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Monday, March 14
BTAA Meeting Minutes January 10, 2011

BTAA Meeting Minutes January 10, 2011  

Meeting called to order:  8:08

 ACTION ITEMS:? Minutes from December’s meeting read and accepted by members.

Corrections:  None  Motion to accept:    Brian Flynn     2nd:  Tony Raffino ? Treasurer’s Report    read by Vince Spina      Copies available by request.      Motion to accept:   Lynn Spina      2nd:  Joe Kitchell 


Vince Spina – Working on coordinating work bond duties for each sport using suggestions submitted by the coordinators. 

-Those submitting changes or additions to the by-laws are asked to join the By-law Committee. 

John Koch – No report 

Cathy Shay –  Any by-law changes or suggestions must be submitted in writing to the board for review.  -      Once you are a member, you’re always a member.  But voting privileges go away if you miss 3 or more meetings.  Voting privileges are reinstated after member attends the 3 meeting in 4 consecutive months.  Also only voting members can put forth nominations and vote. 

Jill Volkert – No report Donna Grenauer – absent 


SOCCER – as per Tony Raffino·         Signups begin next week.  Jan. 17, 19, 25 and 27.·         Joe Kitchell has been working on trial online registrations through cub.spaces.  Want to work out all the bugs by fall registration.

 FOOTBALL – No report

 CHEERLEADING – as per Karen McIlvaine ·         Cheerleading has 4 competitions:  Pocono, Nazareth, Emmaus, and Stroudsburg. ·         Need new uniforms. Ours are not true to size, as parents altered them. They are stained and gross. 


WRESTLING – as per Keith Lyden·         Going well·         Tournament at Freedom 2/12 and 13.  Looking for volunteers. 

BASKETBALL – as per Dave Capuano 

SOFTBALL – as per John Grenauer. 

LACROSSE –as per Joe Conzola·         102 boys and 34 girls signed up so far·         Late sign up next Monday with softball and soccer.·         Fields at Municipal Park will not be ready.·         Need at least one more field for older players.  Hopefully NCC will pan out. 

OTHER Nominations and voting for Fall Sports Coordinators·         Football:  Juan Cotto    (Ran unopposed)·         Cheerleading :  Carman Barbosa   (Nominees:  Karen McIlvaine, Carman Barbosa, and Heather Gowdy)·         Soccer:  Tony Raffino   (Ran unopposed) Congratulations to all Fall Sports Coordinators. 

By-law Committee to meet next month:Vince Spina, Jill Volkert, Cathy Shay, Dan Davila, Karen McIlvaine and Kim Smith         (Still taking sign ups.) 


MEETING RECOGNITION :  1st meeting: Jim Lutz and David Lissy                   2nd meeting: Jennifer Donchez, David Barbosa and                                     Doreen Stocker    3rd meeting and voting member:  Carmen Barbosa, David Delvillaggio, Bill Neusidl and Les Walker  Motion to accept:  Dave Capuano       2nd:     Lynn Spina        All in favor. 

NEXT MEETING:  February 14, 2011 @ 8:00, BTCC Motion to adjourn:  John Shay    2nd:   Lynn Spina Meeting adjourned:  8:50 

Respectfully submitted by Jill Volkert