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Monday, January 10
BTAA Meeting Minutes August 9, 2010
BTAA Meeting MinutesAugust 9, 2010 Meeting called to order:  8:08  ACTION ITEMS:Minutes from July’s meeting read.  Correction to July’s minutes:  Cost of new line painter was $2,000.00, not $4,200.00.  July’s minutes with corrections, read and accepted by members.Motion to accept:  John Grenauer     2nd  John Shay Treasurer’s Report – read by Donna Grenauer     Copies available upon request.Motion to accept:  Dave Capuano           2nd   John Grenauer   EXECUTIVE REPORT:  Vince Spina – School Board voted not to raise or change the gym fees at this time.  Some voted against it, so we still need to keep an eye on the status of gym fees.  We now pay $22,000 a yr.  John Koch - Lottery calendars ready for soccer.  Already went out to football and cheering. Cathy Shay –  Absent Jill Volkert – No report Donna Grenauer – No report COORDINATOR / COMMITTEE REPORTS:  SOCCER – as per Joe  Kitchell·         Used line painter to line fields.  Worked well.  Ordered 60 cases of line paint.·         First Aid Kits are in.·         A soccer representative from each Bulldog team will be attending monthly BTAA meetings.·         Practice begins next week.·         Last night was “Soccer/Football Night” at DICK’S.  100 people showed up to shop.           DICK’S was very pleased. CHEERLEADING –as per Karen McIlvaine·         Practice underway.  ·         Recruiting volunteers for Stand Up and Cheer competition.·         Submitting request to get Championship Jackets if 2 out of 3 competitions are won, instead of if winning a designated (at the season’s start) competition.                           Will look into how the by-laws speak to that. FOOTBALL- as per Juan Cotto ·         Field painting looks good.·         A few players quit.·         First pre-season game on Fri. vs. Parkland.  Will have Refs. CONCESSIONS - Lorie Dosedlo absent -  No report. SOFTBALL- as per John Grenauer ·    Season is over.·    Sat. clean up.·    Fall ball begins. LACROSSE - as per Joe Conzola/Tammy Healy·         Final equipment returns  in 2 weeks.·         Tammy reported that girls don’t get referees, so asked to have 2 or 3 parents or volunteers to go to referee training.  Parents will be polled.·         Received preliminary approval for Lacrosse being a Club Sport at the High School. BASKETBALL – as per Dave Capuano ·         Finished up summer season.·         Last equipment return this week.·         Sign up dates for Sept. TBD.·         School leases go into effect 9/13/10.·         Would like to have a pre-season meeting to drum up coaches, especially for the younger players.·         Trying to update the website. WRESTLING - Keith Lyden absent – No report OTHER:  ·       It was great the way so many pitched in to get the fields ready.·       We will talk about photographers at the next meeting.·       Nominations:                             Softball – John Grenauer – accepts                              Lacrosse – John Shay – declines                                             Joe Conzola – accepts CURTOSY OF THE FLOOR:·         Heather works at OUTBACK and is looking to donate to the BTAA organization.  She will email fliers for a “BTAA Bulldog Night.”   A % of all purchases that night goes to the organization.  MEETING RECOGNITION: 1ST meeting:  None 2nd meeting:  Karen McIlvaine                    Tammy Healy                    Juan Cotto 3rd meeting and voting members:  Jeff Silfies Motion to accept:  Joe Kitchell   2nd:  John Shay     All in favor. NEXT MEETING:  September 13, 2010 @ 8:15, BTCC. Motion to adjourn:   John Grenauer     2nd   Lynn Spina Meeting adjourned:  8:49   Respectfully submitted by Jill Volkert