin·    Treasurer’s Report-read by Donna Grenauer      Copies available by request.

      Motion to accept:  Ray Russin     2nd:  John Grenauer


Vince Spina:  ·         Repairs done to Concession stand roof, floors and windows.  Replaced using money we had.  Used nothing extra from Twp.  Looking for volunteers to help with repairs to keep cost down.·         Commended Joe Kitchel for all the work he has done volunteering in the BTAA.  Sorry to see him leave.John Koch –  No reportCathy Shay –Coaches applications and background checks are on the website.                    Print, fill out and return to Jill ASAP.  Good for 1 year.Jill Volkert – No reportDonna Grenauer – No report


SOCCER – as per Tony Raffino·         Joe Kitchel is stepping down.  Tony is looking for assistance.·         10 teams for spring·         League fees are paid.·         Equipment is out.·         Sharing fields with softball.  (Thanks)·         Fall sign ups are on April 12, 13, 20, 22 and 26.  Looking to also use online registrations. FOOTBALL – as per Vince Spina·         Donation of equipment; yard marker, down marker, tools, clips, chin straps, practice jerseys, athletic tape (cases)·         Sing up dates TBA

·         Artie Owens summer camp – 8am. to 10 pm.  Leases are set.

CONCESSIONSas per Lorie Dosedlo  - No report

CHEERLEADING – as per Carmen Barbosa·         Wrestling is done.·         Emmaus Competition:  Pep Squad-3rd place, JV -2nd, V-4th·         Qualify for JV and V championship jackets.·         Stroudsburg Competition:  JV – 1st place·         Nazareth Competition:  V – 1st,  JV – 1st·         Collecting uniforms.

·         Banquet on Sat. April 2 at Outback  - Kids and families paid

BASKETBALL – as per Dave Capuano·         Regular season is done.·         6 in CBL playoff·         6th grade Girls Pates were undefeated and won.·         Equipment return is on Thurs.·         Summer ball signups in March/April. WRESTLING – as per Keith Lyden·         16 wrestlers were recognized and congratulated on their metals·         Ongoing uniform collection·         Lease at Freedom:  6-8pm. off season mat work through April at no cost to BTAA.·          SOFTBALL – as per John Grenauer.·         4 Tee Ball teams, 5 coach pitch, 5 Minors, 3 Majors, 2 Juniors and 1 Senior team·         Drafts for all but Jrs. Done.  They will be done tomorrow night.  Thanks to Rich Sheffe r and Jill Volkert for their help.·         Equipment handouts to all coaches were on Saturday am.  Thank you to Rich Sheffer and Kevin Steinhart for their help.·         In the process of getting supplies from Coplay Sporting Goods.·         Parent/coaches meeting was held for Minors and Majors.  Meeting for T-Ball, Coach pitch and Jrs. will be on Mon. 3/28.·         DICK’S donated 17 coaches’ packs.  We ended up with 25.  Also got discount coupons.  Sending a thank you letter from BTAA Softball.  Will schedule BTAA  softball discount night.  Will be 15% off plus your coupons.·         Season starts 4/20.·         Need to set up new batting cage and fencing around warm up areas on Minor’s and Srs.’ fields.·         Pitching Machine is finally broken.  Want to replace and keep old one for parts.·         Soccer has left over field paint softball will use.·         Going to try to get dirt fill for fields this year.  Will be purchasing a wheelbarrow to keep in the main shed.

·         St Lukes donated first aid kits.  Thank you Joe Kitchel.

LACROSSE –as per Joe Conzola

·         Got NCC fields for U9 boys and for girls, grades 1 – 4.

·         No fee to use the field at Hanover Ele. for the older girls.

·         Equipment handout on Tues.  Thanks to Rob Kinter for organizing.

·         April is the start of the season.

·         120 boys signed up.

·         68 girls signed up.

·         Working on a Freedom Club.

·         Working on playing games on BTAA day.

·         Received 10 coaches’ kits.

OTHER    By-laws-changes read and discussion followed.            Add:   $100.00 uniform deposit                   Championship jacket qualifications for Cheering for wrestling.          Remove:   Cheering for wrestling deposit. 


 1st meeting:  Rich Sheffer, Gloria Colon, Tony Martinez                                                2nd meeting:  Jim Lutz, Earl Jenkins, Brian Dancsecs, Renee Webber 

 3rd meeting and voting member: Jennifer Donchez

 Motion to accept:   Brian Flynn    2nd:      Ray Russin         All in favor.

NEXT MEETING:  April 11 2011  @ 8:00, BTCC

Motion to adjourn:  Keith Lyden        2nd:  Ray Russin

Meeting adjourned: 8:55

 Respectfully submitted by Jill Volkert