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Monday, January 10
BTAA Meeting Minutes September 12, 2010

BTAA Meeting Minutes

September 12, 2010

Meeting called to order: 8:21


Minutes from August’s meeting read and accepted by members.

Corrections: Heather Gowdy: 1st meeting and Kim Smith: 2nd meeting

Motion to accept: Joe Kitchell 2nd Dave Capuano

Treasurer’s Report Donna Grenauer not present.

Vince reported that the opening balance was $26,143. and the closing balance was $21,621.

Copies available upon request, next month.

Motion to accept: Lynn Spina 2nd Joe Conzola


Vince Spina

Benjamin Tanaglia is a new school board member

Rich McIntyre resigned as Wrestling Head Coach. The school board did not support him.

Projected budget for next year will be submitted to the school board.

John Koch - absent

Cathy Shay
No report

Jill Volkert Background checks for cheering and soccer done. Still nothing submitted for football’s clearances.Donna Grenauer



SOCCER as per Tony Raffino

Going well.

Preparing for tournament. Meeting next week.

CHEERLEADING as per Karen McIlvaine

Going well.

Practice began inside today.

Oct. 16th and Oct. 23rd will cheer for Soccer night games.

FOOTBALL- as per Vince Spina

Going well. Line painting of the fields going well.

Short on volunteers

Bulldog Night at Freedom’s game this week.

Pictures are this Saturday.

BASKETBALL as per Dave Capuano

Sign ups begin tomorrow

Coaches’ and parents’ meeting scheduled.


SOFTBALL- No report

No report

LACROSSE - as per Joe Conzola

End of August was last equipment return. Still a few things out.

Tomorrow is the first league meeting.

Shed storage space is great working out very well.

WRESTLING - as per Ed Youwakim

Attended FHS Booster Club’s meeting.

Many very upset and disappointed over the absence of Rich McIntyre.

Have not heard of a replacement yet.

Nov. 13th possible tournament weekend.

CONGRATULATIONS to Keith and Tina Lyden on the birth of their new baby!?


Discussion of "Work Bonds." Parents put up a check at sign ups that they can "work off" during the sport’s season, with a ‘buy out’ option, or supply a community service volunteer. If the balance is not even, then the check amount goes to the organization.

Examples of ways to work it off might include attending a monthly meeting, picking up trash at the field after a game, lining a field, working in the concession stand, etc.

Will be suggested at by-law review meeting. Coordinators should make a list of volunteer duties.’

Thanks to Heather Gowdy for setting up the "Dine To Donate" at OUTBACK. BTAA made $215.00 profit.

2nd Nominations for: Softball: John Grenauer

Lacrosse: Joe Conzola

All voted in favor.

CURTOSY OF THE FLOOR: John Shay asked for "new soccer field" update. Last report…2011.


1ST meeting: Wolfgang Tichy

2nd meeting: Heather Gowdy


3rd meeting and voting members: Karen McIlvaine, Kim Smith Motion to accept new members: John Shay 2nd: Joe Conzola

NEXT MEETING: October 11, 2010 @ 8:00, BTCC.

Motion to adjourn: Tony Raffino 2nd Joe Kitchell

Meeting adjourned: 8:52


Respectfully submitted by Jill Volkert